by Erina-chan

Who borrowed: the Pocket Monsters anime concept and cast; Karlie (KazOhki); Mia (Arrow); Trish; Michelle (*Hotaru_firefly*); Sarah (Sarah the Pokeprincess); Rachel (the late pf14); Dana and Jene; Jacqui.

Overall theme tune: Mezase Pokémon Mastuaa (Aim To Be A Pokémon Master)
Ending theme tune: Minna ga Ita Kara (Now We're All Together)


THEME TUNE: Give A Reason; Slayers NEXT


Theme Song: 'Aratashii Tomodachi' (New Friend) - Pocket Monsters


"I will write the best Pokémon fanfic…"

The figure sat in the shadows, its' face not even being illuminated by the dull blue light that radiated from the computer screen in front of it.

The figure, decidedly female, clicked onto, and typed her own Author Name into the Find Box. Scrolling down, she re-read the list of her favourite authors. "And you lot are going to help me…" she murmured, staring at the first name on the list: Erina-chan


The girl with the fluffy hair was kissing a box.

The man from Sky Digital cast sideways looks at the teen's mother, who seemed unperturbed by her daughter's actions.

"I don't know why you made such a fuss – we were only without satellite for a few days – and you have all your Japanese cartoon crap on tape," said the girl's father, disapprovingly. She looked up at the tall man with a look of playful mock scorn in her grey eyes.

"But being without Sky meant I missed one whole episode of Outlaw Star-"

"Haven't we ordered the subtitled box set of that for your birthday?" cut in her mother, as her father paid the greasy satellite man. The girl continued as if she hadn't been interrupted.

"-and I missed taping an Escaflowne episode that I haven't got taped and you know, new Pokémon could have started suddenly, and I wouldn't have known-" The girl stopped as she realised she was alone in the room.

Shrugging her shoulders, Erin grabbed the finger-print smudged control and sank blissfully into one of her huge orange couches. She reached to one side of her, and grabbed a thick, dog-eared A4 jotter pad that was falling to pieces. She flicked carefully through the pages, full of her looped, tidy writing until she came to where she was making notes for the next chapter of her fanfic, Kaleidoscope. Holding the remote in her free hand, she ritualistically pressed the buttons 106.


The figure skimmed Erina-chan's Author Page. Yes, she'll do fine, she thought, returning to her own Author Page. A smile played on her lips as she saw the next name on her list. Who could have Erina-chan without including KazOhki?


The fingernail of her index finger tapped on the P key on the keyboard to the tune of Rhythm Emotion, as Karlie quickly re-read part seven of her fanfic, True Colours. She made an exasperated noise and deleted half a paragraph in frustration.

Sitting back in her computer chair, and giving her arched back a rest, Karlie pushed her glasses back up her nose and grabbed the TV guide. She grinned as she read that today's Pokémon re-run was 'The Joy of Pokémon'. Hehehehe topless Tracey, her grin seemed to say, as she abandoned her computer in favour of the bandana-ed one, settling on her sofa, and punching 106 onto her remote.


pf14 was the next name on the list – a new Pokémon Fanfiction author, but nevertheless, one who showed more than enough writing talent to be included in the plan… The figure skimmed pf14's Author Page, and saw to her pleasure that she was already acquainted with Erina-chan and KazOhki…


Rachel ran a hand through her short blonde hair, jauntily humming a random SClub7 song as she sat at the table in her sitting room, drawing a kiriban on a piece of paper. Her pencil paused suddenly, and she bit her lip in hesitation…how many spikes did Ash's hair have again? Quickly, she scanned her surroundings for a picture, but found none.

Sighing, she went to leave her comfortable chair, but stopped, upon noticing her watch said 4:09. Smiling, she reached for the remote, turning on the TV, and flicking to Sky One, by pressing the numbers 106.


The next name on the list was different, the figure saw with approval. Not a gawky English teenaged girl, but a full grown Australian woman…yes, it would be beneficial to have an 'adults' view on this story the figure nodded. And of course, nobody could ever dream of writing a better Pokémon/William Shakespeare crossover than: Trish


On the other side of the world from the other three, Trish was pulling another 'all-nighter'. She vowed to herself that she'd get this next installment of 'Midsummer Magic' up before she allowed herself sleep. She fidgeted with her long, black hair, before pulling it back into a messy pony-tail, and focusing all her attention on the words on her computer screen.


