Title: Evil Men Do

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21

Rating: Mature (Hard R)

Couple: Christina/Boyd

Summary: During The Lonely Hunter, Christina has decided to learn more about who she really is. When Boyd has his party the children of the families come as well and the outcome is interesting.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Point Pleasant, they belong to people who aren't me.

Warning: Possible Jesse, Paula, Judy and Amber bashing. If there is it won't be much.

A.N. I'm a big Christina/Boyd shipper. I never really liked Jesse, he was always too much of a little boy for me to be attracted to him but Boyd is definitely all man. Yummy.


July 30, 2005

The Kramer's, along with two other families, the Parker's and the Hargrove's were invited to Lucas Boyd's home for the meteor shower. When Meg asked if it would be all right to invite the kids, Judy and Christina, Amber, who told them about the gathering said she assumed so. The Parker's were bringing Jesse and she's bringing Paula. That's how she, Christina Nickson was roped into going to this party.

Now she's standing in front of her mirror, Isabel's mirror, smoothing down her newly purchased light blue summer dress. Judy helped her pick it out and even gave her half the money to pay for it, the money her father promised her still hasn't come, she'd need to get a job. The last thing she wished to do is take advantage of the Kramer's charity.

Yesterday she ran into Lucas Boyd again, he cornered her telling her that he is the only one that can understand what she's going through. Told her that she's His child and he was sent here to make sure she follows her destiny. Of course if it's her destiny why did she need Boyd to guide her? Shouldn't she already be heading toward it?

Something else happened yesterday while she was speaking with Boyd…they almost kissed. Weird right? She's in love or at least in lust with Jesse, why would she jeopardize any chance, no matter how slim, she has with him? Before their lips touched she realized what she was doing and ran leaving him behind, now she has to go to a party that he's hosting, yeah this won't be awkward at all. Her bedroom door creeps open, Judy pokes her head into the room.

"Wow, Jesse is going to flip when he sees you in that dress. May even try to get you out of it." She teases her new friend. Christina gives her a half-smile, "Ok, what's wrong? Why aren't you jumping off the walls with joy at the idea of Jesse pouncing on you?"

Does she Judy that Jesse while very cute doesn't get her all hot and bothered? Not like Boyd does anyway. After she got home from almost kissing Boyd she completely ignored Meg and Ben, only stopping long enough to tell Judy she was going to bed. The second her head hit the pillow she was lost in a sea of dreams about her and Boyd making love. Dammit what the Hell is going on?

"I'm just a little nervous is all." Although now about what you might think. She'd never guess about her erotic dreams with Boyd, that left her dashing for the shower but begging for more.

Ben knocks on Christina's bedroom door; it's strange how quickly he has come to think of this room as Christina's and not Isabel's. Hearing Judy say 'come in' he opens the door. "Don't you two make a pretty picture? You both ready to go?"

Christina glances at Judy who nods to her father. "Yea, so does this Boyd character have any kids?" She questions.

"No." Christina automatically responds. Ben and Judy give her an odd stare. "He works for my father, I kind of know some things about him. And he doesn't have kids or a wife or girlfriend." She babbles out, blushing deeply, damn her fair complexion; she can never hide when she's embarrassed.

Accepting her answer Ben nods then leaves the room to go check on Meg. Back in the room Judy still has her gaze square on Christina. "All right another weird moment, you seem down right skittish about this Boyd guy." Sighing she slowly asks. "Did he hurt you?"

"No, nothing like that. He would never hurt me." Christina knew that without a shadow of a doubt. Wasn't completely sure how she knew but she knew. "Come on, let's go and get this over with." She grabs her coat and ushers Judy from her room. Tonight is going to be eventful, if the feeling in gut is correct things won't be the same when everyone goes home.