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"Country road

I think I'll go

Down this path

On my own

My inspiration

The road less taken

But this is my country road"

Shizuku paced for 5 more minutes before suddenly sitting down to stare at her clock. Finally, Yuko sighed.

"Shizuku, Seiji isn't supposed to be her for at least another ten minutes. I'm going to leave. If you get tired of you exciting game of 'watch the clock'" she paused, waiting for Shizuku to react to her air quotes. Nothing happened; Yuko sighed and continued "write in your story or something." A malicious grin slowly made its way on Yuko's face as she realized how to get a reaction out of her zombie-like friend. "You know, you did promise to let me read it." Shizuku snapped out of her trance. Yuko tried to make her expression less deviant, but had to smirk at Shizuku's panicked expression.

"Please Yuko; just let me edit my latest chapter." Yuko's raised brow indicated that she was considering, but Shizuku's last plea made her smile. "PLEASE!" Still smiling she headed towards the door.

"Fine." She was half way out before she pulled something out of her bag. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You remember my American penpal?" Without waiting for an answer she continued "he sent me 2 copies of a CD he burned. This one's yours." With that she unceremoniously flopped the CD case down on a table beside the door.

"Tell him I said thanks" Shizuku yelled hanging out the door. She sat back down at her desk and pulled out her story. She had 2 more pages to edit when a small knock sounded at her door; she ignored it until finally the persisting knock became loud and demanding. Shizuku jumped up as reality replace all thoughts of the Baron and her story. She half ran to her door fixing her hair and pulling at her clothing as she went. Finally, after a couple nervous attempts she managed to open it. Seiji was wearing a green polo and jeans. Shizuku ogled in spite of herself.

--Seiji's POV—

A cute, soft blush mantled her cheeks as she looked me over. Thank God I choose this to wear instead of the dress shirt and tie Takashi told me to wear. I smirked. I would have to rub that in his face later. Though it was true I ran the risk of being more casual than my date. I looked at Shizuku's outfit. It was a casual, sky blue dress that ended a little before her knees. The color went beautifully with her deep chestnut hair. With a small blush of my own I offered her my hand, and she took it with a small smile.

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