Ginny fucking Weasley

Is a fucking Whore…

A Bitch of the highest order of Bitches.

If there was Bitch rankings, she'd be at the very top of that food chain, I'm sure of it.

It's a fact that many in my year, and furthermore, many in my house have checked my temperature, wondering what took me so long to realize it.

I guess I just need proof of things.

Walking in on her and Corner banging in a closet would be proof enough.

Catching her, Corner and Longbottom in a broom closet, getting it on like the future of the Wizarding race depended on it,

That, my good friends,

Is too much goddamned information.

And what made it more funny when she gets walked in on is by who.

Once more, it seems like the girl puts out a beacon for me. And worse…Harry. Yep, me and good ol' Pothead were heading into that broom closet to…


Yeah, talk! That's it!

We were heading in to talk, and I had his tie in my hand, and dragging him in with my back to the goings on, first thing I see is his face. Then I enter the silencing field and BOOM!

Moan frickin' city.

Disgusting sight to turn around and see the girl like that. Bad enough I had to see her and Snape, but now…

I felt like vomiting. So did Harry. The little bitch killed the mood…

Yes, I am considerate for her. I understand how she is feeling, using her body to find happiness after her father was assassinated the day he took over as Minister.

Here I could make a joke, something pertaining to how short a run he had as a the leader of all Magic Kind, but…no. In truth, the girl shut down. It was a family reaction, her brother, the dipshit redhead that he is, even tried a womanizing stint for a month after, before Potter slapped him over the head and Granger gave him such a rant I heard it down in Slytherin Dungeons. But this little whore seems to be stuck in her ways. She had stopped the moment she got a hold of my Dear-Old-Dumbass Potter, but the second she gave Snape the lipservice, and got caught, she was back on the whoring market.

As you can see, I don't care for one Ginny Weasley.

I say this as we are informed that her mother has passed away, supposedly of "heartbreak", which translates magically into a self-induced Killing Curse. And therefore, I learn something I did not want to learn.

But was so fucking obvious a Hufflepuff could have ascertained the info and connected it.



Not perfect line up, but…I find out now that my aunt is the little shit's godmother.

And now, according to wizarding law, yippie-fucking-kai-yay,

She's moving in.

With me.

This sucks royal ass.


Interesting that me and Potter have been dating this long. Going on…hmm…3 and a half months now. Gotten on good, the two most fearless of our kind. We came out publicly the second day we were dating, meaning two days after the library incident. We had gone to each other to ask about what had happened in the library the first day only to find that he was fine with being with me. And we were together for that whole day. And then the next day, what should happen but…we finally get caught.

What can I say, I'm a screamer.

And did I ever have a reason to scream. With hindsight I see that I couldn't walk straight and model-like for a good week after that.

Gets worse.

Yes. What's worse you ask?

The fact that we got caught mid-lunch, from my screaming. I have a thing about doing things where I can get caught I guess.

Where you ask?

Right up against the doors to the Great Hall from the Slytherin Dungeons.

There goes that damned Gryffindor bravery. Especially since he stormed into the common room, with a few people looking and everything, and dragged me out by my hair. Slammed me into the wall, and next thing I know, its scream, scream, moan, and a mantra to remain a hold of my consciousness.

Is it possible to die from over-pleasuring?

Awkward that I can say I lost my virginity in a library, and got caught having sex my first time on the floor of the school lunch room. And got caught by the entire school.

Why couldn't the doors not decide to open then?

Fucking Dumbledore and his fucking see-through-walls shit.

And now, as I look back on that, I laugh. Thanks to me and ol' Pothead, with his bravery so goddamned high that he will go with anything I do, we have thoroughly defiled half the school with our fornication.

Yes. Fun that I can get Prophylaxis from Snape whenever I need it, because I have shit on him. And I know you are all looking at me funny for this, so what. I'm a Slytherin. Blackmail isn't beneath me. In fact, its right on my level. I can reach it fine without a stepstool or using someone's shoulders to stand on…

This is so off the point, but so what.

The point is, the little rat shit Weasley has been trying to play up the whole "pity me" card on Potter, and, while he isn't falling for it, she is thoroughly pissing me off by popping up, following us, and then trying to use her "sadness" to stop our snogging mid-kiss. Harry is too "gentlemanly" to let our attempts at personal satisfaction continue if the sad little redhead is around.

You know what they say, 1st time and its my bad. 2nd time, its her's.

1,048th time, the little bitch dies in her sleep over vacation.

Which is where our current problem is. Due to my family being pure-blooded and all, my house, or more, my Aunt's house is deemed fairly safe for Harry. Because Hogwarts is closing down for the holidays due to the Ministry trying to "conserve funds", he's going somewhere. And after falling into the Great Hall in mid…sex, one can not deny a place to their boyfriend.

Especially when said one's Aunt was the one who got you two covered and away. And gave "The Talk" to both of you.

Pointless after the display really, but, better late than never.

Who am I kidding. My family is fucked up. I mean, I got the talk about females and the "cycle" when I was 15.

I had my first period at 11.

