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Meaning of Life

Part 1--New Sailors

Disclaimer: I do not own RW or SM.  The only characters in this story that I can claim are the children of the warriors and the inners and the warlords and outers.

An: This takes place WAY in the future.  In crystal Tokyo.  Isn't it funny in the future though, that everything looks like the medieval times?  Why doesn't Neo Queen Serenity have a phone or anything?

Neo Queen Serenity's child, Pure Lady, Princess Purity, was about to be married to Prince Yuli. On the other side of the kingdom, the warlords and outer sailor scouts lived in a palace with children of their own.  The sailor scouts were also queens and the ronins, kings.

"I'm proud to announce that my daughter, Princess Purity is to wed Prince Yuli," Neo Queen Serenity said, "when I leave this world, she will rule over Crystal Tokyo and the Moon Kingdom."

Princess Purity was eighteen years old.  Her pink pigtails reached her ankles and she wore her beautiful princess gown.  Her half-sister, Rowena was her right-hand woman and protector, the same for her half brother, Vincent.  It was their job, as well as Yuli's, to keep their sister safe.

The other children of the ronins and inner scouts were also supposed to protect their future queen.  They however, did not have their powers yet because they have lived in peace for a very long time. 

Rochelle (AN: Rochelle means stone or small rock.  It works!) was the daughter of Sailor Venus and Kento of Hardrock.  She was like her father in many ways, including her looks. She had the color of her mother's blue eyes and her father's attitude and strength.  Cute she was, breath-taking beautiful she was not.  And she was okay with that.  She didn't want guys to gawk at her.  Her real beauty lay inside her strength, not her appearance.  Her hair was indigo like her father's and was kept short. Rochelle was very outgoing.  She could strike a conversation with almost anybody. No one expected her to show interest in boys, but she was her mother's daughter and she flirts and teases with Yuli every now and then.  Of course, she did know completely that Rini and he were deeply in love.  Not to mention, she was a tomboy and never liked girly clothes.  Her Father had given her his orange bandana for luck.

Joy was the daughter of Sailor Mercury and Sai of Torrent.  She and Rochelle were best friends.  Because both of her parents were shy, so was she.  Joy was quiet and shy, especially of boys. She hardly said a word to anyone, which was probably why she and Rochelle became friends.  Rochelle was very outgoing and when anyone even looked at Joy wrongly, Rochelle made him or her regret the day they were born.  Joy had her father's skill of cooking and her mother's intellect and knowledge of medicine.  She had her mother's blackish-blue hair that reached her shoulders. Her eyes were the same trustful green as her father's.  Like her parents, she also did not intend to fight.

Robyn was the daughter of Sailor Mars and Ryo of Wildfire. Her black hair with purple highlights was kept in an unusual hairstyle: angled from the left to the right.  The hair on her left reached down to her jaw joint and angled down to her right shoulder and she had her mother's bangs. It made her look fearless.  Her eyes were dark blue.  She was just as hotheaded as her parents and got depressed easily like her father.  (I read somewhere that Ryo gets depressed a lot.  Isn't that one of his weaknesses?)  She inherited her skill of fire-reading able to sense danger.  She did not get along well with Rowena very much because both their mothers and fathers argued a lot too. She used to like Yuli, but he didn't like her, though she was his favorite ronin's daughter.  They only pay off as friends. She was jealous because Princess Purity asked her sister to protect her and made it out to look like she was to be the leader.  She was also jealous because Vincent liked Rowena and didn't notice her.  Though she sometimes acted cruel, there was a kind girl behind the fiery exterior.

Phyllis (it means green bough or leaf.  It works if you ask me!) was the daughter of Sailor Jupiter and Sage of the halo. Tough like her mother, calm like her father, Phyllis was a very skilled fighter.  She had her father's violet eyes and mother's brown hair in a lighter shade of brown.  Her hair fell down between her shoulders with a tuft of hair that covered her left eye, just like her father.  Two inches on the end of her hair she kept it back, very loosely in a gold band and her long ringlets dangled around, just like her mother's had. She also was a skilled cook and tall like her mother. Her meditating like her father and her mother's toughness made her the strongest, next to Rochelle. Flirtatious like her mother, she was pretty good friends with both Vincent and Yuli and other boys.  Because their father's were best friends, she and Rowena were good friends, though Phyllis knew she could never take the place of her sister.

They all waited to become sailor scouts, though Joy did not really look forward to fighting and Rochelle did not want to wear the mini skirted outfit.  Phyllis just hoped that she didn't have to fight something completely dark and evil. For Robyn, she didn't want anything to get in her way.

"I want to thank you all for coming," Princess Purity said, "I--oh!"  A dark cloud went over the palace and a wicked familiar laugh entered the room.

"Queen Beryl," Neo Queen Serenity snarled, "you've come back from the dead."

