Chapter 8 Legends and Painful Memories


Yo, the Cyberkagekitsune has new chapter for you. I hope you're all happy, you finally find out what happened to Kyuubi and what Itachi did to Naruto all those years ago. ATTENTION! This and the next few chapters will contain quite a number of new jutsus and techniques that are spoken in Japanese. I don't really know Japanese too well so if there are any major grammatical errors inform me so I can correct the mistake. Remember people until he's revealed Naruto will be referred to as Reikon. Next I want all of you who forgot that in this story the Genin graduate from the academy at age 13 not 12, why you ask. There will be major romance later on and the occasional minor romance along the next few chapters to set future relationships up and I'd rather it be going on amongst people that have entered their teens then those that haven't. Lastly though I haven't used it earlier on all currency will be referred to as Ryo. Here's the break down for those that are unfamiliar with this currency in stories 1 ryou 1 U.S. dollar. Now I know that's not what it's really worth (like five bucks a ryo) but this is my fanfic and here I am god so get used to it. Thank you that is all.


"Blah"- people talking

"Blah" – people thinking

xxxxxxxxxxx- barriers between flashbacks, new locations (ex. start at the Hokage's office then shift to somewhere in Suna), and time shifts (ex. two hours ago, three hours later etc.)

(blah)- translations or explanations


His mind was floating through the infinite abyss. He could hear them, the voices of his past.

The hatred from those days.

Damn demon, get away from me

Stupid demon no one wants you

You'll get what's coming to you one day demon

But he also heard a kind voice voices

Don't worry little one I wont hurt you, my names Sarutobi

Come along Naruto I'll take you out for ramen today

Happy birthday I hope you like you're present

Hinata, Hyuga Hinata Naruto-kun

Naruto-kun today was fun

You're my only friend Naruto-kun

But again he heard the voices of hatred.

Why look what we have here

Grab the boy and knock out the girl

I think it's time for a little punishment for the boy

Hold the boy still and let's see how loud he can scream

The voices shifted again this time to his surrogate brother.

I'm going to train you kit

Good work kit you've nearly mastered the jutsu

Don't worry kit the pain from absorbing the tails power will soon be gone

I'm sorry kit, I wish I could stay but my time has come


10:30 A.M. Tazunas' house.

Hinata watched the sleeping figure of her teammate with worry. It had been a two day's since the encounter with the Nukenin Momochi Zabuza. After the Reikon dropped to the ground unconscious Kakashi reentered the battle with Zabuza and was able to push him back and nearly kill him when a mysterious hunter-nin from Kirigakure got to him first. After killing Zabuza with senbon needles the nin left with his body in order to dispose of it elsewhere. Afterwards Team 7 and Tazuna rushed to his home in order to treat Reikon's wounds. Though when they reached Tazuna's house and examined Reikon they found that all his injuries had disappeared and no wounds were present to explain Reikons' blood-loss or fainting episode. So they decided to wait for Reikon to wake up to see if he could shed dome light on what happened to him.

Hinata continued to watch Reikon, she was happy to finally see his face. In order to look over his injuries Kakashi removed most of Reikons' upper clothing leaving only the bandages he wears around his arm. She blushed slightly while looking upon his face and remembering peaking in the room and seeing Reikons' unclothed upper body. She wondered why he wore a mask and so much clothing in the first place when he looked so handsome and dare she admit sexy. She had not seen an ounce of baby fat on him, he had a clearly defined six pack and a sculptured face and a body most men older then him would kill for. She had to quickly wipe away a small trickle of blood coming from her nose when she saw him.


"Ah… chikushou…," Reikon groaned out as he sat up.

Reikon was feeling groggy, his body ached and his head was pounding.

"Reikon-kun, you're a-awake," Reikon heard a worried Hinata say off to the side from him.

"Ah, hey Hinata," Reikon said turning toward her, causing her to look down in embarrassment," how long have I been out."

"T-two d-days," Hinata mumbled out.

