Naruto is walking around town then turns around a corner of a building and runs into Hinata then they both fall to the ground and Hinata falls onto Naruto.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there," said Naruto.

"No, I'm the one should be sorry," said Hinata blushing.

"Why are you red?" ask Naruto.

"Red? Why I should be red?" ask Hinata.

"You cheeks are starting to turn red color. Is that blushing?" ask Naruto.

"Blushing? Why I should be blushing?" ask Hinata.

"Well what I heard from Sakura red cheeks means that you got a cold, Demarest or blushing love," said Naruto.

"Well I have a liking to you," said Hinata.

"You like me?" ask Naruto.

"Well yes," said Hinata.

"Well do you want me to buy you lunch?" ask Naruto.

"That would be nice," said Hinata.

Then Naruto and Hinata went to get some lunch. Then Sakura sees them together and makes a bad stare at them then meets up with Sasuke and Ino.

"What does Naruto think he's doing," said Sakura.

"Looks like he's taking Hinata out on a date to me," said Ino.

"I wonder what Naruto sees in her," said Sakura.

"Isn't jealousy I am hearing from you?" ask Ino.

"Why I should be jealous," said Sakura yelling.

"Well you seem to have an issue for it," said Ino.

"Naruto should take someone out more beautiful and it has to be some one on his own team," said Sakura.

"Naruto tried to ask you out remember but you refuse so he have to move on and now he moved on to Hinata," said Ino.

"Sasuke do something about it," said Sakura.

"I don't think it's right or wrong about it. If Naruto is in love with Hinata and she loves him back then I say to the both of then go for it. I'll have no part of breaking them up. If you want to break them up, then you're on your own," said Sasuke.

"In this case you have a choice. If you really have feelings for Naruto then you have to break the two up then tell him you have feelings for Naruto. If you don't then just leave them alone because it's none of your business to interfere with them," said Ino then Sakura just freezes.

After lunch Naruto take Hinata back to his place. Just when Naruto and Hinata are walking back to Naruto's place, Sakura spoils the romantic atmosphere.

"Naruto," yelled Sakura then Naruto turns around and Sakura punches him.

"Was that for?" ask Naruto.

"How dare you keep secrets like this from me," yelled Sakura.

"What secret. You call this a secret," said Naruto.

"Look Sakura. The only secret I had is I had feelings for Naruto and I just admit it today so he's mine," said Hinata.

"What do you see in him and what do you see in her?" ask Sakura.

"Well he has great ambitions. I admire his confidence," said Hinata.

"She's beautiful and he has great wisdom," said Naruto.

"Shut up Naruto," said Sakura.

"What wrong dating her?" ask Naruto.

"You figure it out Naruto," said Sakura then walks away then Naruto and Hinata went to Naruto's place but Sakura follows not to far behind.

At night Hinata decides to stay over and Sakura still waiting outside for Hinata to come out.

Inside Naruto's place, Naruto and Hinata are getting into the same bed while Sakura is spying through the window then she sees Hinata and Naruto go to sleep while Sakura walks home crying.

"Sakura, are you crying?" ask Ino.

"Crying, why I should be crying," said Sakura.

"Well you rubbing your eyes and you have tears coming from your eyes. Plus you can cry unless you're upset about something. Is it that Naruto found someone else?" ask Ino.

"No, I got something in my eye and it making my eyes water," said Sakura.

"If it's Naruto you're crying about it's not to late until Naruto makes his decision who he want to spend with most of his life," said Ino.

"Looks like he already made his decision," said Sakura.

"Ha, so you do like him," said Ino.

"No, it just that I'm happy for him that he's found himself a girl," said Sakura.

"You don't seem happy about it or you wouldn't be taking about it," said Ino.

"I thought Naruto wouldn't get a girl and Hinata and Naruto prove me wrong," said Sakura.

"He prove me wrong too but you seem to make an issue than the rest of us," said Ino.

