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First of three.

Thrill of the Chase

"Oh chibi-san! Come out, come out wherever you are!"

'Chibi-san' AKA Edward Elric cringed at how close the sin's voice sounded and tried to silence his ragged breathing before it gave his position away. Peering through the shrubbery surrounding him Edo tried to spot the homunculus but couldn't see any sign of him and his unease intensified.

"Oh Chibeeeee! Where are yoooooou!"

Edo jumped as the green-haired man's voice came from behind him and he carefully turned his head to check his location, he jumped when he spotted Envy only five meters from his hiding place with his back turned.

A cool breeze blew through the forest, moving the tree's branches and rustling the bushes around Edo, causing him to shiver in the cool night air, and ruffling the skort the sin always wore.

Turning Edo saw the annoyed look on Envy's face and had to smother his laughter.

'Now who has the last laugh, Envy!'' Edo thought with a grin, which quickly turned t a look of horror as Envy started walking towards his hiding place.

Smirking evilly Envy headed to where he knew his little chibi had been hiding all along.

He was sick of playing this game so he decided to end it. Purposefully he strode past Edo's hiding place, sensing the fear of being discovered coming from his Chibi and he moved closer until he was hidden from Edo's view thanks to a tree.

Doubling back behind the trees so as not to be seen Envy crept up to Edo on silent feet.

Edo had to suppress his laughter as he watched Envy's attempt at stalking 'inconspicuously' towards his old hiding place from his secure location in his new one. No doubt Envy had absolutely no idea that he had moved from his hiding place in the bushes while the sin was skulking behind trees.

Smirking in triumph, both teens prepared to leap onto the other, or so they thought.

Envy was preparing himself to leap onto the bushes, and onto his Chibi, to scare the life out of him... Edo, on the other hand, was preparing to leap down onto the green-haired sin, in order to scare the life out of him, and to win their little 'game'.

"Gotcha!" "Aargh!"

Twin screams echoed throughout the forest as a teen was leaped on, and fell to the ground under the unexpected weight falling on top of him, while the other one grinned in triumph, claiming victory over the teen underneath him.

"No fair." Pouting.

"Very fair." Triumphant grin.

"You cheated."

"Sore loser."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"Thank you. I win again." Victory.

"Cheater. Now get off me." Grumbling.

"You do realize that I won the bet, right? That means, you are uke next time."

"Aww, that's not fair."

"Yes, so you said."

"But Chibi, you won't even know what to do as seme!"

"Wanna make a bet? I know just as well as you do! I CAN be seme, just you wait and see!" And with that said, the chibi got up from where he had jumped down onto Envy and started walking away.

Following his Chibi's movements with his eyes, Envy slowly got up and silently started following the blonde.

"And I won our game!" Edo yelled, not bothering to look back to see if Envy had heard.

"I know," Envy whispered in Edo's ear – causing him to jump – right before pouncing on his back and knocking him to the ground again, but this time under the sin.

Moving so he was straddling the blonde, Envy leaned down over his Chibi and nipped at his ear, earning a shiver of pleasure from the shorter teen, before Envy whispered against his Chibi's ear.

"Wanna play again? Double or nothing? And this time, I get to choose the game, not your 'improved' version of a hunt."

After seeing Edo's nod of affirmation, Envy got up, and then helped his Chibi up off the ground.

"Fine then. As long as it's not wrestling or anything dangerous," after Envy's nod, Edo continued, "So, what's the game?"

"Hide and Seek."

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