Reikon looked confused at her, not understanding her behavior.

"Is there something wrong Hinata," Reikon asked.

"Um… R-reikon-kun… y-you… don't have… any c-clothing o-on," Hinata stuttered out blushing a deep red in embarrassment.

"What," Reikon said confusedly looking down and seeing he wasn't wearing any clothes but his pants and bandages," oh sorry Hinata."

Reikon looked around for his shirt and found it hanging on chair next to him along with his face mask and Hitai-ate. Reaching over he picked them up put them back on.

"So Hinata, I guess we all made it through alive right," Reikon asked Hinata who got most of her blush down and was able to look at him again.

"Yes Reikon-kun," Hinata said with a little more volume.

"Can you tell me what happened after I blacked out," Reikon asked.

Over the next half hour Hinata told what had happened to Reikon after he was knocked, clarifying or elaborating certain points when Reikon asked. It was in the middle of their conversation that a bored looking Kakashi and stoic looking Sasuke walked into the room.

"Good to see you up Reikon," Kakashi said in his normal bored tone.

Sasuke just went "humph" as usual and leaned against the wall of the room.

"So, how long do we have Kakashi-sensei," Reikon asked facing Kakashi.

Both Sasuke and Hinata were confused by what their teammate had asked (though Sasuke would never admit it to them).

"About a week Reikon," Kakashi answered his student.

"Anou K-kakashi-sensei what are you and Reikon-kun talking a-about," Hinata asked.

"Zabuza isn't dead Hinata," Reikon said turning back to Hinata.

"Impossible, we saw him struck in the neck with senbon needles," Sasuke said disbelieving Reikons' statement.

"Oh, he's quite right Sasuke," Kakashi said to Sasuke.

"Yea, from what Hinata told me about were Zabuza got hit he was merely knocked out for a few hours," Reikon said gaining the attention of his two teammates.

"The points Zabuza was hit at are were certain nerves are located that when hit correctly will cause a facsimile of death much like what I did to one of the demon brothers. But this variation doesn't cause undue pain to the person on the receiving end of the technique," Reikon explained.

"Quite right," Kakashi said, "which gives us just under a week to do some training to prepare ourselves."

"Hai!," the three genin answered to their sensei.

"But first, Reikon were did you learn that summoning technique," Kakashi said peering at Reikon, both Sasuke and Hinata peered at him as well. Hinata out of genuine curiosity and Sasuke to see if he could gain the same powers.

"Well that's kind of a long story," Reikon said while looking at his teammates.


(A.N. Bull crap alert anything pertaining to Reikon's family and past is merely a cover story to elude discovery of his true identity. Sorry folks it isn't happening in this chapter)

"As you may or may not know everyone that learns how to summon must first sign a summoning contract. Most of the time from the current summoner, mine was a little different. Years ago I lived with my brother; we were the last surviving members of our clan. The ones before us died out from constant fighting with rival clans. My brother was the one who first taught me the shinobi arts and told me legends and stories of famous shinobi from the past. He taught me how to live in this world and take care of myself. Regrettably one day he got terribly sick and eventually died, before he died he gave me the scroll of the Fushicho Yoroi (Phoenix armor) and told me its story," Reikon explained.

"What is that story Reikon-kun," Hinata asked with tears threatening to shine from her eyes when hearing of Reikons past.

"Well, it's not so much of a story as it is an ancient legend," Reikon said," it's the legend of the birth of the world and the rise of the first shinobi."

And with that Reikon told the tale that was told to him by his brother (A.N. if you haven't figured out that his brother is Kyubi I truly fell sorry for you)


In the beginning there was Kami and Shinigami. Using their powers they created the planet we stand upon today. Then they each created two guardians to watch over the Earth as they rule the after life. First came Hono'o no Suzaku (Suzaku of the Flame), guardian of the South, the Akai Fushicho (Red Phoenix). Next came Tsuchi no Genbu (Genbu of the Earth), guardian of the North, the Kuroi Kame (Black Tortoise). Third was Mizu no Seiryuu (Seiryuu of the Water), guardian of the East, the Aoi Ryuu (Azure Dragon). Lastly came Kaze no Byakko (Byakko of the Wind), guardian of the West, the Shiroi Tora (White Tiger).