The figure glanced at the Author Page of the next name on her list – few stories, but *Hotaru_Firefly* was not a new author. It was a shame, the figure thought, for she had enjoyed 'Hotaru's' stories. Well…maybe it was time that *Hotaru_Firefly* got back into the Fanfiction business…


In a house not so far away from Erin's, Michelle sat at her computer looking bored as she composed an email.

Hey riny how'd the move go? Wots ur new fone number? I am bored stiff and there isn't ne one online oh yea nic is a twat cya

Luv from, ginger in germany

Michelle laughed as she re-read the email whilst waiting for it to send – she knew Erin would have a fit when she read it. Physically, Erin would complain when anyone used text slang around her. A rare ray of English sunshine caught on Michelle's hair, which was indeed, ginger for the moment. Ah the wonders of hair dye.

After a brief scuffle with her brother over rights to the computer, Michelle gave up, and stalked into the lounge, sitting down next to her toddler brother as he gazed enraptured at Pikachu on the television screen.


Too many die-hard Sakashippy authors… the figure thought disapprovingly. True, she wanted her story to be the best Ash-and-Misty on, but it would be useful to have an unbiased point of view. Grinning, she scrolled down, skipping a few authors on her list that was immediately deemed unworthy in the wake of the next addition to her team: Arrow


Maria sat on her bed, talking on the telephone, lazily twirling a biro between her fingers and stretching her legs out on the sheets. A world apart from the others in America, her day was practically only just beginning. The girl's newly shortened, dark hair spread over her pillow as she argued half-heartedly with her friend on the other end of the line. One of the shoulders of her top fell down, but she made no move to straighten it as she continued her friendly assault.


One more place… the figure thought. One more place in my team…the Elite Eight, she smiled. The chosen six had been chosen well, she complimented herself – they all would get along reasonably well, and their separate personalities and writing talents would compliment each others creativeness. Yes, they were indeed the most dynamic team one could muster in so short a space of time.

Speaking if space…who would be the lucky eighth? She skimmed her Favourite Author List once more. There was something missing… we have an unbearably soppy romance author; a Tracey lover with remarkable plot ideas; a Richie lover that counts as the 'new blood'; the 'adults' point of view; the half-heartened writer, just waiting to be revitalised; and finally, a Gary lover, who had an unbiased view towards the Ash/Misty coupling…

"There," the figure whispered aloud, prodding at the computer screen at one of the names on her list. "There you are number eight…the team is complete. Now, all I have to do is begin…" The girl removed her finger from the screen, leaving a smear over the name: Sarah the PokePrincess


Sarah lounged on the soft carpet of her sitting room. For no apparent reason, which often means for the best reason of all, she began to hum, softly. The single, low pitched note seemed to echo off the walls of the room, and for one brief, epigrammatic moment, the background sounds in the room faded away, leaving Sarah trapped with the eerie note, originating from the depths of her mind.

As abruptly as it had begun, the note trailed off into silence; then the sounds of the droning television and the wind outside filled the void in the room. Sarah blinked her wide, brown eyes, and shuddered slightly as a chill crept in with the wind and ran up and down her bare arms. Moving from a cross-legged position into having her legs stretched out in front of her, Sarah kept half her mind on the now half-over re-run of Pokémon on Sky One, and the other half on her next Lonelyshipping fiction.


The mysterious 'Author' smiled to herself, almost childishly as she picked up an ordinary, lidless biro, complete with chewed end. Author looked down at the blank piece of paper on the typical desk in front of her, pausing as she realised what she was about to start.

The single piece of paper shimmered suddenly, releasing a few lone golden sparks that continued to dance around Author's face, but surprisingly, not illuminating it in the slightest. She smiled with only half her mouth, creating a slightly manic, stereotypically evil look.

With her arm shaking ever so slightly, Author brought the blue biro down to the now appearing 'normal' paper, writing the words 'The Best Pokémon Fanfic' in large letters over the top of the page. "By Me," she continued to write. "With the aid of the:"

In an unbreaking line across the page, Author began to write kanji, one complicated pattern per person.

Power : Innocence : Passion : Soul : Wisdom : Reality : Hope : Sincerity

"Page end.." Author whispered, throatily, and the page gleamed again, wiping the blue lines and words from its surface; but Author knew that the page was safe, off somewhere, marking the beginning of the beginning.

Yes, if there was a clique to quote right about now, thought Author, it would be that, this, is only the beginning…


"Tracey…can I move yet?" mumbled Misty, trying her hardest to maintain her grin whilst speaking. Tracey mumbled something from behind his easel which amounted to 'no you may not' – and Misty sighed from inside her stomach, keeping her facial shape intact.

