By 18lzytwner

Chapter 1

The sun rose over the crust of the newly formed planet chasing away the shadows from the night before. Soon the dew would evaporate from the grass and trees making way for a hot day. It would be very hot in the desert region of the planet where a black pyramid with four looming obelisks stood.

As the sun shone down on this pyramid, a single ray of light found its way through a hole in one of its triangular sides. A spot appeared on a sarcophagus that was now covered in dust and cobwebs from the spiders making new homes. Suddenly, water begins to boil in a cauldron just across from the ancient coffin.

Four large statues stand at the edge of the cauldron they have a need for a champion. They control the sarcophagus and its evil inhabitant. He had failed them too many times before but everything else the evil ones had thrown at the mighty ThunderCats had failed. Now the time had come to awaken the one evil that could destroy the cat-like protectors of the planet and the third planet from the sun, almost a galaxy away.

The vulture, crocodile, dragon, and boar extend their arms and encircle the cauldron. The water begins to rise as they chant an ancient magical spell. Lightening shoots down into water and a form is brought from the froth.

A hideous mummy is once again reborn. He is stronger and more powerful than ever before. He will be the one to defeat the ThunderCats. He is Mumm-Ra!


Pumyra rolls out of bed and walks over to the window. Its going to be another beautiful day, she smiles to herself.

"Mummph." Ben-Gali says with his face in his pillow.

"Time to get up, I'm sure Panthro and Tygra would like a break." The puma said. Ben-Gali turned over and sat up in bed. Carefully, he pulled her down on top of him.

"I think they can wait five more minutes." The white tiger smiled. Their lips met. Suddenly, alarms went off all over Cat's Lair. As fast as they could the couple split and got dressed.

"Increase scanner magnification to ten." Panthro commanded. Tygra punched the correct buttons and brought the image up on the video screen. Both couldn't believe what they saw.

"What is going on?" Ben-Gali asked as he and Pumyra rushed into the control room. That's when they saw the picture up on the screen.

"No… He can't be…" Pumyra stuttered. Panthro broke everyone's shock and took control.

"WilyKit get a hold of Lion-O, Cheetara, and Lynx-O." The ThunderKitten nodded and turned to the communication panel.

"Tygra and Pumyra alert the settlements and make sure everyone takes cover. WilyKat continue to watch the monitors. Ben-Gali, you're with me." Panthro instructed. Quickly, the team followed orders as the panther and tiger headed for the guns.

"We must hold him off until the others can arrive. Nothing is more important than protecting the Code and our fellow Thunderians." Panthro said.

"The others won't get here for at least six hours." Ben-Gali pointed out.

"I know. But we have to do our best or die trying." The panther told him.

To Be Continued…