Why is That I'm Jealous?

Sakura wakes up from her bed and realizing that her killing Naruto was only a nightmare.

"It was only a dream," said Sakura then wonders why she's jealous that Naruto is dating Hinata.

"I wonder why that I'm jealous of Naruto's girlfriend. Is that because that I'm in love with him. That's impossible that I'm in love with him and jealous that he has a girlfriend. Naruto is so obnoxious, very annoying and too dense to have me. But what is making me so mad that Naruto has Hinata as a girlfriend. I should be happy and supportive for him but I'm not. Maybe I don't know what I want or what I need. Maybe I like Naruto more than I think but I don't want to make a mistake on Naruto and me. All right, tomorrow morning I'll tell Naruto how I feel about him," said Sakura.

Then in the morning Sakura and Ino are approaching at Naruto's cabin. Sakura is trying to find away how to tell Naruto that she likes him.

"Why are you so nervous?" ask Ino.

"All right! I do like Naruto with my heart but I want to tell him and only me," said Sakura.

"Got it. So that means Sasuke's mine," said Ino

"All right. You can have Sasuke but no promises that I will stop chasing after him," said Sakura.

Then Sakura and Ino arrives at Naruto's cabin and Sakura knocks on the door and Hinata answers the door.

"Good morning Sakura, and good morning Ino," said Hinata.

"Where's Naruto?" ask Sakura.

"He woke up early and went to get some food supplies. Naruto says that he has his own ramen recipe. I think you two can stay and have a taste if you like," said Hinata.

"Sure," said Sakura and Ino then Sakura and Ino enters the cabin until Naruto gets back.

Later, Naruto gets back and surprise to see Sakura and Ino.

"Honey, we have extra guess for you meal," said Hinata.

"I don't have a problem with that if you don't have a problem," said Naruto to Hinata.

"I don't have a problem," said Hinata.

"Ok, then I'll start cooking," said Naruto then Naruto starts to cook his special ramen.

Then they start to eat Naruto's meal.

"Wow, I never thought Naruto would be a good chef. Maybe I'll have him go over to my place and cook for me," said Ino.

"Thanks," said Naruto.

"Uh Sakura, is there something you would like to tell Naruto about?" ask Ino.

"What do you want to tell me what?" ask Naruto.

"Well I want to tell you that the four of us can go to the beach," said Sakura.

"That's not what I had in mind (thinking)," said Ino.

"All four of us could go to the beach," said Naruto.

Then after Naruto's meal, the four went to the beach for some fun.

"I never thought going to the beach would be so peaceful," said Sakura.

"And more peaceful when Naruto and me are here," said Hinata and then Sakura frowns on that comment.

"Naruto," said Sakura.

"Yes Sakura?" ask Naruto.

"Since Ino and me has to check out of our hotel today, can we stay in your cabin for a few days?" ask Sakura.

"Sure you two can," said Naruto.

"Thank you Naruto," said Sakura.

"The problem is that you we don't have a extra bed. But we have two couches," said Naruto.

"That will be fine," said Sakura.

After the day at the beach and Sakura and Ino checked out of there hotel, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Ino returns to Naruto's cabin.

"Thanks for letting us stay," said Sakura.

"No problem," said Naruto smiling at Sakura and that made Sakura feel better.

At late night when Naruto, Hinata and Ino are sleeping, Sakura is sitting on her couch and she couldn't sleep.

"I need to tell Naruto how I feel about him. I don't care what the other villagers and ninjas might say. I like Naruto and if I have to fight for him against Hinata then I will fight for Naruto and win his heart," said Sakura.

The next morning, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Ino went to have breakfast.

"Thanks for treating us for breakfast Naruto. That was very sweet of you," said Sakura.

"Thanks Sakura," said Naruto then Hinata frowns on Sakura's comment about Naruto being sweet.

"So Naruto, just you and me do you want to be alone at the beach today?" ask Hinata.

"What about me?" ask Sakura then Naruto becomes stumped that he should bring Sakura or not.

"We shouldn't bring Sakura or she'll disturb our date once again," said Hinata.

"How many times have I interrupted your dates?" ask Sakura yelling and causing attention in the restaurant.

"More than five times," said Hinata.

"I dare you say that again," yelled Sakura as Hinata and Sakura are ready to have a catfight.

"Hey can we enjoy our breakfast? Everyone is looking at us," said Ino as everyone in the restaurant are looking at them.

After breakfast, the four took a little walk back to the cabin.

"Naruto," said Hinata.

"Yes Hinata?" ask Naruto.

"Since today our last day of our vacation and this suppose to be our date, can just you and me have our alone time at the beach today?" ask Hinata.

"You just had your alone time. All four of us should go to the beach together," said Sakura.

"That was just for one day before you interrupted us," said Hinata.

"That because you two shouldn't be alone. You need some protection from Ino and me," said Sakura.

"When did we say we would protect them?" asked Ino.

"We don't need your protection. We have Naruto to protect me," said Hinata.

"How strong is Naruto is for you?" ask Sakura.

"A lot more than you Sakura," said Hinata.

"He failed a test three times and I pass that same test once," said Sakura.

"I learned Naruto has some hidden powers he has yet to show to us," said Hinata.

"He may be but it will never be strong then Sasuke's," said Sakura.

"Actually one of his chakra is powerful than anybody's chakra. It can be the most powerful chakra than anyone could have," Hinata.

"Naruto could never have the most powerful chakra," said Sakura.

"Sakura and Hinata," said Naruto.

"Yes Naruto?" ask Sakura and Hinata answering Naruto at the same time.

"Can I speak you two alone?" said Naruto then Naruto takes Hinata and Sakura into a alley and tells both of them that he's the container of the Kyubi.

"Like I said, I don't care if you're the container of the Kyubi or not. I love you and I care about you," said Hinata.

"Now I know why some people hate you and you act the way you act. Forget those people and care about me. I'll not hate you because you're the container of the Kyubi, I care about you," said Sakura.

"You care about me?" ask Naruto.

"Did I just say that?" ask Sakura.

"Yes you did," said Naruto.

"Well I like you Naruto," said Sakura blushing.

"Excuse me but I had Naruto first," said Hinata.

"No I had him first," said Sakura.

"I'm the one who confess my love to him first while you keep pounding him all over the village," said Hinata.

"That was the old me and now the new me is here now. Besides Naruto was interested in me first," said Sakura.

"Time and you changed that and now he's interested in me," said Hinata.

"I'll make sure Naruto changes his mind," said Sakura.

"And I'll make sure Naruto will never changes his mind on anyone, is that right Naruto?" ask Hinata then the girls realized Naruto run away while Sakura and Hinata are arguing.

"See you scared him away with your ugly face of yours," said Sakura.

"Me, you scared him away with that scary crocodile face of yours," said Hinata.

"So this is the fight for Naruto," said Sakura.

"I guess so," said Hinata.

"May be the best girl win," said Sakura.

"Yes, may be the best girl win. ME," said Hinata.

Naruto is watching from the roof where he sees Sakura and Hinata are having their argument.

"This case I have to choose who I want to be with for the rest of my life. Would I be with Hinata or Sakura, but I should think this long and hard who do I want to end up with," said Naruto.