part 9

The men shook and trembled, fear spreading around them like brushfire.

"What's happening!" Chris demanded again, panic clear in his voice.

John looked around in alarm, a frown masking his own face. All Dean did was pull his brother tighter to him.

Suddenly the door blasted open and something walked inside, its eyes shining bright red and its lips twisted in a menacing smile.

Everything froze as the creature walked confidentially inside, ignored everyone, and walked lazily toward Dean and Sam.

Dean held his brother protectively against him and glared at the thing approaching them threateningly; then when the thing was close enough, Dean's eyes widened in recognition, "You!"

Standing before him was the same demon he and Sam encountered earlier. The one that had almost drowned him.

The demon smiled, looked at Sam's bloody form, and its smile disappeared. "I told you to listen to your brother, didn't I?" the demon growled dangerously at Dean, and Dean blinked at it. 'What the hell!'

The men began to move as the spell broke, raising their guns, aiming at the demon and firing. Then, in a blink of an eye... the massacre began.

Bodies began to fly, thrown and slammed against the walls like rag dolls. Neck after neck was slashed, and soon the smell of blood and death billowed through the room.

"You've brought the devil!" Chris raised his gun aiming it at John in fury, but before he could fire he was pulled off his feet and smashed against the wall. John's eyes narrowed as he saw the man's throat slowly get slashed by an invisible hand and heard him gurgle for his last bits of air.

John backed away from the demon while it was still distracted and slowly moved toward his sons. "Dean?" He looked at his youngest son, held limply in Dean's arms, and swallowed a lump. "Let's get him out of here."

Dean nodded but he wasn't sure he had the energy to rise, he felt so tired and so very drained. John put a firm hand on his eldest son's shoulder, "You okay, son?"

"Yeah," Dean rasped before he collected himself. Between the two of them they managed to haul Sam up, each man holding an arm and flunging it over his neck. They began to make their way to the blasted door. While John had his other arm protectively around Sam's waist, dean's other hand was still pressed firmly over his brother's side, in a futile effort to lessen the huge amount of blood flowing from the wound.

Sam, gohstly pale and deathly still, had not uttered a sound while his brother and father carried him to the door, just hung limply between them, his feet dragging across the floor.

"Going somewhere?"

The two elder Winchesters froze as the cold snarling voice echoed through the suddenly still room.

John reacted quickly, whirling around, gun in hand and pointing it at the creature.

"Now, now, is that how you thank a guy who just saved your life!"

"You're no guy!" Dean spat.

The demon glared, its eyes scanning the three figures in front of him.

"Dean," John spoke quietly, "take your brother outside."

Dean swallowed, "Dad-"

"Dean, now!" and with that he let go of his hold on Sam. Dean grunted as he felt Sam's whole weight stagger limply downward and barely managed to hold both of them up before it pulled them both to the ground.

Dean breathed hard as he adjusted Sam's weight and rearranged his hold on him.


Dean swallowed, suddenly feeling like he was being torn in two, but his fear for losing his brother quickly won, and quietly, slowly he stepped backward.

"It won't work," the demon thundered, "he won't last half the journey to the hospital. He lost a lot of blood already."

Dean ignored him and continued to advance toward the door. "He'll die and you won't be able to stop it."

The demon took a step forward, and John cocked the hammer on his colt. The demon paused. "You really think you can stop me with that gun!"

"Oh, yeah!"

The demon sighed, "John, John, you really disappoint me! You and your son there are really doing a lousy job of keeping Sammy safe. I'm beginning to think the plan to keep you both alive was a bad one. I'm beginning to reconsider."


Dean had reached the door at that point but before he took a step outside, he heard his dad's sudden cry of pain as John was pulled from the ground and slammed against the wall with a powerful force.

Dean whirled, "Dad!"

The demon advanced, "Put him down, Dean!"

Dean took a step backward, tightening his hold on his brother, "Don't come any closer!"

"Or what?" The demon smirked.

"I'll kill you!"

"You're all talks aren't you! I mean if I hadn't shown up when I did, all of you would be dead. You should be thanking me."

