Okay, since I am pretty bored and some people said they would enjoy reading the Sophia POV. Ah, that is going to be hard. I have to get girly thoughts in my head. Unicorns, shoes, shopping sprees, boys. o.o Ahhh! Um, I think I mentioned this but…. I have yet to finish Star Ocean. GOOD LORD. I know, this is bad, but I could not help but write these fics. So, sorry if something is wrong or something. Okay, anyways here we go.

I started thinking about the trip again. I usually did.

Why did I have to be caught up with this? Why did an experiment have to be performed on me? It was so hard at times.

But I remembered that I had met all types of people who were all nice and unique in their own ways. They were all nice and we did not dwell on bad situations. We all smiled and had fun and made the best out of this.

Except him.

He mostly kept to himself and was very mysterious. He was good in the battle field (Fayt told me he was the captain of a brigade back on Elicoor!) and he helped us a lot.

I studied my nails. There was a bit of blood under my nails. I tried to get them as clean as I could. How disgusting.

I snuck a look at him. He was looking away. He seemed to be deep in thought.

Probably thinking of a new way to kill something.

Whenever I looked at him, he sometimes looked back. I always felt my checks become a little warm, but I would smile back. Maybe it would help him smile.

But he just scowled and looked away.


At least Fayt was a gentleman. He would at least smile back.


He was so nice. He always comforted me and held me close. We were practically brother and sister. But a lot of people back home got the wrong impression. They thought that we were boyfriend and girlfriend! How ridiculous! I mean, Fayt is cute and all, but I grew up with him. If he was my boyfriend, that would be way too awkward.

I mean, a couple of times, I have thought of him like that. Every girl would! He would be a good boyfriend, but I don't know…

I heard a cry and a stabbing noise. I turn around to see Albel. His katana is stuck in the ground and his breathing is low.

"What?" Fayt asks. Albel shoots him a dirty look.

"Nothing," he says, picking up his sword as if nothing had happened. I wanted to say something, but I feared he would yell at me. He did not believe that anyone could care about him. We all did. Well, I did at least.

His eyes seemed to look in my direction for a split second but he quickly looks away.

And I think I see a smile.

Not one of those smirks.

A real smile.

Hahaha. That one kind of sucked I think. I seriously had a bit of hard time with that one. I tried showing how she cared about Albel, and how she saw Fayt as a brother, and it was not easy. What was also not easy was writing in Sophia POV. o.o; I was trying to think really girly and how she would react to some things. I wanted to make it one sided still (so Albel loved Sophia, but she did not love him) but it was hard! I think I have turned into a major Alphia shipper. xx I had to give Albel some type of happiness (even though they both will not admit their love!). GOD. They are butt heads!