Mikan's POV.


I was taking a long walk, on my way to Hotaru. It was a Saturday Morning. I passed by a lot of girls who were giggling just because it's Valentines Day.

I don't have my usual pigtails anymore, since I'm too old for it. Nowadays, I have my hair in a ponytail.

Knock, knock.

"Hotaru!" I said as I opened Hotaru's door, she was working on a new invention. Her brain never stops working. "Would you like to go to Central Town with me later?"

"Sorry, Mikan. I have plans with Ruka." She said without looking at me.

"Oh yeah, Valentines." I said as I rolled my eyes. I closed the door and made my way to Yuu's.

Knock, knock.

"Hey Yuu! Want to go to Central Town with me later?" I asked him. "Hotaru's got plans."

"Sorry Mikan no can do. Got plans too." He said.

"You do? With whom?"

"Oh, uhm… Sumire." He answered me with a little smile on his face.

Oh yeah. I forgot he likes Sumire.

"Oh alright."

I closed the door. I got disappointed 'cause I've got no one. Why don't I have one too? Am I that ugly? I kept asking myself those questions as I made my way to my favorite Sakura Tree. But there was someone there already.

"Hey Natsume." I greeted.

"What's wrong with you, little girl?" he asked me. It's surprising he knew something is wrong with me.

"You see, I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm 14 so stop calling me that." I argued. I don't want to answer his questions. Somehow, his teases make me feel better and forget about these stupid things. it's also weird that he asks me what's wrong everytime there's something wrong, does he think he can help?

"You didn't answer my question." He said.

He really wants to know. He didn't want to change the subject and I suck at changing subjects, so I surrender.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked him, not really telling him what's up with me.

"A lot. Why?" he said. It surprised me how fast he answered although it hurts. He really knows the answer to that question.

"Really?" I asked again.

"Yeah. Why?" he asked again. He kept asking, one way to finish this conversation is to leave him. There's really something wrong with me? I started to cry, again. Natsume was still looking at me, a crying me seems to amuse him.

"Oh, nothing." I said. I left that boy by himself. I feel so lonely. It hurts hearing Natsume say that there's a lot of things that's wrong with me. He seems serious. Tears came streaming down my eyes continuously. I have no one to celebrate Valentines with, not even a friend. Everyone's got someone, except, maybe… Natsume. Why didn't I realize this before? A lot of girls like him but he never went out on a date. I wonder why. But he doesn't have someone too! Might as well, accompany me right? I smiled at the thought of this. I ran towards the same tree. He was still there, staring into space.

"Natsume!" I called out.


"Are you busy later?"


"Do you want to go to Central Town with me?" I asked him with my hands on my back, involuntary actions, my childish ways.

"No." he answered, still staring into space.

Does he want to stare into space the whole time?

"But why? You're not busy." I tried to plead.

"I don't want to look like I'm your date."

"But you're not! Besides, you don't have to care about it."

He didn't say anything.

"Please? Please? Please?" I continued to plead.

"Why do you even want to waste your time for that?" he asked me.

"Fluff Puffs. I can eat 'em all day long." I answered honestly.

Natsume grunted and left me clueless of why he walked away.