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"Watch your step-whoa! AHH!" Jack and the others were making their way to the basement through a party of semi-drunk adults, one of which had almost fallen on everybody's favorite semi-evil boy.

"Why do your parents throw such parties!" called Omi over the racket.

"How should I know? Look out!" Jack yanked Kimiko out of the way; someone going for a piñata almost slammed her with a bat.

Raimundo called, "How do you survive this?"

"I lock the basement, duh!"

"I can't believe that works," groaned the Brazilian, "This is like a war zone!"

"It's worse, because if I insult anybody I get grounded for a month!"


After much dodging, they reached the safety of the basement. Clay had the Third-Arm sash, but the Orb of Tornami was nowhere to be found. Jack scratched his head, "Huh, I could have sworn they were both in my sock drawer. Oh well, here Mickey!"

Something small, metallic, and furry darted towards Jack, and licked him as it jumped into his arms.

"Is-is that a dog?" asked Raimundo.

Jack petted the creature, which looked a bit like a messy-haired Chihuahua, except it's left eye, ear, and foreleg were mechanical, "Yeah, this is my dog, Mick! I found him after he got hit by a truck, but I so fixed him up!"

"You made a cyborg dog?" asked Kimiko. "That's cool and creepy!"

"And that's not the best part, watch this! Mick, fetch! Orb of Tornami!

The dog perked up, and its cyborg eye whirred, before it jumped out of Jack's arms and darted around, prior to returning with the mystic orb in his mouth. "Good boy!"

"Your dog fetches Shen-Gong-Wu?" asked Omi.

"Yeah, yeah, now will you guys just leave?" Jack walked up to the door, and tried to yank it open. It didn't budge. "What's wrong with this stupid, hey, Xiaolin showoffs, a little help?"

Clay walked up, "This should be easier than tickin' off a rattlesnake." He tugged on the door, but to no avail.

"Okay, we need a new approach, Falcon's Eye!" yelled Raimundo. "It looks like…. there's a chair jammed against it!"

"Great, we're stuck until somebody let's us out!" snapped Jack.

Kimiko asked, "And that usually takes?"

Jack slumped, "Until morning."

"Oh boy," muttered Omi. "That is not good."

"So, where're we gonna sleep?" asked Raimundo. Jack pushed a button, and a bed slid out of the wall, as did a couch.

"Kimiko's the lady, so she gets the bed, you other three get the couch."

Kimiko grinned, "Chivalry isn't dead after all." She flopped down onto the bed, and then burrowed under the sheets.

Raimundo blinked, "What about you?"

Jack shrugged, "I never use those. I always fall asleep over here." He walked over to the desk, tugged out the chair, opened a large book and laid his head down on its pages.

"Goodnight Omi!"

"Sleeping-tight Kimiko. Goodnight Raimundo!"

"Sleep tight Omi. 'Night Clay!"

"Sleep tight Rai. G'night Kimiko!"

"Sleep tight Clay!"

"Oh no, we forgot Friend Jack! Goodnight Jack Spicer!"

"Shut your trap and let me sleep, Opie."


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