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The Scarlet Wish


Logan looked at the huge building in front of him and asked Storm the same question again:

-"Why are we here?"

-"Moira called us, she said it was important"- answered Ororo Munroe, tired after the flight and the constant silence of her x-men partner. She

knew that Logan was taking Jean´s death badly but sometimes his silences were just too much for her. He became specially moody everytime

they had to fly. Maybe it remind him of the flight back to the Mansion after the battle in Alcatraz. Storm tried to block the memories away. It was

too painful. Hank and Colossus had to drag Logan back into the Blackbird. Logan was still clutching Jean´s dead body as if his own life

depended on it. All the way back Logan sat on the jet rocking his body while hugging her limp form back and forth as if he was cradling her to


Looking at Logan now she had to admit that he was healing faster than anyone could have imagined just a month ago. He was as healthy as

usual, smoking his hideous cigars and she knew that he still had his private beer stack under his bed for the nights when he stayed up late

watching the game with Piotr and Bobby.

-"What is this place?"- Asked Logan

-"This is Moira´s research center, come on, she will be waiting, we are already late"- Storm said entering the building

-"Not my fault that we couldn´t find in time a decent babysitter for that bunch of gremlins."- Logan smirked

-"I just hope Kurt is fine"- Storm smiled back, happy to see her friend smiling again.

A beautiful woman, dressed with a white coat over a beige dress, came from a nearby room and welcome them in. She is Moira Mac Taggert.

-"Ororo"- she embraces the younger woman-"nice to see you, love what you have done with your hair"

Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm, smiles back, last week she was feeling so sad after all that had happened that she had gone to the have her hair cut

thinking that a change could do her some good.

-"You must be Logan, last time I was in the School we did not have the chance to meet each other"- Moira says to Logan, who was looking

curiously Storm´s hair, he hadn´t notice the change till now.

-"Yes"- he says a little too dry-"I do not do funerals"

-"I understand why"- Moira walks down the corridor indicating them to follow her.

-"This place is huge"- Logan was admiring the research complex

-"Well, mutants are a very interesting subject of study, as you might have found out yourself so far. There are so many thing we can work on and

this is a safe place to do it"- Moira comments

-"Charles liked this place"- Storm remember sadly

-"Yes, he keeps telling me that"- Moira opens a door, Storm and Logan stare at her for a moment confused and then walk in, there is a bed and

a man sitting on it, reading a book. He seems quite concentrated on it, but then he raises his gaze from the book and sees the X-men. A big smile

appears on his face.

-"Ororo, Logan! It is so good to see you again"- the man says truly happy

-"Excuse sir, but we have never met"- Storm looks at Moira not understanding what is going on. Logan stares at him open-mouthed, he cannot

believe what his ears are telling him, it must be a mistake.

-"Moira says I look very different but that my voice is exactly the same"- the man laughs, finding the whole situation very funny

-"Chuck?"- Logan still thinks is not possible

-"Hi, Logan, nice to see that you still remember me"- The Professor´s smile broadens.

-"Professor?"- Storm looks at Logan then at the man in the bed-"He died, Logan, you saw it"

-"I am telepath, Ororo, my body died, true, but my mind travelled here, to the body of this man who was alive but could profit from it, while I

wanted to live but had no physical body to do so"- explained the Professor-"I know it was not the best option but extreme circunstances

sometimes force people to go through darker paths. If you cannot believe me let me remind you of that time when you were so angry because

Hank had eaten the last ice-cream tube and you create a tornado in his room"

Storm runs to the bed and hugs the man as if he was her father, in fact, the professor was the closest to a father figure she had ever had. Tears

welled in her eyes when she realized that his mentor was not dead, that Charles Xavier was still there.

-"Calm down, I have so much to tell you but first of all I need you to explain everything to me, Moira has told me the official version of the events

at Alcatraz but I want the details"- Xavier said kissing Ororo´s hand and leaving the book in the bedside table.


Bobby was trying to listen to what Marie was telling him, something about a movie she wanted to see but the cinemas near the schoo were not

playing because it was too cheesy or something like that. He couldn´t concentrate on her voice, he was thinking about something else, something

that worried him to the core. He was losing his love for her. He was fighting that feeling, she had the right to decide whether she wanted the

cure or not….she had that right. But deep down, Bobby was disappointed that she had chosen that path. He loved Rogue, even if he was unable

to touch her. Okay, touching Marie was nice, more than nice, but when he was with her and he looked back into the corridors and saw Piotr or

Kitty he felt weird. They had all been together in the battle, fighting together, risking their lives for the cause they defend. He saw how Piotr and

the Beast had to drag Logan back in the jet, the tears and the pain in the face of his teacher, the same pain everyone shared in the jet as they

returned to the school. That night he forged a connection with the other X-men, something that was stronger that anything else, even than his love

for Marie. He wished Rogue had been there, sharing those moments with him, just like they did in Alkali Lake, but no, she had left them, decided

that being a mutant was too hard and left them, left him.

The worst part was that Bobby felt responsible for her decision, therefore, leaving her now was out of the question, but staying with her out of

pity was also a terrible thing to do. Bobby tried harder to concentrate on what Marie was saying.


Hank McCoy was reading a new essay on the effects of the cure on powerful mutants when he realized someone had left a case file on his desk

while he was out having lunch. He opened it and read the files of two mutants, a young man with white hair despite the fact he could not be more

than 30 years old and his sister, a beautiful woman with a sad look on her face. He kept on reading until he found a piece of information

that left him speechless. He re-read it and picked up the phone.

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