You know, i've always wondered why Yuya picked Jack. She could have shosen anyone. Why him? I do not own Xaolin Showdown.

The Dragon of Light

The Xaolin warriors are called dragons. This had always been so. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, these were the four Xaolin Dragons. But there was always a fifth. The dragon of Light.

It was he who was my first foe. He, in the end, was also my final foe. He used his power to trap me in this accursed temple, and I shall not get out until his return. The other four dragons are now here, but the dragon of light is not. Then again, he wouldn't be. My sister, Yuya, told me of the dragon's last battle. His own power had been used against him, and almost destroyed the world.

His dying words to his fellow dragons were thud, "I leave you now. When your powers find themselves in humans, so shall mine. But mine shall be hidden. Until the time is right, the boy my power finds shall not be a dragon of Light, but of something else instead. Farewell."

Of course, now I was angry. Only the dragon of Light's power can release me! I contemplated with Yuya four weeks on end until she vanished, and even then I still searched for an answer,

None came.

One day, more than millennia later, Yuya returned, as a spirit. She also had good news. The dragons were back! But there were only four….

Yuya just chuckled, and told me that she had found the final dragon; he was helping her to gain Shen-Gan-Wu. She showed me an image, a red haired boy. I laughed. The dragon of Light was light no longer. He was a dragon of Darkness.