Cath couldn't help but let curiosity get the better of her. What had Sara done to Ecklie's office? She had first been interested after seeing the green powder down the wall and door, a sure indication Sara had actually been here rather than just hallucinating. Checking around, Cath decided it was safe to stick her head round the office door. She was surprised to see that nothing was wrong, expect that she could have sworn that his desk was the other side. Hearing a lab tech, she decided she better make herself scarce.

Warrick was walking fast paced down the corridor, his head firmly planted inside a medical book – if any one walked out now he would have flattened them. Meanwhile, Catherine was almost sprinting back down the corridor, hoping Warrick was already back with Sara. She was supposed to be the responsible one. What in her right mind made her leave Sara? For all she knew she might be lying on the floor having a seizure, or she might have run off and taken a cadaver out for dinner. Either way, it wasn't looking good. She slowed to a walk as she heard voices as she approached Grissom's office.. No, not voices – a voice. Taking a peek through the door which was cracked open, she almost let her mouth drop to the floor. There, sat in the chair amongst the remains of his office was Grissom, holding his foetal pig in a washing up bowl whilst going through files on his lap.

"The best lab in the country and when someone vandalises my office I can't find out who did it," said Grissom, half sounding angry, half his usual monotone voice.

"Maybe someone threw something across your desk," smiled Cath with a smirk. Grissom, not being in on the joke, simply stared, wondering why she would say that.

"Catherine, this isn't because of the fridge incident, is it? Because I have my own now so there will be no more experiments."

"You think we would do this because you put gone-off blood in the fridge again! Gil, we're the best CSI's in the country, we could execute the perfect murder," smiled Cath, leaving Grissom slight worried and pulling his pig that little bit closer like a child clutching a blanket.

"Gil, I need…….." Ecklie trailed off as Cath jumped at his voice, having not heard him approach.

"What the hell happened?"

"Vandals," replied Grissom, putting down the pig, picking up a few more files and flicking through them.

"My office was vandalised as well," said Ecklie, sounding relieved.

"I've just been by your office and everything looked fine," said Cath, slightly confused.

"Well they… stuff moved and… they touched my things," said Ecklie, sounding incredibly irrational and slightly mad.

"Well, I better get going," smiled Cath, realising that Sara had moved his office around.

"Why would someone want to touch my pig?" Said Grissom, more asking himself than Ecklie, who was now left standing in the doorway.

"I ask myself that question a lot," said Ecklie, seeing Hodges down the corridor and deciding to go question him, leaving Grissom to catch up.

"They touched your stuff?" He asked the now empty doorway.

Sara had grown bored with her explanation, she had run out of wall space anyway. Deciding that actions speak louder than words, she was busy moving the furniture in Ecklie's office back again when she heard Warrick. He was going to be angry if he knew she had wandered off again, so she decided she had better get back so she could be there when he saw her explanation. Also, she wanted to sit down. Standing was becoming hard work and making her feel sick.

"WARRICK!" Shouted Cath, catching up with him as he made his way back to where he had left Sara. "Why did we leave her alone? She's probably off having a conversation with a cadaver."

On opening the door, Warrick stopped dead in the doorway so that Cath walked straight into him.

"What? Oh…" Cath looked around the room. Numbers and random letters were written all over the walls, the table and Sara's arms. There in front of them, Sara was slumped out on the table – face white and body shaking. Her hair was stuck to her forehead with sweat.

"Sara, you ok?" Asked Cath, coming in and shutting the door as Warrick went over to the sink and wet some paper towels.

"I feel like crap," replied Sara, not moving as Warrick began trying to wash the ink off her arms, turning them into a giant black smudge.

"I feel sick," moaned Sara burying her head in her arms.

"Sara you're on fire," said Cath, feeling her arm. "Maybe some fresh air would help," suggested Cath, really directing as a question at Warrick who shrugged.

"If I move I'll throw up," came Sara's muffled reply before, with a sudden burst of energy, she pushed the seat away from the table and managed to half heartedly push Cath away slightly and almost fall face first onto the floor. Cath managed to grab one side of Sara preventing her from hitting the floor, before Sara grabbed the table with one hand and vomited on the floor.

"Warrick," said Cath as she managed to sit Sara back up. Warrick began going through the cupboards looking for a bucket and cloth. He managed to pass Sara the bowl before she was sick again.

"Ok," Cath rubbed her back sympathetically, not really knowing what to do for the best. Warrick took a mop from he corner and cleared up the mess on the floor.

"Please tell me I'm dying and this will end soon," moaned Sara, almost doubling up in pain.

"Sara," Cath looked concerned, but she didn't know what to do to help.

"Maybe we should call Doc Robbins, he might be able to help," suggested Warrick, flipping his phone out as Sara got sick again.

Sara didn't even have the energy to be embarrassed about what was happing anymore as her stomach cramped again.

"Well?" asked Cath as Warrick flipped the phone down.

"Just wait it out unless she gets dehydrated. She needs to drink lots of water," replied Warrick. "He says it will get better soon." He added, bending down to Sara who looked so fragile. She was curled up hunched over the bowl, her face almost glowing white; her entire body trembling and beads of sweat dripping down her forehead.

"Come here girl," Warrick pulled Sara into a hug.

"Have you seen Sara, Catherine or Warrick?" Demanded Ecklie at Hodges, who simply pointed towards the break room.

"How come I can never find any of…" Ecklie trailed off. Sara was laid on the couch in front of him as white as a sheet; a bucket on the floor next to her and a wet cloth on her forehead. Warrick and Cath were sat quietly doing paper work at the table.

"Shush, how would you like it if you were ill and people came in shouting?" Asked Cath, enjoying telling Ecklie off.

"Oh, I um…..never mind," said Ecklie, turning and walking out. He then realised Sara was covered in the green powder outside his office.

"Hang on, why is she green?"

"Because she's sick," said Cath, looking confused.

"No, the powder."

Cath looked across to Warrick, "what powder?"

"The…" Ecklie trailed off, "never mind." With that he almost ran from the room. "It's ok, you just need a vacation. Oh god, I'm talking to myself."

"Now that was close," sighed Warrick "I hope the only thing we ever find up a chimney is Santa." He added, looking at Sara who had fallen asleep.

Ecklie made his way back to the office and shut the door behind him. He stood for a second taking deep breaths before walking over and placing the file in his hand down where his desk was moved to, only to have it drop to the floor. He stood staring at the spot where it had fallen, before looking manically around the room to find his furniture was back where it had started. It was at least a second before another bang followed the file that had dropped to the floor, as Ecklie fainted.


If you managed to stay with it for this long you deserve a cookie and a star. If anyone's interested I'm writing another comedy called on the tab

Summary: stuck in an apartment on the labs tab, with alcohol, a pool and board games. Doesn't that sound like fun! GSR and YoBling