Full Summary: He was a mistake, something that shouldn't have been created. In his mix of confusion and frustration, Gene Summers retells his story to his two friends. Meanwhile, the creater of him, Slade, realizes his mistake and is now despertly trying to correct it. Gene is thrown into a new life on the run from Slade and bumps into the Titans, Hive Five, and even Red X in his escape. But what he doesn't know is that Slade isn't the enemy. Something bigger is.

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Project: Mockingbird

By: Pixiegirl13

Journal 1: Part 1

Life is way more real and complicated than any high school student could ever dream of.

Right now I'm in a dim cellar that has to be somewhere underground in a state I don't know. Heck! I could be in another country or planet for all I know! But it's cold and wet down here in this crap hole. The bed in the corner of the room feels like it is a soggy piece of bread on springs. Bugs and mice have been my only company for the past three long hours. And if you think I'm making friends and singing to them like some take off of Cinderella, then you're dead wrong. They already stole my eraser for who knows what. They don't deserve to be sung to.

I guess you guys are wondering why I'm writing this. Well, the person who put me here let me keep my backpack full of paper. I decided to write to you guys because it relieves stress. And right now I'm under a lot of stress. Here is the story so far. But I'm warning you that there is a lot of it.

I guess it would start off when I was in our town's library yesterday. I love the feel when I'm in that building. It has always just blown me away when I think about all the wondrous knowledge and amazing ideas all stored in one place for the entire public to see at just the turn of a simple page. Rows of shelves stored with copious amounts of books in just one building is something a book geek like loves and wishes to own.

I was in the horror section, of course. I've always been drawn to that genre ever since I was little…at least I think so. I don't remember anything past the age eleven. It was all just one giant blur that I don't plan on figuring out anytime soon. But I was on alert because our History teacher had given each of his classes a history term paper that was due the next day, so all the jocks I knew were piling into the same place in search for a random book to use as a source in their bibliography. I had finished the thing maybe a week ago, so I wasn't one of the many trying to claim a book. The reason I was on alert was because the school's guy rugby team decided that day was the day they would all come in. I was on the team, but not one of them.

As I looked over my thick book in my leather seat, I swore as the whole team came in. If I was caught reading the hardback old Edgar Ellen Poe book I had in my hands at the time, I would be ridiculed and laughed at for a whole rugby season with these guys. On any other team, I would only be the laughing stalk for a week or so. But this was my rugby team. There are some hard ass guys on this team.

So my plan was to get out of there or at least hide from the team. Keeping the book at just the right angle to hide my face, I snuck off to a shelf that would hide me further. The team's captain, a big tight head prop, laughed loudly at some stupid joke and the others chimed in right away. I hoped that booming laugh wouldn't be directed at me any time soon.

It was at this time that I was asking myself why I was such a freak. I tried out for every sport known to mankind. I could always be seen doing either simple ones in school, ranging from traditional track and field to hardcore crazy rugby, or any extreme ones like mountain climbing and sky diving. So usually I would be classified in school as the mindless or egotistical jock that received any girl of my desire. But that was only half of me.

The other side of me is pure Goth. Only you guys know this side of me. None of my jock friends know that I frequently go to coffee houses and write or read dark poetry in my room for hours sometimes. I just randomly get urges to settle down with herbal tea in a room lit only by candles and read a good horror book.

I'm like the biggest clash of personalities known to mankind! By day I'm Gene the Jock, by night I'm Gothic Gene. And with High School coming up I've been divided inside by my desires. I mean, in middle school you can always swing either way. But in high school you have to pick a social status and stay with it. You can always change during those four years, but it's a hard thing to pull off without having a few people hate you for it. But you mostly can't be both. Some lucky star people somehow can do it, but the last time I've checked my horoscope I didn't see a lot of luck in it about school matters. I quickly learned how unlucky I could get.

My book suddenly got interesting enough so that my brain that I had put into overdrive slowed down and focused more on the words on the page. My mind and body slowly started to relax somewhat as I kept reading. I was so deep into my book that I didn't even notice the freak with giant dark sunglasses standing casually next to me.

The tall man wore a black leather trench coat, tan shirt, jeans, comfortable running shoes, and like I said before, sunglasses. His fading black hair was slightly spiked up. I couldn't tell how old he was. He could between his late 20's to early 40's. It was hard to tell. But he was just standing there and didn't seem to have any purpose at all for being here at all.

"How did I know that you would be in the horror section?" he said smoothly. His voice was calm yet also freakishly cold. I looked up from my book with a little jump of surprise. Mr. Smoothness had his hands in his coat pockets and looked at me with a knowingness air to him. His lips twisted into a smug smile as he watched me closely.

