Summary: The Teen Titans without powers, studying the High School, having fun with their friends and suffering the troubles that every teen have in the life. Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy with some friends in a not totally normal life fic. Rob-Rae pairing. I´m not a fan though

A/N: This is my second fic in English; I hope this would be so much better than my first one. Please don't blame me for the pairings; I just wanted a way for I could write the story in an easier way, but blames bout how bad my story is are accepted.

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"Hey, wait for me!" yelled a voice from one little guy that was running after his friends, he was short with dark hair and dark green happy eyes. His name was Garfield Logan, but everyone known him as Beast Boy or BB. BB was known for his pranks, he was the joker at Wilson High and his favorite victims were the teachers, even with that, somehow he always escape before being discovered and that's how he is still in the school. He may not be the smartest guy at the school, but his average was good and he was one of the best in Biology class.

"Dude where have you been?" asked one of his best friends when BB was recovering his air, this guy was the QB of the football team; he was tall, bald and very strong. Being the QB he was also very athletic and one of the most popular guys at the school. Victor Stone, better known as Cyborg, not only was a really good athlete but he was one of the smartest guys with one of the better averages in the whole school.

"Yeah, you're late" Said another guy with muscular body, a little bit taller than Beast Boy. He had orange short hair and dark eyes. He was Roy Harper, commonly known as Speedy, was famous at the school for being the captain of the Baseball team and the pitcher on it. He had also a good average. But he was one of those guys who pretended to like all the girls when actually he was really interested in just one girl.

"I know it, but anyway we have sometime before the class begins" replied BB when he was recovered

"That doesn't mean you can be late" said another of his friends, a very good looking guy who has deep black eyes and black long hair. His name was Garth but everybody called him Aqualad, he was the best in the swim team. He was also intelligent and was very interested on science. Yeah, he was a heartthrob but there was a trouble… he had a girlfriend and actually he was the only one of his friends that had a girlfriend.

"Dude, why do you have to be so strict? I was just sleeping a little more" said BB a bit annoyed

Suddenly another voice came to the talk "And I bet who was in your dream" this voice belonged to the second most popular guy at Wilson High. He was as tall as Speedy with light blue eyes and black short spiky hair; he was muscular and speedy because he was in the Basketball team. He dreamed with be the captain someday, but now that place was occupied by another boy. He was Richard Grayson, but he preferred being called Robin.

"What do you mean Rob?" asked BB trying to playing dumb

"You know exactly what I mean, you were dreaming with that blond girl that you like and that's why you didn't want to wake up" said Robin crossing his arms on his chest. The others just look at BB waiting for an answer.

The short boy blushed "That isn't true, I was just very tired" replied Beast Boy trying to convince the others. Unfortunately he failed.

"Yeah, sure. Why do you have a crush with that girl?" Asked Robin, then he looked back at the rest of his friends "The same is for you all. How can you be attracted by those girls? They are superficial"

"That's what everybody that don't know them think" Came the voice of a girl from behind Robin, he turned to see a tall girl with long dark brown hair that was tied in two little buns on her head and brown eyes. Karen Beecher was her name but she was also known as Bumblebee. She was the best in science and has the second best average in the whole school. "Believe me, they are more than just an eye- candy for the boys"

"What are you doing here?" Asked Aqualad

"What? I can't say ´Hi´ to my boyfriend before the first class?" The girl told as she walked to Aqualad. Yes, Bumblebee was Aqualad´s girlfriend; they have been dating for almost three months. She then gave Aqualad a little kiss.

"No, I was just curious" He replied after the kiss

"You know what? That sick me" Whispered Speedy in Cy´s hear

"Just because the girl you want don't even know about your existence doesn't mean that others can't get a girlfriend" replied Cyborg with a grin on his lips. Speedy just glared at him.

"Guys, we will go for a walk before the first class, I'll see you at History class" Said Aqualad to the others as he walked out holding Bee's hand.

"Remember that the Janitors room is closed at this hour!" Yelled Beast Boy to the couple as they left. Aqualad just gave him a glare and show him his clenched fist before leave the corridor.


: Meanwhile in the other side of the school:

"Hi girls!" Greeted a girl to her friends. Her name was Jinx; she was one of the most popular girls at Wilson High. She had a strange but beautiful pink hair that she liked to tie in two pony tails over her head, her eyes were very similar to a cat ones and her skin was very white, almost pale. She could be short but she also had a slim body because she was the captain of the gymnastic team. Not to mention her great average.

"Late again Jinx" Said a girl with blond large hair and light blue eyes, the same color than the sky. She was short too but she was always trying to win a place wherever she was. She was a spectacular Tennis player and she had already won many championships in the city. She was as smart as Jinx. She was Tara Markov but everyone called her Terra.

"That means you got pleasant dreams, yes?" Asked another of her friends. She was tall and beautiful; she had red long hair that touched the back of her tiny waist and light green shinning eyes. Koriand´r was also known as Starfire and was the second most popular girl at Wilson High. She was very wanted because she was the cheerleading captain. Her older sister Komand'r was known at the school like Blackfire, she was the cheerleading captain the past year, and now that she was graduated her job was to Starfire for some time.

Blackfire was the most popular girl in the school not only for being the cheerleading captain but also because her appearance; with her great body, her black hair as long as the one of her sister, and her purple eyes was the envy for every girl. She got a lot of dates but she always was free and that's why all the boys wanted a shot with her. But, there was a problem with her, her attitude; she looked cute and kind but she was the entire contrary, always thinking she was the best over all the other girls. Most part of the girls in the school named the moment when she finally left like 'The best day of their lives.'

Starfire was exactly the opposite of her sister; she was cute, kind and nice with the others. Sometimes she could be a little naïve, but really she was one of the most intelligent girls in the school.

"Yeah, that's why I woke up late this morning Star" replied Jinx a little blushed for sleep more than she needed.

"Well, next time try to use the alarm clock, it isn't there just for fun" Said the most popular girl in the school, the only one that could win to Starfire with the boys. After Blackfire left, Rachel Roth, or Raven like everyone known her, became the most popular girl. And it wasn't luck; she was the most beautiful girl at Wilson High, she had a very special purple hair that was a little long, just passed her shoulders. She also has amethyst eyes that went perfect with her pale skin. Her face had a special detail; she had a red gem in her forehead that makes her a bit different to the other girls. But her most attractive feature was her body, most of the boys thought that a Top Model would be jealous of Raven's body.

She was also smart and kind, almost every boy wanted to be with her. Raven never accepted a date, but that wasn't the real reason for the boys just can see and not touch… The real reason was a boy that protected her every moment that he can, he wasn't her boyfriend but he liked Raven a lot and he used to scare every boy that was looking for date her. Raven didn't know this though, and she never had imagined it. They were close friends but she wasn't interested in this or any other boy, not after the "incident" that she had some time ago.

Just then the bell rang.

"Class time girls" Said Terra as she and her friends began to walk to History class.


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