Uzumaki Naruto: The Kyubi no Kage Kitsune

"Blah-"- people talking

"Blah-" – people thinking

"Blah"- Kyubi talking

"Blah"- Kyubi thinking



This is the first fanfic I've ever written so there may be some mistakes with the first chapter so bare with me. I've been reading fanfics for a couple of years; I've only been reading Naruto fanfics for about seven months. This fanfic has been in the workings for about two months (mostly research on character specifics and Japanese terms). If anyone is interested I recommend these Naruto fanfics that I've read on Encyclopedia Ninja, Brutality, The Golden Kyubi, Brutality, Don't Hate Me, and Broken Soul. Now this will be a Naruto/Hinata fic, when it comes to Romance they are the only ones I read except for Brutality. This opening is basically the opning to Naruto episode one with only a slight change on the date. Other then that nothing is going to happen this chapter. You'll have to go to the next chapter for any sort of action. Hope you enjoy!



13 years ago a nine-tailed fox suddenly appeared. It's tails lashed out, smashing mountains and sending tidal waves crashing to the shores. The ninja rose up to defend their villages.

"Hold the attack and wait for the fourth Hokage!"

"It's getting closer, don't let it near the village!"

One shinobi faced the nine-tailed fox in mortal combat. He sacrificed his life to capture the beast and seal it in a human body. This ninja was known as the fourth Hokage.

-to be continued


I know short and we all know this already. But I am the type of person that needs the whole story put down to get the full effect. If you didn't know or notice I changed the time of the Kyubi attack in the opening from twelve to thirteen years ago. This in itself is no big change it's just to match to training that everybody's favorite blonde idiot is going to get. Till next time. Cyberkagekitsune