This is the end of The Scarlet Wish: part one, hope you have liked it...if so I will be pleased to continue with part two. I got most of the ideas from the comics, and from some interviews done for X3 promotion tour.


Xavier focused his power on the chips of the sentinels. They wanted Leech, and he would give them a "Leech" to take back with them. Suddenly

the robots stopped in mid-air. They turned and one of them grabbed the discarded arm that Colossushad beenusing as a beisball bat. The

Sentinels seemed satisfied, they believed that the arm was the young mutant they were searching for andnow thatthey had fulfilled their mission

they coud return to headquarters.

Logan watched as the machines left the school grounds, leaving behind them a trail of destruction and fire. The cries of the kids could be heard a

mile away. He wished he could keep hitting those thingsbut right now he was needed somewhere else, Wolverine ran to the shelter to help

Colossus and the others.

Wanda was lying on the floor, her brother holding her head with tenderness. She was so tired. Scott kneeled on the ground, he was exhausted

too, Storm descended next to him, she was crying, she wanted to go to help the children but her body was aching and she couldn´t move a

muscle. Scott went to her and carried her on his arms.

-"Try to relax"- he said to his friend and then he just put her on a safe place, away from the flames where she could rest. Then he turned and

walked to Wanda. Pietro looked at him menacingly but Scott was too tired to care

-"She will be fine in a minute"- Pietro told him-"Sometimes this happens"

Xavier looked as the kids were rescued from the debris and the flames, Pyro was controlling the fire, making sure no one was hurt and Bobby

was cooling it all away. Colossus and Logan removed the rubble to free the kids trapped under it and Scott blasted a couple of parts of the

building that were in the middle, helping his teammates.

-"What can you say now, dear friend"- Magneto said to Xavier-"This is how they believe in peace, humans are inferior, and scared of us. Peace

is an illusion, it is time you realize it. Look what they have done to your school, to the kids"

-"Animals"- Pietro gritted his teeth

-"It is time you stop living in a fantasy world and you start defending your own kind instead of defending the brutes who have ordered this

slaughter"- Magneto was beyond anger.-"Are you going to help me now, Charles?"

-"I will defend them, as I have always done, Erik, but I cannot do what you want, I need to believe that there is another way"- Xavier answered

-"You are a fool, Charles, and you will be the reason these kids die in the end"- Magneto said-"But I won´t let that happen, I will strike back

and I will win"

-"He is right"- Pietro said

-"He has always been"- Mystique was walking towards them, she has some injuries but she was fine.

-"Professor!"- Rogue was shouting. Pyro was walking next to her with the dead body of one of the Cuckoos sisters in his arms-"We need help,

she is dead and her sisters are in terrible pain"

-"This is your way Charles, but what about the others, do your X-men still believe in your vision?"- Magneto challenged them

Scott saw the blue furry body lying unconscious under a piece of wall and he knew Hank was severely injured. He tried to help his friend but he

was not adoctor and Hank seemed to be loosing too much blood. Desperation made him shout in despair. Ororo came to his side, she was still

weak and the sight of Hank on the floor was not helping.

-"Oh, God, Hank"- she said covering her mouth, trying to prevent herself from shouting-"Professor!"

Logan knew that Xavier was only a man and that everyone was counting on him to solve all the problems, he decided to back him up.

-"I will stop this war, I will show humans to respect us"- Magneto was ready to go-"Anyone who believes it is the time to fight back can join me"

Some of the kids were confused, they wanted to join Magneto but they were too young, and despite their anger they felt more protected in the

school. Or at least they used to felt that way.

John left the dead girl on the ground. Rogue looked at him, hoping her friend would see that he was needed here and stay with them this time, but

Pyro didn´t flinch and walked away from her and from the X-men once again. Juggernaut wake up on the floor, he had been badly injured by

one of the sentinel´s blast but he was ready to go too. Mystique helped Pietro to carry Wanda on his arms. Jamie Madrox was helping Kurt to

free some kids and whe he saw the Brotherhood ready to go, he decided that he was right were he wanted to be, so he continued working with


Scott casted a last look around him, he stared at the burning shelter, the faces of his friends and the corpses of the kids and finally looked at

Wanda, who was too weak to walk but was staring back at him. He moved towards her.

-"Scott, no!"- Storm shouted

-"Cyclops, wait!"- Logan tried to grab his arm

-"Logan, let me go"- Scott´s voice was plain and hard. He looked as if all the anger of the world had taken control of him-"I have had enough"

-"Scott…"- Xavier couldn´t believe it

Magneto used his powers to create a metallic surface, the Brotherhood jumped onto it, Scott was the last one to join them. Xavier watched as

the surface started flying away from the school. Scott turned his back on them so he wouldn´t had to watch his old friends.

Storm couldn´t stop the tears, this was far too much for her. She had never felt so broken, her friend had lost faith and escaped with Magneto.

And Beast was lying at her feet all bloody and injured. She looked for Logan, she needed his support but Wolverine was staring behind her, at

the other side of the garden. Ororo followed his eyes, there was someone there, a figure of a woman, surrounded by the flames, debris all around

her still form, maybe that was by they have not seen her before, there was someone who was lying on the floor. Storm thought that It might be

another innjured student but she soon realized she was mistaken.

Logan ran like a maniac towards her. She was there, breathing and unconscious. Dressed on her uniform, her hair short and reddish, her face just

as he remembered her before Alkali Lake. She, the Jean he had loved and cared for, was in his arms, as if the Phoenix episode have never

happened. But how? He could smell her, it was Jean, no doubt about it, this was no illusion.

Jean opened her eyelids and shouted scared. Loganembraced her tighter

-"Jean"- Logan caressed her face-"It is okay, you are home. It´s me, Logan"

-"Logan, the water"- She said scared-"Where am I? I was stopping the water, I was trying to save you"

-"And you did"- Logan was smiling-"And now I will be able to save you"

Logan hugged her, not believing such a miracle could have happened in the middle of such chaos. He thanked Wanda for this, he knew it had

been her power that had altered the options and had offered him what he needed to stop the pain.