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Warning! This might not make sense if you have not seen the movie, but you should see it anyway because it is really cute! If you have than proceed. – Cold Static


"Country road

I think I'll go

Down this path

On my own

My inspiration

The road less taken

But this is my country road"


Shizuku looked up from her desk and sighed. It was 10:30 and she still needed to study. Seiji, being in another class had already taken both the tests and been accepted into one of the best high schools, and there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to be with him. "Maybe if I am in his class in high school my friends will stop teasing me so much and quit following us around", she whispered to herself as a picture flooded her mind. It was of her friends talking in Ms. Kosaka's office about the mysterious boy, who grabbed her attention by checking out all of sorts of books so she would see his name on the books' check-out cards. Shizuku laughed quietly, she hadn't known him then, except for the few times he had returned her book and her father's lunch, both times consisted of him insulting her and her walking away repeating to herself that he was nothing but a stupid jerk. She grudgingly put aside her story about the Baron and opened her textbook to study.

Yuko was waiting for her at the top of the stairs that lead up the hill to her Jr. High School. It was a rainy morning, but it always seemed that by the afternoon it would be sunny, so she didn't complain. Sugimura saw them and once again screamed that they would be late. Shizuku still felt a little strange around him since he had taken her to the shrine and told her that he was in love with her. At first she had wondered how he could love someone when they were only in the 9th grade. Then she had fallen in love with Seiji. Yuko saw her subconscious smile.

"God Shizuku, when we made fun of you for NOT admitting that you liked him, we didn't know that we would drive you to think about him every waking second." She paused and sighed. "Well, at least you haven't done something completely irrational like promising to marry him or something!" Little did Yuko know but Seiji and Shizuku had talked about getting married about a month ago when he first came back from Italy and took her to see the sunrise. Shizuku blushed as she remembered it.

"Yeah," she replied shakily after a while, "that would be crazy" The rest of the morning past slowly for Shizuku, she had no idea that the entrance exam was over more material than she knew 'plus there is another one tomorrow' she thought shaking her head in dismay. Sugimura walked over to her desk rubbing his head like it hurt.

"Wow! I thought I was good at guessing what is on tests but that was," he paused and searched his brain for an adjective.

"Hard?" Yuko supplied from beside him.

"Yeah, extremely." Then his eyes lit up as he remembered "Hey Yuko, didn't Shizuku tell me that you were good at guessing what's on tests," he exclaimed excitedly "Do you want to study together?" Yuko blushed, but gave a tiny nod as an answer. "Great, I'll meet you at the library after school!" he replied before running off to lunch with his friends.

Yuko turned to yell at Shizuku about telling her crush a lie when Seiji came to eat lunch with her. He took Shizuku's hand and led her out of the room ignoring her classmate's loud taunting.


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