"Um…do I know you?" I asked stupidly as I tried to remember if I knew the guy from a wedding or party my parents made me attend. My parents take me everywhere because I'm their only child. It was hard to keep track of all the friends or relatives of theirs I've met over the past few years. I felt like I was back at one of those weddings where all those old people say hi to you like they have known you for years and then finally say the last time they saw you was when you were five months old. I was just as confused here.

"Yes…and no," the mystery man said after a pause. He motioned toward my rugby team and asked casually, "Running away from something?"

I gave Mr. Smoothness my normal disgusted teenager look that told any adult I could care less as to what they were saying. I was trying to give the dude hints that he was creeping me out. "Sure," I muttered back at him before returning my eyes back to my book. Maybe if I ignored him he would just leave.

"Rugby is kind of dangerous, you know?" Mr. Smoothness said, making me stumble on the sentence I was trying to read. Now the guy was getting on my nerves. His goofy answer to my question already made me alert as to what a freak he was, but he dodging my disgusted look now sent me a little red flag in my brain.

I looked up and jumped when seeing him right next to me. Before I could react, he grabbed my wrist in a vice grip. I gave a small cry of pain and jerked back as confusion and fear crept through me. I had no clue who this guy was, but he seemed to know me somehow. The man put his gloved hand over my mouth as I tried to scream for help. I had never been physically attacked by someone and my brain was shutting down. I didn't know what to do or how to get away.

I just stood there, useless, as the dude effortlessly took out a glass case from his pocket. He popped it open with his thumb and shook the contents onto my bare arm. I stared with wide eyes of fear as two little mechanical black bugs dropped out of the box. They were the size of a pencil eraser. They crawled down my arm and to my stomach. Then suddenly they drilled into my skin. I screamed as siring hot pain formed in my stomach. I tried to desperately get away from this madman.

I guess the pain snapped me back into action. I swung the book in my other hand up and tried to whack the guy's hand that was clamped onto my wrist. He swiftly dodged the attack by simply taking his hand away. I threw the book at him and he ducked with a twisted smile coming to his lips. I paused when seeing this. One part of me said to run and get the heck out of there, but the other was this burning anger that yelled at me to attack this dude. I went with the second. I don't know what I was thinking because I was being incredibly stupid. For some reason I thought I had a good chance at taking this guy down.

I came at the man with an angry growl and went in for a punch. At the time, I was thanking all my years of karate and kung fu I had taken. But just like that, my confidence level dropped when the guy merely caught my wrist throwing the punch and whiled me around. My back slammed against his chest and it took me three to four seconds for my brain to register that this guy now had me pinned against him.

Oh! Smack down! So far it was Mr. Smoothness three, me zero. I wasn't doing too hot. My brain was overwhelmed with questions and complete confusion. Now I was pinned against this mystery man and had no idea what to do next. I was stuck.

"You are too predictable, boy," the man said smugly into my ear. His voice sent shivers crawling up and down my spine. I didn't know why I was so scared or angry at him. Before I could come back with some kind of nasty reply, I felt a gun press against my side. I gasped in fear and tried to wiggle out of the hold he had on me. He just dug the gun in deeper and it made me wince, not from pain, but from visuals of me getting my stomach blown out. Was that last sentence too much? Sorry.

But I couldn't help but ask, "What kind of thief robs a library? You can get these books for free, you know?" I tilted my head up to look him in the eyes, but all I got back was the same old evil smile and mystery under those sunglasses of his.

"I'm not here for the books," the man said with a small chuckle. I guess he found my question funny. "I'm here for you." I froze. No kidding. I just completely froze up. My brain locked and I didn't even try to open it up again. I guess I stood there looking like an idiot with my mouth open in fear and shock. I didn't know why this news sent me this reaction, but it was scarring me to death.

Then I snapped. But it wasn't like psycho snap like in that horror book and movie Carrie when she started brutally killing everyone in the building with her crazy powers. This was more like a calm snap. I just let my body flow into motion as I swiftly kicked the inside of the man's leg then duck rolled under him as he let my wrist go with a curse. I was then up and running…or more along the lines of sprinting.

I sped out of the horror section with my violet eyes narrowed in determination. About what, I didn't know at the time. My mind was set on one thing, though. Get the heck away from the madman out to get me! I raced past my rugby team without even a glance. I heard one of them yell loudly with surprise, "Is that Gene Summers? What the hell is he running from?" They quickly found out when Mr. Smoothness shoved past them after me. "Run, forest, run!" one of them yelled jokingly. Before I was out the door, I heard the rest of the group laugh.

