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Authors Note: This takes place at the end of Thunder Storm Part 2. My sister and I watched it last night and if you notice it looks like Tori is going towards Blake—but it cuts off before you can really see it—and when it shows Marah and Kapri walking off you can see everyone in the background except for Tori, and Blake is no where by his bike. So, we both thought that it would be interesting to think what happened. Here's my take on it.

Also, Tori and Blake are already going out, so…

Good Luck

Tori waited as everyone passed her and Blake. Blake was still on his bike watching her. It was good seeing him. Before turning evil she hadn't expected to see him for at least a couple of weeks. "So Tor, whatcha thinking about?"

"Hmmm…just the past couple of days."

"Pretty crazy."

"Yeah. But one good think happened. I get to see the race."

Blake smiled at her and Tori smiled back. "So, it's just the race you want to see?"

"There could be another reason."

"Oh yeah, and what's the other?"

He had his smile that made her heart beat faster, even though she had seen it so much. "Well, is there someplace else we can go?"

"Yeah." She followed him to a place behind a trailer, no one else was there. Blake looked at her. "Private enough?"

She smiled, "I just wanted to wish you good luck."


She leaned towards him and their lips met. Very quickly it moved from a sweet and innocent one to a passionate one. His hands went behind her back pulling her towards him and she put her hands on his neck. She loved kissing him, it was always new and exciting. They pulled away after a couple of minutes and leaned their foreheads together.

After another couple of minutes Blake smiled at Tori, "So was that your good luck?" Blake breathed a little heavier than before.

Tori smiled, "Yes. Did you need some more?"

Blake smile mischievously, "It's going to be a tough race."

Tori leaned in again. This time they were kissing for about ten minutes until they heard Jesse calling for Blake. Blake pulled away, and ran his hands through Tori's hair. "Well I'll see you when the race is over."

"I'll see you after you win."

He gently kissed her again and they both walked off back—him to Jesse and the track and her to the rest of the rangers.

Blake won the race with his mind on her and what they would be doing after the race and before she had to leave.