Together these four created the first life on our planet. Trees, insects, fish and animals were created. Greatest of the animals were the great lizards. They were the first great beasts to be created. Great lumbering giants, small and swift runners, bird like flyers and great swimmers. They ruled all for many millions of years, evolving and becoming smarter. The guardians saw their potential and decided to bestow upon them a gift. The gift of chakra, Kage chakra, but unlike the chakra that humans use this type was different. Whereupon human chakra is strongest when used in conjunction with the will to protect, Kage chakra was driven by hate and greed. Though the great lizards did evolve faster and even learned to speak and a civilization of their own, it came at a terrible price. The world was divided among eight of these beasts, eight that were able to harness and control enough to become nearly all powerful immortal beings. They where the Kuroyajuu (Dark beasts), greatest among all others and more bloodthirsty then the vilest of humans ever to exist. The eight Kuroyajuu were the Raptor, the Spike-tail, the Three-horn, the Long-neck, the Bird-lizard, the Club-tail, the Great-crocodile and the Great-tyrant. Each one was more powerful and bloodthirsty then the next. They ruled over the planet for many millennia plunging it into a world of darkness. The four guardians seeing their error came to a decision, the time of the great lizards would end. They sent for a great comet to wipe the world clean of the Kuroyajuu and their minions. When the meteor hit nearly all but the strongest of the great lizards where destroyed and the remains of their society in ruins. The Kuroyajuu survived as well as their strongest minions, though they were severely weakened. The four guardians imprisoned them on the bottom of a great mountain sealing them for as long as the mountain exists.

Millions of years passed and the descendents of the surviving animals of the time of the Kuroyajuu have themselves evolved into primitive humans capable of thinking and planning. Once again the four guardians saw potential for greatness, but this time decided to let the beings progress on their own. Millennia's passed and the primitive humans evolved and grew smarter. They became capable of great things; they could build buildings that could reach the skies; metal birds capable of flying them anywhere; medicine and doctors that could put even the greatest of medic-nin to shame. But, they also became capable of great destruction. They warred amongst each other much like us but were capable of doing damage that even the greatest of jutsu could not. Then the unspeakable happened, through one of their wars the great mountain containing the Kuroyajuu was destroyed.

The great lizards awoke to find themselves in a new world with new opportunities to wreak havoc and destruction. Over the course of many years the Kuroyajuu fought the humans and devastated their forces. Countless billions had been reduced to mere thousands and the continents themselves shifted with the Kuroyajuus' power. The four guardians watched as the world was brought to the brink of destruction and came to a decision. They would once again bestow the power of chakra to mortal beings. But they did not choose the humans for they saw what cruelty they were capable of. No they choose animals, from the most noble and worthy animals of the time they choose eight.

They created the Bijuu, eight animals where bestowed with powers greater then the Kuroyajuu, they were given mechakucha (chaotic) or demonic chakra. Ichibi no Shukaku, the one tailed Tanuki. Nibi no Nekomata, the two tailed Neko. Sanbi no Isonade, the three tailed Koi. Yonbi no Sokou, the four tailed Komoti-Kanahebi. Gobi no Houkou, the five tailed Inu. Rokubi no Raijuu, the six tailed Itachi. Shichibi no Kaku, the seven tailed Anaguma. Hachibi no Hachimata, the eight tailed Hebi. These eight became the protectors of the world and from them the ancestral clans of our current summoning animals where created.