"I said don't come any closer!" Dean threatened again when the demon took another step forward.

John growled from his position and let out a frustrated sound, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get out of the demonic restrains the demon had put on him and now he was helplessly strapped to the wall, unable to get free and help his boys.

"And I said, put him down!" This time the demon's voice turned cold, the humor vanished and his eyes shone red.

Dean licked his lips, but before he could take a step backward, an unseen hold grabbed his arm and pulled him away from Sam. Dean panicked, "NO!"

He kept struggling to keep his hold on his brother, but he had no chance against the inhuman force attacking him. He watched Sam fall limply to the ground as he himself was thrown sideways.


Dean's eyes widened as he saw the demon approach his brother. "Don't come near him!"

The demon knelt by Sam's side, took in his injuries and frowned. "Damn, that looks bad, doesn't it?" It sighed and put its hands on Sam's head.

Dean shivered and feverishly struggled against the invisible force that held him.

John felt his stomach churn in worry as he saw the demon touch his youngest son, and anger welled up within him. "I swear to God, if you hurt my boy - "

The demon ignored both father and son as it concentrated fully on the prey at hand. Slowly it raised its hand and rested it against Sam's injured side, closing its eyes.

A moment later the demon gasped, its hands snatched back from Sam as if he were a poisonous snake. "Damn!" The demon hissed angrily.

Dean and John watched the demon, surprised at the strange reaction. Dean feared the worse. Was Sam dead?

"What's wrong?" Dean demanded worriedly, still struggling against his hold.

"What kind of weapon did they use on him?" the demon demanded from Dean.

Dean raised his eyebrow in confusion. "I don't know. A gun and a knife!"

The demon growled dangerously, "No. Those were not ordinary weapons. They made sure no demon will be able to save him."

Dean swallowed thickly.

"What do you mean?" John demanded.

"Well, no worry; I'm no ordinary demon!" The demon smiled, but there was an unspeakable emotion under toning its voice.

It looked down at Sam and drew closer once again, "I can't do much though," it looked up at Dean.

"Either of you happen to share his blood type?"

Both Dean and John gaped at the creature.

"Well?" the demon demanded impatiently.

Both Winchesters remained silent. The demon rolled its eyes then looked up at Dean, meeting his eyes, "You do want to save him right? If you don't let me save him, he'll die right here and now."

The words unsettled Dean and he looked back at the demon, upset by the mere suggestion.

"You think we trust you!" John spat venomously, "You work for the thing that killed my wife – the thing that destroyed our family and hurt my son!"

The demon silently glared at him then turned its attention back to Dean, "Well?"

Dean swallowed, "I do," he told the demon, "We share the same blood type."

"Dean!" John thundered but Dean ignored him as he looked into the demon's eyes. "I told you what you wanted, now save him."

The next moment Dean felt himself being dragged across the floor toward Sam and the demon until he was by their side. John lost control right then.

"You let my boys go, you son of a bitch! I swear to God, I'm going to kill you."

The demon grabbed Dean's wrist and pulled it forward over the inert form of Sam. Dean's breath quickened as he felt powerless against the hold of the demon. It lay Dean's arm over Sam's – the brothers' inner arms touched and slowly the demon let go. Dean stared dreadfully, "What are you -" but the sudden pain Dean felt cut the rest of his words off.

Dean gasped as he suddenly felt something pull at his hand and squeeze his veins powerfully... something was sucking the blood out of his arm.

He cried out in pain and tried to struggle feebly, but when his eyes fell on his brother, he suddenly realised what the demon was doing. Dean stopped struggling as he stared down at Sam's face. For a brief moment, Dean felt that Sam's heart-beat was one with his. For that brief moment Dean felt he and Sam were one.

"Let them go, I'm warning you!"

"Dad," Dean spoke weakly raising his head to meet his father, "It's okay! It's helping Sam."

A minute later Dean felt blackness consume the world around him and his mind began to get fuzzy. John watched as his son began to sway.

