Miss Loneliness

By Miss P
The sun was shining, but in the girls heart it was winter…
Disclaimer: I don't own Miss Parker

AN/ I know I should be writing on my other stories, but I got
the idea to this short little story about Miss Parker
when I was sun-bathing by my pool, and I felt like posting it! lol

I'll be writing more on "Trinity", "Future Blues" and "Why" too, I promise!


The sun was shining down on her, the wind blew in her hair and waves softly kissed the shore. It was a beautiful day, nothing could possibly be wrong. Or so they thought.

The sun was shining, but in the girls heart it was winter, dark and cold. She didn't think the ice that had frozen her soul would ever melt. The girl was bitter, she was frustrated, but she couldn't scream. She was miserable, she was lonely, but she couldn't cry, because that was signs of weakness, and she wasn't allowed to be weak. In this cold world of hers, she was forced to go through every single day with her head held high, with her feelings and heartaches kept in the darkest roomof her heart.

The sun kept shining down on her, but she didn't longer feel the hot rays on her skin. The wind kept blowing, but she didn't let herself feel the way her hair caressed her cheeks. The waves kept stroking the beach, and with every second, with every sight of all the beautiful things in life she knew she would never get to enjoy, her heart died a little bit more, her soul got a little bit colder.

She kept thinking to herself, was this worth living for? What did she have? There was no one there to hold her when she felt lonely, no one to dry her tears as she cried herself to sleep. No one who welcomed her home, no one who cared at all…

The girls' eyes were full with tears, her heart frozen with fear. Her body had become numb by all the pain she was forced to take.

Yes it was a beautiful day, but the girl chose to not think of it. Because if she did, the sadness would overwhelm her and she would break down. And when that happened, she knew she would never be able to rise again.

So how do I know all this? It's sad, but it is true - this girl is me, the Centre's Ice Queen…