Sakura vs. Hinata

After the vacation, the four returns to the Leaf Village and Hinata and Sakura are following Naruto around where ever he goes.

"So Naruto, how about you and me spend an alone time at your place or at my place?" ask Hinata.

"Or you can spend time with me and I'll treat you to ramen," said Sakura.

"My family is rich while Sakura's family can't make 5 yen in a day. I can treat you to ramen," said Hinata.

"I have enough for treat Naruto and me," said Sakura.

"I have enough to treat Naruto and me to a ramen restaurant with more class and more expensive. Meaning better ramen then anyone's ramen in the village," said Hinata.

"So Naruto, who it's going to be tonight?" ask Sakura.

"Well I must report to Kakashi and see I have plans tonight," said Naruto who can't make a decision.

"When you are free then we can go out," said Hinata.

"We can do that," said Naruto then Sakura just grabs Naruto's hand.

"Since we are in the same team, both of us can see Kakashi and see what's our next mission," said Sakura then pulls Naruto away from Hinata and leaving Hinata feeling alone that she and Naruto aren't in the same team.

Naruto and Sakura went to get Sasuke and went to Kakashi.

"Welcome back Naruto and Sakura. How was your vacation?" ask Kakashi.

"Great," said Naruto.

"I see you went with Naruto. Why is that Sakura?" ask Sasuke.

"Well I wanted to see how Naruto would do with Hinata," said Sakura.

"You mean tell Naruto how you feel about him. Ino told be about it as soon you guys get back," said Sasuke.

"I thought she suppose to keep her mouth shut," said Inner Sakura.

"I think you got girls following you Naruto. Isn't that right Hinata," said Kakashi noticing Hinata is hiding by behind the building.

"I was wondering, can I join Naruto's team?" ask Hinata.

"No you can't," yelled Sakura.

"I'll talk to your team leader and see that you can be transferred to our team in our next few missions," said Kakashi.

"Thank you," said Hinata then Kakashi left to find Hinata's leader.

"If you do get in our team, just stay out of Naruto's and my way," said Sakura getting angry.

"I may stay out you way Sakura but I would never let anyone hurt my Naruto," said Hinata.

"Your Naruto? Who says it was your Naruto?" ask Sakura.

"So Sasuke, this is how girls fight over you?" ask Naruto.

"It will only get worse," said Sasuke.

"It seems we won't have a mission for a while. How about we have lunch, dinner and alone time until Kakashi say we have a mission," said Hinata.

"Excuse me but Naruto and me needs our alone time," said Sakura then Hinata just grabs Naruto's hand.

"Naruto is my boyfriend and one day he and I will get married. He said that I'll would be a good wife for him someday," said Hinata then Sakura gets madder.

"Who says he was your boyfriend?" ask Sakura.

"While on our trip, Naruto allowed me to stay at his place like a husband and wife should if it's all right with my family," said Hinata.

"What are you two planning to do for the next 6 years living together before you two get married?" ask Sakura.

"Like a great couple," said Naruto.

"Why didn't you asked me to live with you?" ask Sakura.

"I think Naruto tried but you denied him when he asked you on a date," said Sasuke.

"Well maybe tonight if you are free, we can go on a date and talk about we can live together and forget Hinata," said Sakura to Naruto.

"Well I promised Hinata we can go on another date when we get back," said Naruto.

"So that means we are going a date tonight and I stay at your place for life," said Hinata.

"Well I promised you so yes," said Naruto then Hinata similes and blushes. Sakura in the other hand gets very angry.

"Hey Hinata, maybe we have a little match and the one who wins gets Naruto and the loser must stop chasing after him," said Sakura.

"You're on," said Hinata.

Then Sakura and Hinata are on the roof and have a sparing match and let Sasuke be the ref.

"Ready, set and go," said Sasuke then the fight between Sakura and Hinata is on.

Sakura throws a punch at Hinata then Hinata dodges to the left then Hinata makes a sweep take down on Sakura then Sakura falls backwards to the ground. Then Hinata leans forward to strike a punch but Sakura kicks her in the face.

Then Sakura flips herself to her feet then runs after Hinata then Sakura throws a punch then Hinata grabs Sakura's arm and start twisting it and Sakura screams in pain then Hinata kicks Sakura in the back.

Then Sakura quickly gets on to her feet and Hinata runs after Sakura then Sakura gives Hinata a clothesline then Hinata crashes to the ground then Sakura flips on top of Hinata then Hinata grabs Sakura's leg then starts twisting it then Sakura kicks Hinata in the face and the both get up on there feet.

Then the charged at each other and both girls grabs each other hands and trying to push each other with their own strength. Then Sakura head butts Hinata's head then they both let go of each other.

Sakura punches Hinata in the cheek then Hinata grabs Sakura's hair and throws her 10 feet across the roof. Then Hinata runs towards Sakura then Hinata headlocks Sakura then they both get up on their feet and Sakura kicks her in the face and Hinata lets go. Then Sakura dropkicks Hinata in the back and Hinata falls forward. Then Sakura elbow drop on Hinata but Hinata rolls away and Sakura hits her elbow on the roof.

"There's no way that I'm going to let you taking Naruto away from me," said Sakura getting up.

"I will win Naruto and nobody is going to stop me," said Hinata.

Then they charged at each other and Hinata grabs Sakura's leg then lifts Sakura up over Hinata's shoulders and Sakura goes slamming her back on the floor then Sakura kicks Hinata in the butt. Then Sakura gets onto her feet then runs towards Hinata and puts a sleep hold on Hinata then Hinata elbows her.

"I don't see why Naruto is interested in you. You slap him around the village and who wants that for a wife?" ask Hinata.

"I don't see Naruto wants a shy person like you who can't protect their man," said Sakura.

"Men suppose to protect their woman," said Hinata.

Then they charged at each other again and they both punch each other in the face hard then Hinata grabs Sakura's neck with her arms and chocking Sakura until she pass out. Then Sakura kicks Hinata in the knee and then Hinata lets go and Sakura kicks Hinata in the chin and Hinata falls backwards to the ground.

Then Sakura grabs Hinata's ankle then Sakura throws Hinata over Sakura's shoulders and slamming Hinata to the ground.

Then Hinata kicks Sakura's hand and Sakura let's go of Hinata's ankle and Hinata gets up on her feet.

Then Sakura runs over to Hinata then Sakura roundhouse kick Hinata in the head and Hinata falls down. Then Sakura throws a punch at Hinata while she's on the ground but Hinata kicks Sakura in the stomach before Sakura was able to punch Hinata and Hinata gets back on her feet.

"I can't believe you would go through all this just to get Naruto," said Sakura.

"I love Naruto so much and I don't know what I'll do if I don't have him. What about you?" ask Hinata.

"Naruto has a lot of caring, great protection and he knows how people feel. I need that and believe it or not but I do love him too," said Sakura.

"You will not have him because he's mine," said Hinata.

"No, Naruto's mine," said Sakura then they went at each other again.

Sakura kicks Hinata in the stomach then Hinata grabs Sakura's leg and then Hinata twists Sakura's leg to Hinata's right and then Sakura falls to the ground.

Then Sakura kicks Hinata in the stomach again and then Sakura went up to her feet.

Then they charged at each other again with a final punch.

"This is it," said Sakura.

"This final blow will win me Naruto," said Hinata as they charged each other.