I didn't care if they weren't taking my situation seriously. I would have been laughing with them if I saw one of them run out like what I was doing. I bounded down the steps of our public library as if the devil himself was on my trail, which I wasn't too far off. I paused once I was on the sidewalk, and I tried to decide where to go. I didn't get much time to think about it because the man chasing me was just then busting through the doors. He spotted me quickly and aimed his gun…but he didn't shoot right away.

Now that I think about it, it was like the dude didn't want to get me hurt. He was doing a fine job at making me almost wet my pants, but he wasn't out to kill me. Too bad I noticed this only now, because things would have been done differently if I would have known. But at that point, my head was spinning and the only thing I could function with was that running was the only way to get some distance between me and Mr. Smoothness.

Once again I took off in a sprint. I could hear the man run after me after shooting a few times in my general direction. It was now a battle as to who was either the fastest runner or who had the most endurance. I soon had to slow down from my sprint to a gentle run as my lungs burned for more air. I stole a glance behind me and cringed.

Mr. Smoothness was fast! The guy was gaining ground quickly. I swore under my breath as I realized I wouldn't lose the guy this way. The sidewalk came to an intersection and I blindly ran out into the street like those drunken nude guys on those cop shows. It's only by pure luck they don't get whacked over by a car. I somehow was able to obtain that same luck as the traffic of our simple city screeched and swerved to a stop around me. There were a few colorful words yelled at me and a lot of angry hand signals pointed in my direction for my suicide move.

I thought for sure that Mr. Smoothness would stop as a car blocked his pathway toward me. But once again, I was dead wrong. The guy didn't even stop and go around the huge SUV in front of him. He leaped gracefully into the air and flipped over the car with a skill I only saw in action movies. When I saw this I wasn't too surprised. I was more annoyed than anything else. Was there anything that could stop this guy?

I quickly picked up my speed and continued running down the sidewalk. It was Saturday, so the town's streets were more crowded than usual. I think I knocked a few people over as I sped past them, ignoring their reprimands and calls to slow down. The town's park entrance suddenly came up and I ran into it, thinking I could lose the guy if I hid behind one of the many trees. I knew there was another entrance on the other side of the park, so I zigzagged my way throughout the trees and bushes, all the time heading toward that second entrance.

I was very close to my exit when I noticed that I wasn't being pursued anymore. I slowed down to a stop next to a big oak tree and bent over gasping for more air. My legs felt like rubber from running so fast for so long. My stomach still tingled from where those two odd things drilled into my skin. I lifted my T-shirt up to check the damage, but there were no marks. I sighed with confusion and started to slowly make my way to the exit, trying to slow my pounding heart down.

The weather yesterday was wonderful. I watched the sun show through the spaces between the leaves dance as the wind moved them around. I ran my hand through my always spiky black hair as I realized that some madman had been chasing me and that my family might have been in danger too. If the dude knew so much about me, he had to know who my parents were as well. But then I remembered that my parents had left for vacation that morning, so they wouldn't be at home.

Suddenly something dropped down in front of me, and I had no time to press on my brakes. I crashed into the man and then landed on my butt with a shout of surprise. I gasped as I looked up and saw Mr. Smoothness there staring down at me emotionlessly.

"How…how did you know where…?" I gave up trying to ask him my question as the shock of the situation died down. "Swell!" I whispered sarcastically to myself. I dug my heels into the soft ground to push myself away from the madman standing before me. I gave a short yell as the man grabbed a fist full of the front of my shirt and yanked me up into the air effortlessly. He forcefully slammed my back against a tree.

"You have a lot to learn, boy," the man told me in a firm voice.

"Yeah, I still have four years of high school to complete," I answered in a growl. I wiggled in his grasp with a frustrated grunt.

The man frowned before saying, "I don't know who you get that sarcastic attitude from, but it's going to have to stop." He rummaged through his coat pocket nonchalantly until he found whatever he was searching for. There was a tiny beep from the pocket and then suddenly my whole body went up in pain. The man let me go, and I collapsed onto the ground on my hands and knees. It was like my whole body was in a Charlie horse. The pain was so great, I could only cringe and moan as it continued.

This went on for at least five minutes that seemed like five years. Before the pain went away, I have to admit that tears were steaming down my face. The pain was that great! But just as quickly as it started, it left. I panted as my body shook uncontrollably. My energy had been zapped and I was desperately clinging onto consciousness.

I looked up into this madman's face with hopelessness on my own. Darkness started to creep across my now blurring vision. But I will always remember him smiling coldly down on me and saying, "You are now mine."

To Be Continued…

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