Together the forces of the Bijuu fought against the forces of the Kuroyajuu. But while the Bijuu were more powerful then the Kuroyajuu, the Kuroyajuu were more ancient and cunning. Over he millennia they were alive they gained intelligence that only humans were on par with. The Bijuu were slowly losing. Once again the four guardians watched and saw the eventual outcome. Reluctantly they decided to grant the power of chakra one more time, this time to humans. Among the humans they found four settlements in the North, South, East and West that the war of the Bijuu and Kuroyajuu never touched. They were ancient shinobi, though unlike us they did not have the ability to cast jutsu. They were shinobi that relied purely on Taijutsu. The people of the four settlements were all given the ability to use and manipulate chakra. Though the humans now had the power to use chakra the guardians knew that on their own they would be of little use in the fight against the Kuroyajuu.

To help them one person from each settlement was chosen, each of those four was given a special scroll. The first summoning contracts, they each signed and performed the Kuchiyose no Jutsu and were transformed. The chosen from the settlement from the North was given the armor and weapons of Tsuchi no Genbu. The chosen from the settlement from the South was given the armor and weapons of Hono'o no Suzaku. The chosen from the settlement from the East was given the armor and weapons of Mizu no Seiryuu. The chosen from the settlement from the West was given the armor and weapons of Kaze no Byakko.

Together with the Bijuu the four shinobi were able to defeat the Kuroyajuu and strip them of their power. Together they created a rift in space and time that allowed them to seal the Kuroyajuus' power in another realm. The Bijuu along with the other animals capable of using chakra crossed into this world were they could live. Though the animals gave the humans summoning contracts similar to the ones originally given to the four shinobi, so that the humans could summon them from the other realm if they are in need of help.

Eventually time passed and the four shinobi taught their people the shinobi arts. The four settlements grew and the people spread out. The people rebuilt and villages and cities arose again but most of the ancient knowledge was long since lost. Millennia passed and the story of the Kuroyajuu and Bijuu war all but forgotten except in the most ancient of scrolls. The four settlements eventually became the capitals of the four great shinobi countries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.


"That is the story," Reikon said to Kakashi and his teammates an hour later.

"So the contract you used is the same as the one from the legend," a surprised Kakashi asked his pupil.

"Yes it is, my family was put in charge of guarding the contract," Reikon said observing Sasuke expression.

"If it's supposed to be some sort of divine armor that grants great power why didn't you defeat Zabuza then," Sasuke asked stoically.

"Because Sasuke I didn't use the full power of the armor," Reikon said.

"The armor actually has three forms to it," Reikon said seeing that there was a look of irritation on Sasukes face.

"Compare it to shinobi ranks, it has a genin, chunin and jonin level to it with each taking more of my chakra to summon," Reikon explained.

"So how much chakra does the first level take," Kakashi said with a bit more interest.

"One-third of my chakra sensei," Reikon said to Kakashi," the second level takes half and the third takes about eighty percent."

"Then why didn't you use the higher level against Z-zabuza Reikon-kun," Hinata asked.

Reikon lowered his head and sighed at her question.

"Because Hinata," Reikon said looking up again," the downside to the armor is that the physical effects it has on my body are dangerous if I use it too long and that danger increases with the higher levels of the armor."

"What do you mean Reikon-kun," Hinata asked.

"I mean that despite how my body looks its weaker then yours," Reikon said cryptically.

Kakashi was going to ask Reikon to clarify what he meant when Hinata asked.

"What about the Kyubi no Kitsune?"

"What about it," Reikon asked.

"Why wasn't it mentioned in the legend," Hinata asked.

"Because, the Kyubi was not one of the original Bijuu," Reikon stated," It somehow gained that power on its own."

"How is that possible," Hinata asked.

"Who knows," Reikon responded.

The four continued to talk for several more minutes about what had happened since Reikon was knocked out. They also discussed plans for training and guard duty while they waited for Tazuna to complete construction of his bridge. Eventually Tazunas daughter Tsunami walked in the room and announced that dinner was ready and they should come down to eat. Hinata and Kakashi walked out the door behind Tsunami, Reikon was about to follow behind them when he was stopped by Sasuke.

"Reikon," Sasuke said with an intense tone.

"What Sasuke, I'm hungry. Whatever it is ask me later," Reikon replied.