"I know, it just that I wonder Naruto would be good enough for her and Hinata would be good enough for him," said Sakura.

"Of course they are good enough for each other and you should be happy," said Ino.

"I know," said Sakura.

Then the next morning Sakura went to Naruto's place and knocks on the door but no one answers. Then a neighbor comes.

"You're looking for Naruto aren't you?" ask Naruto's neighbor.

"Yes," said Sakura.

"He went to the woods with his girlfriend for a alone picnic," said Naruto's neighbor then Sakura rushed to the woods and finds Naruto and Hinata sitting the woods, next to a waterfall and shoes are off and Sakura is ready to explode.

"What does Naruto think he's doing," said Inner Sakura.

"So Hinata, do you want to go on a vacation at the beach?" ask Naruto.

"Sure," said Hinata.

"Naruto never ask me that," yelled Inner Sakura.

"Maybe tomorrow we go to the beach?" ask Naruto.

"Sure," said Hinata.

"Not if I can help it," said Inner Sakura then runs to Naruto and Hinata's picnic spot.

"Hey Sakura," said Naruto.

"Don't you hi me," yelled Sakura.

"Why are you mad?" ask Naruto.

"Mad, why I should be mad?" ask Sakura.

"Well you're yelling," said Naruto.

"I'm not yelling, this is what I sound like," said Sakura.

"Well something is wrong," said Naruto.

"You're what's wrong. You are going on a vacation with Hinata," said Naruto.

"What's wrong? I'll tell what's wrong, someone will tell our team that we have a mission and when you're on vacation then we're a man down because you're at the beach," said Sakura.

"I'll ask Lord Kakashi and see what the have to say out this," said Naruto.

"You will not ask Kakashi, you will not go to that beach or see Hinata again," said Sakura.

"Why not seeing Hinata again. We like each other," said Naruto.

"So," yelled Sakura.

"So we are boyfriend and girlfriend now," said Hinata.

"It's true," said Naruto.

"Not anymore," yelled Sakura.

"I'll have Lord Kakashi have the final word about this," said Naruto.

"You want Lord Kakashi to have the final word about this? Alright he'll have the final word," said Sakura then they went to Lord Kakashi if Naruto and Hinata can go on vacation at the beach.

"Sure you can go," said Kakashi.

"All right," said Naruto and Hinata cheering.

"What," said Sakura in disappointment.

"Just be back in a week," said Kakashi.

"Thanks Kakashi, we better go," said Naruto then the about to leave until Sakura stops them.

"Naruto," yelled Sakura.

"Yes Sakura?" ask Naruto but Sakura couldn't say anything so Naruto and Hinata leaves. Then Sakura comes up with ideas and finds Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke, Naruto is going to the beach with Hinata on a vacation," said Sakura.

"I heard about that Naruto and Hinata are a couple now. Sorry, but it's none of my business. If they should be together then they should go for it," said Sasuke.

"You're not going to anything?" ask Sakura.

"Nope," said Sakura then she thinks of plan B.

"Hey Sasuke, do you want to go to the beach for a week?" ask Sakura.

"You mean where Naruto and Hinata will be going?" ask Sasuke.

"Well, yes," said Sakura.

"I know what you're doing and you had your chances with Naruto but now Hinata has won his life and my answer is that I'm not going to interfere," said Sasuke.

"We're not going to interfere we just having a good time," said Sakura.

"No. I'm not going," said Sasuke then walks away.

"I would never thought possible that a girl would be jealous of another girl over Naruto, said Sasuke.

Then the next day, Naruto and Hinata are heading to the beach and Sakura isn't following too far behind.

"I got to break them up," said Sakura.

Then Ino sees them and gets an idea.

"I wonder what happens I help Naruto and Hinata stay together. Then Sakura will lose herself at some point and admits that she likes Naruto and I have a bigger chance getting Sasuke," said Ino.

Then Naruto and Hinata hike to the beach. Sakura and Ino follow for there own personal ideals for the Naruto and Hinata relationship.