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The sun shined on the tangerine-colored hair belonging to the girl sitting down on her ship's deck,watching the waves the ocean created gradually. Her crew members were probably in the kitchen, waiting for the cook to make their breakfast.

Nami herself felt hungry. As she was about to stand togo to the kitchen, she heard a voice.

"Hey, Nami!"

She turned around. It was her crew's hyperactive captain, holding a piece of paper in his left hand. He had a large grin on his face for some reason.

"Hey, Luffy. What is it?" Nami kept going to the direction of the ship's kitchen.

"I made a picture!"

She groaned. If Luffy was about to show her one of his strange doodles...

"Here!" The rubber boy thrusted the piece of paper at Nami.

Taking it, she tried to decipher what it was. It had two stick figures, one with an orange-colored blob of something on it's head. The other one had what Nami could finally figure out was a hat.

"So what is it?" she asked her captain.

Still grinning, he replied, "It's me and you!"

"...Oh." Nami felt a little foolish for not getting that.

"It's a group picture," Luffy explained.

"It is? Well, you forgot to draw Zoro, Usopp, Sanji--"

"No. I mean, it's a group picture of us."

"Oh?" This startled Nami.


"Why is it only us?"

"Because," Luffy replied,"I like you more."

Nami's eyes widened. "Wha-? Um...thanks?"

Luffy pointed to her face. "What's that red thing on your cheeks?"

"...Nothing, Luffy."

T h e e n d

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