"Not quite," a young woman, who looked a lot like Queen Beryl, appeared.  "I am Princess Jade, daughter of Queen Beryl.  You killed her!" Her was hair curly and white with red streaks that fell around her bottom.  She wore a black dress that resembled the one Queen Beryl had wore. "You remember, Neo Queen Serenity, what my mother did to you centuries ago?"

"Unfortunately," she hissed. 

"Well, I've come to finish where my mother left off," she said, "I'm going to do Princess Purity and her precious prince what my mother did to you and Prince Endiymoon!"

Princess Purity gasped as she leaned against her true love and he held her close.  Whiteblaze growled at the young woman as he stepped in front of the couple protectively.

Jade smiled evilly as she held her palm up.  Her fingernails were long and painted black with a green streak.  An energy blast started to grow in her palm as she started to walk to Princess Purity.

Not a moment too soon, Rowena unleashed an arrow and it went though her hand, "That will be close enough!" she snarled, "come any closer and my next arrow will go right through your skull!"

Masked Phoenix threw a golden rose at her foot.  "You'd better believe what she says!"

"Good aim, Rowena!" Phyllis cried.

"Ah," Jade muttered, "you're Neo Queen Serenity's other child, aren't you?"

"Keep away from my sister!" Rowena reached for another arrow, "I'm warning you!"

"Young lady, you have stepped into a place where you are not welcome," Luther began.  "Only good spirits can dwell here."

"Enough, old man!" she sent a powerful energy blast straight at him with her good hand.  He wasn't quick enough to defend his self.  He screamed in pain and fell face down.

"No, Luther!" Rowena screamed, running to him and kneeling at his side.  She turned him around and shook him.  "Luther, speak to me!  Are you all right?"

"Yes," he groaned, "oh, I'm getting too old for this."

"You need rest," Ami said, kneeling next to him.  "She could've killed you."

"I will kill all you in time!" Jade growled, "You will all soon perish!"

"Who is your father anyway?" Yuli demanded.

"Tulpa, of course," Jade replied, "who else?"

"That's sick!" Kento groaned as everyone gasped.

"Oh yes," Jade said, "I am the daughter of Tulpa and Queen Beryl and I have come for revenge!"

"You have no right to be here," King Endiymoon said, "now leave!"

"Very well, I'll leave," Jade muttered, holding her injured hand, "but I'll return!  Very soon and I will take everything you own!"  In a puff of dark smoke, she disappeared.

Princess Purity sobbed into Yuli's chest. 

"Don't worry, Rini," Rowena said, trying to calm her sister down.  "I'll make sure she won't get to you."

"Me too," Vincent said, "your brother will take care of everything."

"And don't forget about me," Yuli breathed.  "She's only the daughter of the worst enemies we've ever had…we can beat her."

Rochelle growled and punched a wall; "I hate it when somebody crashes the party!"

"Rochelle!" Mina scolded.

"Sorry," she mumbled.  "It just makes me so mad!" she punched it again, "okay, I think I feel better."

Mina sighed and looked at her husband, "it's you she takes after."

"Rochelle, remind me to get you a punching bag, alright?" Kento asked.

"What do we do, your majesty?" Raye asked.

"I think it's time your girls become sailor scouts," Neo Queen Serenity replied.

"Yes!" Robyn cried, "I've been waiting all my life for this."

"Do we really have to fight?" Joy asked with a small whisper.

"You are not forcing me to wear that silly little costume!" Rochelle snarled, "why not our father's armors, or the new sailor armors?"

"That will come in time," Mina said, "We all had to start with the first sailor costumes."

"But Mother, oh, man," she groaned, sounding like her father.

"Don't worry, Rochelle," Kento said, "I'm not so pleased about you wearing those things either.  They're too revealing!"

"You didn't say anything about them before," Mina said.

"That was different," Kento said, placing his hands on Rochelle, "this is our daughter we're talking about here!  I don't want her frolicking around in a little miniskirt!  What if a young man sees her?"

"Well, she does have the spirit of Venus with in her," Mina said, "She's surrounded by love and beauty."

"I also have the spirit of hardrock, don't forget that!" she folded her arms.

"Think of it this way, Rochelle," Mina said, "you're the beautiful warrior of strength."

"I prefer butt kicking warrior of strength!" she bellowed and Kento hollered with laughter.

"Relax, Rochelle," Phyllis said, "we'll get our armors too, just like Rowena."

"We've been saving these for the right moment.  That moment is now." Neo Queen Serenity picked up a white case with an image of big crystal on the top. She opened it to reveal four transformation pens.   "My four wonderful scouts, will you do the honors?"

The four queens changed from their human queen form into their sailor scout form.

 "Sailor Mercury, since you were the first sailor to join me, I'll let you go first."

