The Greatest Accomplishment

By: Original Dark Angel

A/N: This is a Post GOF fic. Draco never became a deatheater, but he never got along with Harry either. Roughly eighteen years in the future, both are fathers and a little bit out of touch despite the fact that their wives were best friends.

"Dad! You got mail!" Haylie, a miniature version of her father with out of control black hair and bright green eyes, dashed up the stairs and burst into her father's study. "You got mail! This huge eagle came right up to the door and dropped it off. He flew away before I could pay him, but he was gorgeous. Can I have an eagle instead of an owl next year? PLEASE!"

Harry Potter ruffled his eleven-year-old daughter's hair, mussing it even further. "Your Hogwarts Letter said a toad, a cat, or an owl. No eagles. You don't want to get into trouble with your Professors the day you arrive, do you?"

"S'pose not, but after Hogwarts, I want an eagle."

"I'll write that down. Go help your mother with the twins."

"Paige and Piper should be big enough to pick up their own toys," the girl grumbled as she handed over the letter and obeyed.

"I'll remember that when your things need to be put away. Eleven is a lot older than two," he called after her. She may look like him but she sure sounded like Hermione, so eager to get to Hogwarts.

He sat down at his desk and dropped a pile of aurors papers on the floor to make room before opening the letter (His pile method of filing horrified Hermione, but as long as he could find things he could stave off her attempts to purchase a filing cabinet). A photo fell out with the letter. He didn't recognize the girl shaking Dumbledore's hand, so he referred to the letter, written in green ink, in an even hand.


Enclosed is a photo of a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl on her graduation day, top of her class, co-captain and seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team. What does this have to do with you? Nothing really. But eighteen years ago, you told Ginny not to marry me, because I would never make anything of myself. Not even the death eaters would want me. According to you I would never accomplish anything worthwhile, because I was a sorry excuse of skin with no future. Thank goodness Ginny proved her brilliance by not listening to you. Do you see what this photo is now? Do you understand its importance? Not just to me, or you, but to the entire wizarding world? Probably not if you're as thick as I know you to be. So allow me to explain in simple words that even the most simple of baboons can understand. As I said, this girl graduated top of her class, played seeker for her house team, and was named co-captain last year. She plans to become a Healer and starts her official training next week. The girl in the photo is Irene Remembrance Weasley Malfoy and she is my greatest accomplishment. I'd have to say that is pretty worthwhile. Wouldn't you? Don't bother replying. I wouldn't want you to taint yourself.

Draco Malfoy

Harry picked up the photo that had fallen out of the envelope and studied the blond girl with laughing hazel eyes as she shook hands with Dumbledore, both Ginny and Malfoy beaming with pride in the background.

"Well, what do you know? He did it."