"Give me the contract," Sasuke said firmly.


"You heard me. You don't disserve such power. Only I, one of the Uchiha can use the power of fire. You yourself said that you can't use to its full potential. So give the power to me instead," Sasuke said arrogantly.

"No Sasuke," Reikon said to the Uchiha survivor," you're the one that wouldn't deserve such power."

"How dare you! I'm the one who deserves the power not someone like you who can't use it right. I am an avenger, I need to be the strongest to restore my clans honor," Sasuke said through clenched teeth.

"That's the problem with you Sasuke," Reikon disappearing from in front of Sasuke. He reappeared to his left and kicked Sasukes legs out from under him and sent him to the floor, he then placed his foot on Sasukes neck and applied enough pressure to slightly chock him.

"You think power should just be handed over to you. I needed to train to use the summoning contract. I need nearly perfect chakra control to use it otherwise the sheer power of it would destroy me. You, someone who had everything handed to him would never be able to use it nor do you deserve it. I've peered at your soul Uchiha and I see the beginnings of darkness in you. Continue to walk this path and you'll be nothing better then the one that took your family away from you."

With that Reikon walked off leaving an angry Sasuke behind.


Team 7 was eating dinner with Tazunas family, Tsunami his daughter and Inari his grandson. During dinner Team 7 discussed the day's events with Tazuna and plans for training for the week. Twenty minutes into dinner Tazunas grandson finally snapped and yelled at the Konoha nin.

"Why do you guys bother to try so hard!? No matter how hard you fight you'll never be able to stop Gatou! You'll just end up dead, it doesn't matter how hard you train or what glorious claim you make when facing the strong, THE WEAK WILL ALWAYS END UP GETTING KILLED!!!," Inari screamed at the Konoha nin.

"And what makes you think were week brat," Reikon said.

"Because no ones stronger then Gatou," Inari yelled his glancing down on he ground and silent tears running down his checks.

"Everyone who's tried to stand up to him has died," Inari yelled.

"We're different kid, we don't die so easy," Sasuke said to Inari.

"Shut up none of you know what its like here, what its like to suffer in life," Inari yelled.

This got Reikon slightly angry as he banged one fist on the table and said in a cold tone.

"Oh ya, you really think that brat. You really think you know what true suffering really is, believe me I've seen people that would kill to be in you're situation."

"Reikon-kun…" Hinata made to placate her angered teammate.

"No Hinata, this needs t be said," Reikon said eyeing (A.N. Or as much as a blind person can)

"So what happened that was so bad for you," Reikon said turning to Inari.

"You're not bruised, battered, hurt, starving, homeless, or missing any limbs, so what do you have to complain about," Reikon said in a cold tone.

"Shut up, shut up, you don't know anything you stupid baka," Inari yelled in frustration at Reikon," I hope Gatou does kill you."

Tsunami gasped at that statement and tried to calm her son down but he wouldn't

"So that's how its going to be," Reikon said standing up from his place and turning his head toward Inari," tell me Inari do you want to see what true human cruelty is made of, what true suffering really looks like."

At the cold tone of the statement, most of the occupants of the room seemed to freeze up with the exception of Kakashi. Reikon straightened up, he slowly removed his face mask and let drop to the floor, and next he removed his shirt and let it fall as well.

(A.N. To any weird perverted people reading this, any sick assumptions you have about what is about to happen are totally wrong.)

"You know Inari, I don't know what you've seen in you're life that made you think the things you do," Reikon said as he raised his hand into a seal," but it's about time you see what happens to other that aren't as fortunate as you, kai ."

Different reactions could be seen as Reikon dispelled the advanced Genjutsu on his body. Sasuke and Kakashi faces turned a sickly green as they tried to keep their dinners down. Tazuna wasn't a lucky as he threw up his dinner off to the side of the table. Tsunami had passed out in shock. Inari standing right in front of Reikon looked wide eyed and pale like he'd come face to face with Shinigami himself. Though if they'd notice it was Hinata's reaction to what Reikon had revealed that was most surprising, no fear, no sick look, just sadness as tears started to flow from her eyes.