Damn, and to think I am bringing poor Potter into this.

Yes, I meant for the holiday, not permanently. I am not thinking like that anymore! Its not even a thought in my head!

You don't believe me, do you.

So what if I have our first 5 kids' names planned out. And I called about housing for after Hogwarts a month ago. And so what if I already have my wedding ring on hold at the jeweler in Hogsmeade, and the second he walks in they will inform him and bring it to him.

I am a Slytherin, we don't jump into situations.

But apparently we do get very bad cases of denial.

Shut your laughing or you will be barren and stuck in a hospital with a donkey's head growing out of your ass. Now I know I should stop with the threats and all, but they help me cope. They make me happy. And a Happy Blaise is a Non-Homicidal Blaise. And a Non-Homicidal Blaise, leave a still breathing bystander.

Only issue now is, Horny Blaise+Lack of HarryLack of Sex. And that leads to a very very unhappy Blaise.


My knight in fucking ironed robes. Turning around, I catch Harry's eyes. He is running across the hallway toward me, and I see no bit of red hair anywhere. We are alone, and home free. And directly between our positions is an empty classroom. Empty because I just left Binns' last class of the day.

A look.

And that is all it takes before into the classroom we go, and its all downhill from there.


"Potter, we really must stop meeting like this." I comment as I suddenly find us both on the floor of the hallway. Leaning on the door was a bad idea on his part, but worse on mine as I pushed him on it. And for some dumbass reason, the door opened, and here we were, laying there, me on him, in the middle of the hallway.

And looking up, we catch eyes with Draco Malfoy.

"Ahh…Lord Ferret, how has your day been. Satisfactory I hope?" Sometimes I just sigh listening to him talk. Oh how Slytherin my ickle Harrykins has become.

"Shut up Potter." And now his eyes are on me. "Gaby, get off of him and come with me." I don't move. Who is this dipshit, telling me what to do. And then the last straw. "Now!"

It was a flick of a wand, and there was a bright pink ferret on the floor next to us, stunned and on its back, feet in the air and all. It was clearly female, a feat that was no easy task to learn in Transfiguration, but it was pulled off flawlessly.

My transfiguration is good, but faulty at times. It had worked, and paired with Harry's stunning charm, I figure we had a good amount of time.

So…back in the classroom.


Ok, we have a problem here people. The goddamned ferret is still knocked out. No awakening charms are working, and we can't turn him back. Asking Harry about the spell he used only made me realize how screwed up the situation was. Harry had used a human stunning charm that locked internal magic and knocked the human in question into a deep stunning. It caused them to only be able to be awakened by outside means, something that the Stunning Charm didn't have the ability to provide.

However, the human stunning charm was not to be used on animals. And with some fucked up timing issue, it was, because Malfoy was officially a ferret at the time.

So what are we left with?

A fucking comatose pink female ferret that looks keeled over where Draco Malfoy had been a few hours before. That is a situation that could get a girl in a lot of trouble. So…what am I to do?


Write a note, describing the situation, tie it…or better yet, pin it, to the ferret, and leave him…her…it, outside the hospital wing and run like hell.

Make it through the night and we are home free. Literally. Break starts tomorrow, and I am so glad to be getting out of her. So glad in fact that I feel the urge to just throw the ferret down the hall and drag Harry back into the classroom all over again.

So what do I do?

Just as I said.

Funny as hell for Mrs. Norris to be coming around the corner to be smacked in the face with a fucking flying pink ferret. Stupid fucking cat was knocked shitless and furthermore, slid across the floor and right off the side of the stairs.

Or where the stairs had been.

They chose just then to move, and with a loud cat-scream, the ugly orange-ish cat fell long long long,

And hopefully to her death.

That killed the mood, and with a kiss goodnight, Potter whispered "G'Night Gaby" and ran full tilt toward his common. I followed suit and ran my own way, scooping the Ferret's body up and then playing hacky-sack with it in the dungeons for a good hour before I fell asleep.

Life is good.


Life sucks.


"What do you mean no touching of any kind! He's my boyfriend, that is why he is here!"

"I know Blaise, but it is just not fair for Ginny. She is here, and we know how much she wants Harry and cares about him, and it is like you are rubbing it in her face if it is there too much."

"So kick the whore out!"

"Blaise Gabriella Zabini! Young woman, what have I told you about…"

I know this by heart. "…using such foul language in this household. If only your dear Nana could hear you, she would give you such a talking-to…" I mouth all of this as goofily and sarcastically as possible as she says it, and then cross my eyes and inflate my cheeks and stick out my tongue. And then I look at her.

And she laughs. My damned mother is so easy to crack. Its not very hard. And when she does, then I let it all go. "Look, I will not limit my love and furthermore censor my feelings because that sl…girl, is here. I will have my relationship with Harry, and if she doesn't want to see it, she can go fu…fornicate herself."

"But what about that nice boy your father set you up with, what was his name, Mallfool…Monkboy…Malfoy! Yes, that boy, the Malfoy boy. What about him, why not just date him, and leave Harry and Ginny to settle their problems."