Nearby, Ash and Gary were locked in a fearsome battle.

"Any nines?" Ash asked, through gritted teeth. Gary looked down at his fanned hand of cards, and inwardly smirked as he saw three nines. He looked up again, meeting Ash's dark, almost black eyes with his lighter, auburn ones, laughing to himself as he saw how involved his rival was in the game.

"Go fish," he purred, in his nasal voice, making Ash sweatdrop, and moan ever so slightly.

In a bored fashion, Brock moved from where he was sitting at the river bank to peer inquisitively over Tracey's shoulder. Brock observed Tracey's charcoal sketch of Misty, which he was planning to paint later.

"Cuh," he jeered suddenly. Tracey's shady green eyes opened wide as his concentration was shot, and he turned to glare at the tall, brown haired boy behind him.

"…What?" he asked irritably.

"They're not that big," Brock scoffed, gesturing at an area of the sketch. Misty's eyes opened widely as she overheard this. Tracey blushed, more out of embarrassment for Misty than himself, as was his easy-going way.

"I was trying to be nice," he whispered, but Misty's sharp ears picked this up, and a scowl overshadowed her forced grin.

"Screw this!" she growled, wearily. Moving away from her restricting pose, she wandered down the river back to where Ash and Gary say, both intently into their game as they sat underneath the dappled shadows of the tree. Wordlessly, Misty sank down to her knees next to Ash, and silently listened to their banter.

"Ash?" she said, after a few minutes.

"Mmm Myst?" mumbled a preoccupied boy.

"You have one King, right?"


"And there are two cards left in the deck, right?"


"But Gary just denied he has any Kings…but unless that pack was minus a King, Gary's lying." Gary sweatdropped slightly, holding his fanned hand of cards closer to his chest under the gaze of the smirking redhead. Ash just looked confused.

"Mwa?" Sighing impatiently, Misty smacked at Gary's clenched hand, sending his cards fluttering out of his grasp and towards the grass.

Suddenly, as he watched the cards flutter downwards, Ash felt a strange sensation in his chest – almost like it was hard to breathe, but more like an unexplainable, unregulated, primitive, fear. Ash was overwhelmed by the sensation of being hunted, being trapped, being watched…

Time seemed to be taking forever as the playing cards inched their way towards the carpet of grass, far, far below them.

"See Ash?" came a voice, snapping Ash out of it. Suddenly he was staring into his best friend's inquisitive teal eyes, as she held his rival in a headlock. Gary was giving off rather undignified squeals from underneath Misty's arm.

"Mmmamtsh mmmmet mjer mmmof mbeww!!!" he complained.

"Ash, get her off me?" Misty grinned, brightly. Suddenly, she stopped as she realised that Ash was staring straight ahead, lightly touching his bottom lip with his index finger. His forehead held beads of perspiration not created by the game, and Misty looked at her friend in concern, her grip loosening on Gary, enabling him to scramble away. "Ash?" she asked, cautiously. "Ash, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," smiled Ash, turning his eyes onto her, and looking perfectly back to normal to her, making her smile in light relief. "I just had the weirdest feeling that something's gonna happen – something…not very good…like something's just beginning…"

"Something?" Gary sneered, settling back against a tree trunk. "Ladies and gentlemen!" he sniggered, holding his clenched fist up to his mouth like a microphone. "Ash Ketchum has cracked!"

"He's right," teased Misty. "These are lazy, hazy, summer days in Pallet Town. Nothing ever happens." Ash nodded in agreement, turning around so he could lean against Misty's back instead of a tree trunk, moving his cap so it shaded his eyes from the sun. Misty indulged herself in a brief moment of femininity, and began to fashion a daisy-chain.

Suddenly, Pikachu ran towards Ash, shattering the relative peace on the riverbank. Clinging to her tail with her tiny, pointed arms, was Togepi, chirruping in fear, launching herself into Misty's arms at the first possible opportunity. Tracey and Brock wandered over, abandoning the easel.

Ash's face was set hard again.

"You too, Pikachu?" he murmured. His Electric companion 'chuued' a reply, before turning her soulful, worried brown eyes up to a seemingly perfect, cloudless blue sky.

'Innocence…passion…' the newly sprung up wind rattled through the trees, repeating these two incantations over and over. Pikachu looked around warily. 'Disbound…' whispered the trees.

And somewhere very far away, two teenaged girls sat bolt upright on their respective sofas, clutching at their chests as they felt their lungs seize up…