"Stop it!" John cried anguishly, "You're killing him!"

The demon glanced sideways at Dean and pursed its lips unhappily. "Well, I think we're done anyway." with that Dean felt the power release him and he pulled away, his body falling to the floor exhaustedly.

"Dean, you okay?"

Dean blinked and succeeded in keeping his eyes open, "Yeah," he answered his dad. John closed his eyes and sighed in relief.

With a grunt Dean pulled himself on his hands and knees and glanced anxiously at his brother.

"He's lost a lot of blood. The amount you've given him is hardly enough to keep him alive."

"Then take more," Dean told him without a second hesitation.

"It will kill you."

"No." John thundered. "Leave him alone!"

The demon shrugged and stood up. "I've done what I could. Now you better find a way to keep him alive. It would piss many if he dies."

And before it reached the door it turned around, "Oh and by the way, I've secured the building, meaning no one will be able to get inside," and a smile played on the demon's lips as it continued, "that also means no one will be allowed to get outside."

John and Dean frowned at the demon, "As I said, find a way to keep him alive – until I return... for him."

Dean's eyes hardened as he glared back at the demon. And just as it reached the door the demon turned to John one last time, "Just for your information, I work for no one," with that the demon walked out and left.

The moment it disappeared John felt himself being released of his hold. He rushed to his sons' side.

"Are you all right?"

Dean nodded as both father and son looked at the youngest Winchester with worry. Sam was still unconscious but now he was tossing back and forth and moaning. John put a comforting hand on his son's forehead and felt the heat radiating from his son. "He's burning up."

"Dad, we have to do something."

"We will," John told him sternly. He slid his hands under Sam's arms and carefully pulled him up, eliciting a groan from the unconscious hunter.

"Dean take his legs," John ordered, "Let's take him inside."

"Inside where?"

"There is a room down the hall. It has a bed. He'll be comfortable in there."

Dean nodded and took hold of Sam's legs. Between them they managed to carry Sam to the room and lay him on the bed.

John quickly proceeded to undress Sam. "There is a scissor in the back of that drawer, Dean."

Dean grabbed the object and handed it to his father.

Few minutes later, Sam was laying naked and shivering on the bed. Somehow the blood had stopped flowing. They suspected the demon had something to do with it.

Dean stared at his brother. Sam's face was pale against the white sheets of the bed and his head tossed weakly back and forth against the soft pillow. His lips and eyelids had a bluish tinge, Dean noted worriedly, due, he supposed to the loss of so much blood.

John inspected the wounds grimly, and under his touch, Sam began to moan and toss some more, his long body thrashing from side to side, muttering unintelligibly.

"Shh, Sammy," Dean whispered in Sam's ears as he caressed his brother's head reassuringly, "We're right here, little brother."

John gulped nervously and Dean looked up to meet his father's gaze. "The bullet is still in him," John revealed gruffly, "It has to come out."

Dean swallowed fear visible in his eyes. John ran a hand over his face, "Dean, there are few medical supplies in the other room. Grab everything you see and bring it to me."

"Dean, now!" John snapped at his son when the young hunter remained in his place.

"Yeah," Dean finally replied as he tore his gaze from his brother and hurried out of the room to do what John ordered.

"It's all right, Sammy," John murmured trying to somehow reach his son," You're going to be fine, son. I promise."

His words were unable to penetrate the haze of fever but Sam seemed to take comfort from the gentle touch of his father's hand as John gently stroked it over his son's hot brow.

Dean returned back shortly, hands full of supplies. He placed everything on the small table occupying the room and dragged it close to the bed.

John glanced back and scanned the supplies quickly. Taking a bottle of alcohol, he looked up at Dean, "I need you to hold him down."

Dean nodded grimly before climbing on the bed beside his brother and putting his weight on him.

John's hands trembled as he sucked in a shaky breath and readied himself for what he was about to do.

John didn't want Dean to know but he was really scared. He was scared of screwing up... scared of losing his baby boy. He closed his eyes and prayed silently. When he opened them, there was only determination in there.



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