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Brass could hardly believe what was happening as he drove along. He was starting to wish he hadn't switched the radio on Sara's singing was surprisingly good however officers Whittles left a lot to be desired.

"I gotta know right now do you love me? Will you love me forever?" Sara was thrashing about like a rocker in the back of his car. While officer Whittle did head banging hitting the window.

"Will need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away will you make me your wife?"

"Stop that," shouted Brass at the two of them who burst into fits of giggles. He was pleased when he pulled into the parking lot of the lab. He wasn't too sure how he was going to separate them at they both seemed to have lost control of their bodies. Sara was currently fascinated with lifting her arm up and letting it drop back down.

"Sara out" said Brass opening the door as she practically crawled out the car and ended up in heap on the floor in front of him laughing.

"You sit there, I'm leaving the window open" added Brass shutting the door on officer Whittle before he could get up which left him banging about in the back of the car.

"Come on Sidle," said Brass almost lifting Sara from the floor as she managed to stubble forwards with her feet tripping over each other and going off in completely different direction to Brass.

"Sara" said Brass sounding like he was calling a small child as she pouted at him before beginning to stroke his chin making him very uncomfortable.

Sara was staring wide eyes at the pillars that were moving around her, everything was so bright and constantly moving just like she wanted to be she didn't understand why Brass was holing her still.

Brass took a deep breath and pulled Sara that bit closer as he entered that lab. It seemed fuller than usual as he struggled to keep Sara with him and avoid been noticed. He spotted Cath and Warrick in the layout room and made a line for there. He almost made it when Hodges stepped out in front of him. Before he'd dismissed him Sara had gone.

Sara had seen something she liked, piglet swimming in a jar, well that's what it looked like to her. Going up to the jar she tapped on the side hoping for the pig to notice her when it didn't she became frustrated so taped harder.

"Sara" someone called her name form a distance turning around she saw Brass waving his arms at her.

"Sara come out there now," ordered Brass his voice loud but not shouting at Sara who was stood taping a jar in Grissom's office.

"Come on we're going to see Cath and Warrick," he said hoping this would spark her interest that It did. As she skipped into the room making Catherine drop her pen on the table and warrick's mouth hang open. They were sat amongst a pile of papers when Sara skipped into the room accompanied by Brass who looked frustrated.

"Wow" Sara grabbed a piece of paper and began turning it.

Both Cath and Warrick immediately noticed her eyes.

"Is she high?" asked Cath looking in complete shock

"Yes"-sighed Brass.

"Sara don't do that," said Brass as Sara began tossing papers onto the floor.

"How, why, what happened" asked Warrick staring at Sara who was grinning wildly at him.

"From crystal meth" said Brass as all three CSI's stared at him "from what a gather there was a load stuffed up the chimney. There was some sort of electric fire which officer Whittle put out, who by the way I've locked in my car"

"He's high as well," asked Cath eyes' wide with shock.

"We'll my guess is the fire burnt the stuff and they didn't' notice because of the smell of burnt plastic, by the time I got back from interviewing the neighbours place was full of fumes. Sara and officer Whittle were sat in the middle of the room high as kites" finished Brass

"Oh my…" stammered Cath as Sara began twirling on the spot.

"I need you to keep a eye on her, I'm taking officer Whittle home, his wife can look after him and I've got to cover for this"

"You want us to watch her?" asked Warrick as Sara go dizzy and fall on the floor rolling on her back.

"Just keep her out of trouble and away from Grissom and Ecklie she should come down soon" said brass making a quick exit before Cath or Warrick could object.

"Sara you know who we are?" asked Cath still in shock.

"Catherine I am not stupid," said Sara her voice echoing in her head.

"What the hell are we supposed to do with her until she comes down?" asked Warrick "and isn't she supposed to be more mellow than this"

"Effects different people on different ways, it could take her a while to come down"

"What?" shouted Warrick attracting some attention and causing Sara to wave her arms around as his voice reverberated in her head.

"Well from what Brass said there could have been a large amount up there and with her been so skinny it will have been absorbed into her blood stream quicker"

"Should we take her to the hospital or something?" asked Warrick as Sara began going rethought photos on the desk.

"What exactly are they going to do, I feel sorry for her when she starts to come down" said Cath looking over to where Sara had been sat a second ago.

"Where is she?" asked Cath hitting Warrick

"Oh your kidding this is going to be worse than babysitting a toddler" said warick looking around.

"Well we need to find her what if Ecklie finds her, he'll fire her all he needs is one excuse" said Cath almost pulling Warrick from his chair.

"Hey couldn't Brass just take her home"

"Oh and when she wonders into the street because she thinks a car is interesting and gets hit you still think it would be a good idea then?" asked Cath

"Well I guess it's better than paper work" he sighed.

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