"I forbid it!" Aunt Minnie to the frickin' rescue. "I forbid my niece to even stand in the same room as that slime. Your stupid git of a husband lost his mind betrothing her to him, and if I have to marry Potter and Gaby here, myself, I will make sure that slime Lucius is never in any way directly related to my dear niece. And through her, me."

I could kiss the old coot if I didn't make out Ginny's shadow turning the corner I just saw Harry take a moment ago.

Ever tried to hop over the back of a couch? Ever done it and it didn't work? Ever done it, missed, and fell on the ground?

The shit is embarrassing, even in front of family.

And it hurt.

But like the soldier I am, I hop back up. Only to forget I am on an area rug as I try to run, and the rug slips on the hardwood floors, and I once more taste the floor. And for some dumb reason, as I peel myself off of the pine, I wonder if there is a floor-flavored Bernie Bott's Bean. And if there is, I could now identify it, having had such intimate contact with it in these past few moments.

But down the hall I run soon enough, only to slide into the kitchen in time to see Harry sitting on the counter, scooting to the side more and more as Ginny tries to advance on him. Apparently in the Gryffindor Common, this has happened a few times. Me and Granger always tell him he is too soft concerning her, but he never listens. Never yells. Never pushes her hands away and says, "Bitch, get away from me!" like I would. He's a good person.

I need those in my life.

But just because he is good, and my Slytherin side is rubbing off on him, doesn't mean I am some kind of noble girl who takes it lightly when some broad is hitting on her man.

So what did I do you ask?

Took a skillet out, and plopped it down on the counter. It was almost lunch time, and I slammed it as hard as I could, saying, "Anyone hungry?"

Was complete coincidence that her hand happened to be under the path of the skillet.

...I swear!

Damn sure I, at the very least, caused some internal bleeding.

Yes, evil, I know. But I don't trust her. Seems to me like her and Malfoy would be perfect for each other. Clingy, conniving little shits who can't realize that they aren't wanted. I sure as hell don't want that little whore near Harry, and next time, screw the hand,

I'm aiming at her head.

Think I'm joking around? Well, you are sadly mistaken. And as I smile, I watch her face. Never would I have thought the damned bitch would do some kind of leap across the island in the kitchen at me and try and tackle me. And in a few seconds, my instincts, which aren't very good, and Harry's actions, which are fast, I was pushed to the side a bit, and the stupid girl fell over the island, got caught on the side and flipped over it, landing on her back, looking up at me.

I felt like one of those bull-herding people, ya know, with the red capes. Red…ugh, I do not like the color. Could be why I hate her, or it could be her that makes me hate it. You decide, I am too busy laughing as I look down at the girl. And then it sobers up quick.

She is crying.

Not alright in any way shape or form. If I am around when the old people get here, they will want me to go with her and talk and have girl talk and do nails and hair and talk about boys and so on and so forth.

Not gonna happen.

I bite my nails, a secret that many know about me, so nothing to do. I refuse to let anyone touch my hair outside of me and Harry. And if this bitch does to mine what she did to her's, I will personally light each of her hairs on fire and wait until they burn away slowly. As for boy talk…

Harry is my property. I know it, He knows it, She doesn't. She is stupid. But she will learn, that or die.

Now you may be looking at me as some kind of…female chauvinist. I'm not, its just a known fact that I own Harry. Not as much as he has me wrapped around his finger…hehe, in more ways than one, as the metaphor here is very weird to have been brought up, especially given all of our activities, but I have him as my own. I mean damn, he got me good. I spent like, 5 hours in the Gryffindor Common Room once, late night studying for mid-term exams. Weird to be there with so many people that hate you.

Reminded me of my childhood, with my father and his illegitimate bastard kids that were either halfbloods or squibs, meaning they all hated me. Great fun, I felt so at home, especially when the redheaded broad comes in crying, and literally tries to bully me off Harry's lap so he can "comfort her".

Females can be quite conniving in fact. Its actually interesting to see someone so underhanded like myself at work. I wonder sometimes if, long ago, I wandered down the wrong path, and chose to join the "Dark Side" and use my powers for evil, if I would become a manipulative slut like Ginny.

…Ok, no more watching fucking American space movie marathons on TV late night when my brain is fried and open to intrusion. That shit was corny and even I know it. But it was fun to say I guess.

Either way, it seemed that Harry's breaking point had finally been reached. "Get the fuck off of me, Ginny!" And he lifted me up to my proper seat upon his lap, and glared at her with his shining green eyes.

Those eyes…

And Ginny had the tact to at least looked semi embarrassed. That was, before she growled and leapt at me, teeth bared and evil bitch-claws on full extend. But she never got to me, as suddenly I was up and carried. Harry.

My Harry. And in moments, we were in my room. And he laid me down on the bed there, and sat beside me. He sat there looking at him. His eyes were hiding something. Hiding something, something he rarely did to me. Usually it was all open, but I didn't get what was happening. What was going on in his mind…

As long as it isn't that bitch, I'm sure I can live with it.

And I will be there next to him no matter what.

Love, you say? Sure.

But what's in a word…