Sailor Mercury nodded.  She walked up to the front and reached inside the case to pull out the blue transformation pen.  In the crystal at the top had the symbol of Mercury and the symbol of trust. She walked to her daughter and held it out.

Joy bit her lip and hesitated, looking up at her father questionably.

"You're a sailor scout," Sailor Mercury said.

Joy shakily took the transformation pen and sighed.

"You'll only have to fight when you need to," Sai said, "and when you do, fight your best."

Joy nodded, not knowing what to say.

"Mars, it is your turn," Neo Queen Serenity said.

Mars walked up to take the red pen with the symbol of Mars and Virtue in the crystal.  Sailor Mars smiled as she placed it her daughter's hand.

"I've waited a long time for this," Robyn confessed with a smile, "hard for me to believe it's actually happening."

"Same here," her parents said in unison.


Sailor Jupiter uncrossed her arms and walked up to pick up the green transformation pen with the symbol of Jupiter and Wisdom.  Her daughter waited patiently for her by her father and took the pen with a calm hand.

With a smile, Jupiter placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's important for you to stay strong. Stick up for your friends and if anyone picks on your sailor friends, thrash them, understand!"

"Lita," Sage mumbled.

"Well, as the Soldier of protection," Jupiter revised, "you have to protect your buddies because they're all you have."

"I understand," Phyllis said with a nod.

"Finally, Venus."

Sailor Venus walked up to the case to take the last pen.  It was orange in color with the symbols of both Venus and justice inside the crystal.  She walked to her daughter and placed it in her waiting hand, though Rochelle was not too thrilled in becoming a sailor.  She could kick butt much better without wearing a mini-skirt!

"I also want you to take this," Venus took the red ribbon from her hair.

"Mina, her hair's too short," Kento whispered in her ear, "how's Rochelle supposed to wear it?"

"Yeah," Rochelle said, "and I'm wearing Pop's head band."  {AN: As a tough girl, I thought it would sound better for her to call her father Pop instead of 'Daddy!'}

"Well, maybe you can put underneath your hair like this," she placed it at the nap of her neck and tied it in a bow on her forehead, "oh, you look so darling?"

Kento tried not to laugh, "My dear, how is she supposed to be intimidating wearing that?"

"That bow gave me good luck!" she cried.

"Pop, do something!" Rochelle grumbled, "I am not fighting with this ribbon on my head!"

Kento placed his hands on his daughter's shoulders, "Just wear it like this for now and then you can use it as a knee band later on."  He whispered.

"Good idea!" Rochelle replied with a smile.

"Now, let me you see give the 'V' symbol," Sailor Venus encouraged, "like this!"

Rochelle sighed and did the same.

"Now," Neo Queen Serenity said, "all you have to say is the magic words."  She looked at her daughter, Rowen who was in her ronin warrior armor, "Rowena, why don't you start them off?"

Rowena nodded, "okay." Her armor shed away and held up her brooch. "Moon Strata Power!"

"Mercury Torrent Power!"

"Mars Wildfire Power!"

"Jupiter Halo Power!"

"Venus Hardrock Power!"

Rowena held her arms across her chest and held her face up as she twirled around.  The pink ribbons came upon her first and in her next turn they changed into her white bodysuit, white skirt with a royal blue, gold and pink stripe and royal blue boots.  On the tips of the boots were the moon symbols and on the insteps of her boots were symbols of the strata armor.  Her gloves were white with the dark blue kanji symbol of life on the back of the hands and the glove bands were royal blue. Her bows were indigo and her back flap red. Rowena's earrings were the studs of the gold diamonds (that gold diamond thing on Rowen's helmet) connected by pearls to the upturned crescents. Her choker was blue with the gold diamond ornament on her father's helmet.  Rubies attached to feathers appeared on her buns with the pearly feathers on the side of her head. She ended with the classic Sailor Moon pose, behind her, the upturned moon was combined with the kanji of life.

Joy swung her pen around as bubbles and a current of water hit up at her. Bubbles appeared on her body to form her outfit. Her skirt was light blue and her boots light blue with an indigo stripe on the top.  Her back flap was also light blue and the bows dark blue.  The bands of her gloves were light blue with the kanji of trust imprinted on top the hands.  Her golden tiara went over her forehead with a sapphire after the kanji of trust appeared with the symbol of Mercury.  Inside the light blue gem of her bow was the kanji symbol of trust.  Her light choker had the yin-yang sign of torrent armor. Joy became Sailor Torrent Mercury with both her arms down in front of her, on hand clasped onto her elbow as she looked to the side. The symbol of Mercury was intertwined with the kanji sign of trust.  Her earrings looked like blue bubbles.

