Nomad, Musician, Wanderer

Cameron (normally just 'Cam') dropped out of high school in Japa at fifteen and spent the next five years of his life working as a security technician for WATIcorp. Despite his age he was already an accomplished hacker who wrote several advanced hacking and security programs. Unfortunately in return he was forced to sign a contract that stuck him with low pay and just enough money to rent a basic apartment. On the plus side his talents gave him plenty of free time, which he used to take another job that gave him a bit more money. In his little free time he brushed up on his guitar skills and marksmanship, his only hobbies. It was during his time delving into WATIcorp security that he stumbled upon Alchera. Over the next three weeks he dug deeper and deeper, discovering WATI's insidious plans. The more he dug the more there was to dig up.

But WATI found out what he was up to and Cam was forced to run for his life, fleeing Wati City and ending up in Newport. It was there he discovered that some woman named Zoe Castillo had found something to do with Alchera. Firmly fixed on the trail Cam managed to find her friend Olivia and together they followed the trail Zoe and before her, journalist Reza Temiz had left behind.

Personality-wise Cameron may seem extremely over-cheerful, often with an unshakable cheer no matter how dangerous the situation. He simply uses this front as a way of overcoming his own fear, not that the young hacker would ever admit that. He is also fond of using references to 20th and 21st Century musicians. Whether he knows it or not, Cameron has an important role to play in the fate of the Twin Worlds

RECORDING BEGIN I suppose I should begin this by introducing myself, I'm Cameron Beaumont, until two weeks ago I was a security technician and engineer at the WATIcorp Headquarters in Wati City, Japan. Now I'm a rebel and fugitive, quite a resume considering I dropped out of high school.Sometimes I wonder how all this happened, how I ended up like this, some outlaw who's supposed to be some kind of saviour. I don't know and I guess I shouldn't ask, I mean my life is supposed to be all pre-planned by destiny or something. Huh, she's calling again, that means we need to get movin' before the find us, how did they get so close? I thought that worm would take longer to find, they have better net guards than I thought Aww crap here they come, I'll finish this some other time…RECORDING END


Gabriel Castillo looked over his daughter's unconscious face, wondering exactly how Zoe ended up in a coma with a bullet wound in her shoulder blade. It was probably better not to ask, the doctors said she was in a serious condition she might even be dying. Gabriel couldn't accept that, couldn't accept that his daughter was going to die. EYE had turned up and interrogated him over what it happened, he had no idea and he sensed they had left disappointed, perhaps they just didn't like him. At that moment someone knocked on the apartment door, Gabriel stood irritably and walked out to see who it was expecting some relation or friend around to offer their condolences. It was beginning to annoy him, like they bloody knew! He pulled the door open and got something of a surprise: his visitor was a tall, lanky male at about twenty dressed in a brown sweatshirt, jeans, leather greatcoat and leather boots. He had black eyes with a tired look and long messy, lank brown hair that needed a serious comb. He also had a large, tube shaped bag over one shoulder. "Really I don't need any religious services, please just leave me alone Father " Gabriel's mind jumped to assumptions and he had spoken before he thought it through.

"Relax Mr. Castillo I'm not a Mormon," the male said in, of all things, a quiet Cockney accent that seemed to be fading. "Jimmy Page", he introduced himself and extended a hand.

Gabriel took it, a firm grip, and quickly let go "So what do you want" he said shortly.

"We were wondering if we could come in, I know it sounds strange but we have something very important to discuss" the stranger spoke up. "Its about your daughter Zoë."

"Look I don't really..."

"She's in a coma and you don't know how, I do" Jimmy cut in.

"Yes how did you..." Gabriel gave in and stepped aside, the strange pair walked in quickly and sat down at the wooden table in the living room. "All right what happened to her?"

"Believe me it's a very long story, it all began when…" The story would take at least a week to tell but Cameron gave Gabriel the short version. That WATI 'Dreamer' was not just a new toy for the masses but some insidious conspiracy. It could be used to control people and read their thoughts, in fact it was how Cameron had found out about Zoë. "That's one story you really don't want to hear about, I found out a hell of a lot more than I want'ed to know about a few things" But he pushed on, explaining how Zoë's old boyfriend Reza had found this out, that was why Zoë had gone after him. But Reza was dead and Zoë was in a coma, now this had come full circle. Whatever the cost, WATI had to be stopped. "Its what Reza died for, what Zoë went through hell for, what a lot of people have suffered for and a lot more will suffer if we let this go on. This ends right here, right now"

"Why are you telling me this?" Gabriel asked, despite the fact that his head was spinning in what Zoë was mixed up in he still couldn't see for the life of him why this guy had come to him.

"You're going to have trouble believing this, but I think I've found a way to hack into Zoë's dream world. I think I can modify a Dreamer so that two people can use it to enter the same dream" Cameron fished one of the plastic disks out of his bag. Despite looking innocuous there was something faintly sinister about it.

"Well…the doctors can't do anything, they say she's dying" He hadn't meant to say it but it just slipped out. Admitting it brought the whole world crashing down around him. She was going to die.

"Not if I can help it, I don't care what it takes but I'm going to try this. I promise you there's no risk to Zoë, though I don't know whether it can handle my presence at the same time. If this kills me there's a dat'acube in my bag, show it to the world it'll be up to you Mr. Castillo" Cameron sat down on Zoë's bed and put the Dreamer next to him. Then he stuck a needle in his arm and lay back on the bed. He put the Dreamer between himself and Zoë and activated it. "By the way, real name's Cameron…"

Gabriel watched him drift off as a blood red stalk with two flowers o the end rose from the disk. The stalk separated and both flowers lowered themselves over their victims…


Cameron opened his eyes and nearly fell over from the shock; he was in a completely white place that looked like an arctic landscape. The ground was snow and there were pinnacles of ice all around. 'This is the freakiest place I've ever been' Cameron thought to himself, but it was the house that really frightened him. It was like a giant doll's house, hovering in midair and coerced to the ground only a rotten staircase. The stairs led up to one of the rooms where he could just barely make out something sitting there. He bean walking towards the house, he was bare foot and dressed in his sweatshirt and thin trousers. 'I should be freezing but I'm not, this is really freaking me out' Cameron couldn't let himself lose his nerve now, he'd already done that once and someone had got killed. As he reached the stairs the ground began to shake, the house was closing! Cameron sprinted up the stairs as the walls closed in on him and dived onto the floor as the house snapped shut and trapped him in the pitch black. "Shit" Cameron growled. He took a few steps in one direction and promptly tripped over a chair, both he and the unseen chair hit the wooden floor with a crash. "Alright let me the hell outta 'ere!" Cameron shouted, there was no one there, Cameron picked up the chair and threw against the house's window. It simply bounced off. "Alright then! 'Ooever own this house bett'er come let me out 'cause I'm startin' to get pissed off!" Cameron shouted again. 'This was definitely not in the brochure, shit, time for plan B. Just have to think of a plan B first…'