Reikon stood before them with a scarred and destroyed body. Every inch of his skin that was visible from his wait all the way up to his face was covered with horrible scars showing signs f being slashed hundreds of times with knifes and other sharp objects. Puncture wounds littered his body as well, little ones the size of needles and bigger one that looked like butcher knifes were used. Words seemed to be carved into his flesh, words like "monster", "freak", "bastard" and some others that weren't distinguishable. Lastly, there was a large strip of were flesh had been burnt that looked to start from the lower right side of Reikons back, it twisted upwards to the left and over his chest continuing to go further up and twist around his neck and ended at the right side of his face.

"This Inari," Reikon said," is the result of true evil, this is what humanity does at its cruelest moment. I was four when this was done to me Inari; I was tortured by two people whose job in my home village was to protect me and everyone else in the village. It was at least four to five hours that they played with me. Trying to see how loud I could scream how long it took before the pain was to much and they had to end up healing me, though never enough to truly close any of the wounds, merely to stop the bleeding. First they broke every bone in my body, some of the bones even punctured through my skin. Then they started to cut me, they used kunais at first, then kitchen knifes and box cutters then anything sharp lying around. Then they started stabbing me, knifes, needles, nails, screws, pieces of glass or wood, anything was fair game. I was lucky that I seemed to have tuned out what they were doing to me at that point but apparently they started puncturing my internal organs. This went on for hours before they grew tired of me, they set the house we were in on fire and drenched me in kerosene. Before they left they did one last thing to me."

Reikon slowly placed his right hand on the bottom of his Hitai-ate and lifted it off his head. His eyes were closed but you could see scar marks criss crossing along his eye sockets. He opened his eyes and once again shocked the people in front of him, were his eyes should have been were two spinning spheres of yellow chakra. Kakashi was the most surprised looking at the spinning spheres because they reminded him of his senseis old technique, the Rasengan.

"They took my eyes from me," Reikon said turning his luminescent eyes down toward Inari," these are my new eyes Inari. Eyes I fashioned for myself so I'll never be tricked by those I should trust. With these eyes I can peer into you're soul and see what type of person you are. You Inari I see a cloud of fear and hatred covering a small flame of innocence and love, like something or someone was taken from you. I see you're mother Inari; she too has a layer of fear and hatred covering the flame that is her soul. But unlike you it burns to brightly to be obscured, showing she fights to protect those she loves. You're grandfather, his soul burns even brighter then you mothers showing me he fights for you, her and all those around him."

Inari had tears flowing down his face as he heard Reikons words. The description of his mother and grandfather hit him hard, harder even then hearing what was done to Reikon but seeing that it had not defeated him. He never thought about what his mother and grandfather had to go through with his attitude, and Reikons speech made him feel like curling up in a corner and dieing.

"I'll tell you something Inari," Reikon said and Inari raised his tear stained face to look at the older boy," I had given up when the flames started to work their way up my body. I happily accepted death in order to escape the pain. But I was saved, my brother saved me from the inferno. He had been gone that day and was unable to protect me. He was a great ninja who loved me very much. With our parents gone he was all I had, he took me from the flaming building and we escaped far away from there. But, I was still dieing, in desperation to save my life he used a forbidden jutsu in order to heal me. But in return for healing me it killed him. Unfortunately it didn't heal me completely but it was enough to keep me from dieing. He did two things before he died, he gave me scroll with family secrets and techniques in it, and secondly he told me something, he told me to not close off my heart, that I should train and become stronger and find someone precious In this world to protect, otherwise I'd spend the rest of my life with a blackened and diseased heart."

Reikon picked up his shirt and face mask and put them back on. He then walked out of the house leaving his stunned audience behind as he headed toward the nearby woods. The others in the room were still to shocked a few minutes later to notice Hinata running into the darkness after Reikon.


Authors Notes

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