Fire surrounded Robyn and went down the angle of her hair, as if cutting off imaginary hair that was long like her mother's.  Flames started dancing all over her body to form her sailor outfit. Her outfit looked like her mothers, though different with the kanji symbol of virtue on the gloves and the symbol of the wildfire armor on the toes of her high heels.  Inside the red gem between her purple bow was the kanji symbol of virtue.  On her red choker was the four-diamond diagram of wildfire. The kanji symbol of virtue and the Mars symbol appeared upon her forehead.  Her earrings, the shape of flames, and tiara appeared.  She turned to the side with her hand on her hip, as she became Sailor Wildfire Mars.  Behind her the Mars symbol and kanji of virtue combined.

Phyllis held her pen up high as a ring of light swirled up above her and leaves and lightning surrounded all around her.  From the light, her old princess dress melted away as leaves covered her to form the sailor uniform.  Her skirt and back flap was deep green as the color of her boots with the symbol of the halo armor on the side of the boots.  Her bows were sugar pink and her kanji of wisdom appeared on her gloves with dark green bands.  Her green gem on her bow had the kanji of wisdom inside.  Her earrings were thunderbolts as the same thunderbolt on her choker.  Her tiara appeared on her forehead after the kanji symbol of wisdom and the sign of Jupiter. Behind her, as she became Sailor Halo Jupiter, the sign of Jupiter and the kanji of symbol of wisdom appeared in Jupiter's classic pose.

Rochelle was surrounded with orange hearts as she was hovering over what looked like a desert.  The hearts formed her sailor uniform.  Her skirt, glove bands and back flap were dark orange and her bows brown. Her heels were medium orange and the bands around her ankles had the sign of the hardrock armor.  The kanji of justice appeared on her white gloves and inside the orange gem inside her bow.  On her orange choker appeared the sign of the hardrock armor.  Her earrings were orange hearts.  As the kanji of trust appeared with the symbol of Venus, she decided to end the sequence differently and Robyn became Sailor Hardrock Venus with crossed arms and the girly red bow around her knee.

"Hey, we look pretty good," Sailor Halo Jupiter commented first.

"I think I got a wedgie!" Sailor Hardrock Venus complained, reaching behind her.  "Someone please shoot me!"

Sailor Torrent Mercury sighed and felt the material of her uniform just to see if it was real.

"Sailor Strata Moon," said Princess Purity, "come forward, my sister."

Sailor Strata Moon nodded, "yes, my princess and my sister?" she said as she took a knee.

"As my sister and the most skilled sailor of the sailors of the next generation--"

"Rini, you were a sailor scout before me," Sailor Strata Moon interrupted with a smile.

"True," she said, returning the smile, "but your father is a ronin warrior.  You're better than me even. I want you to lead the next generation of scouts and if and when they get armors of their own, still lead them as the next generation of ronin warriors."

"As you wish, my sister," Sailor Strata Moon accepted vocally, though mentally, she wasn't sure if she could do it.

"What?!" screamed Sailor Wildfire Mars, "you choose her only because she's your

sister! My father was the leader of the ronins warriors, I should--"

Ryo and Raye turned their gaze at their angry daughter.

"Sailor Wildfire Mars that will be enough.  I understand your father was the leader of the ronins," Princess Purity said firmly, "call me biased if you will, but my sister will lead.  She is the strongest and most experience of you all.  Any other comments?"

"I agree with you princess," Sailor Halo Jupiter said, nodding to Strata Moon, "she's the best scout for the job!"

"Brownnoser," Sailor Wildfire Mars grumbled under her breath.

"Ladies and Gentlemen and warriors of all kinds," Princess Purity announced, "applaud for the leader of the next generation of scouts and ronins, my sister--my best friend--Sailor Strata Moon!"

Sailor Wildfire Mars stood there and didn't clap her hands but her father looked at her as if to say, 'Applaud for her," so she sighed and clapped her hands and pretended like she was happy for Sailor Strata Moon.

Sailor Strata Moon stood up as the applause echoed all around her.  She couldn't believe it.  Why her?  How was she going to protect her sister if she was training the new scouts and leading them into battle when her sister was at the palace?  Could she count on Vincent and Yuli? She looked around the place, feeling as if she was living some sort of dream.  Her father was not the leader of the ronins, but her mother was the leader of the scouts.  She was the most experienced of them all and her father, though not the leader, he should have been.  (I honestly think that Rowen SHOULD have been the leader!)  Rowen of the Strata was a very powerful ronin, maybe equally powerful if not more than Ryo of the Wildfire.  Life comes before virtue, trust, justice and wisdom.  Air came before the fire and water and ground and light.  As she looked at everyone's eyes, a pair caught her own.  They were her father's eyes.  He looked at her as if to say, 'you've made me proud.'  After seeing that look in Rowen's eyes, the more dedicated she felt about taking this assignment and harder she wanted to work.

'I'll make you proud of me, Daddy,' Sailor Strata Moon thought, 'I'll do my best to make you proud of me'