Chapter 4

"What's wrong?" Boyd crooned from the top of the stairs. It annoyed him that she ran from her destiny, why couldn't she see that this life was meant for her and her alone?

"I-I can't do this, I'm not evil. I'm good and I know it." Christina pushed her hair out of her face keeping her hand in the golden soft curls. "Manipulating my friends, these people here, why did I do that? This isn't right. I have to get out of here." Saying it and doing it were two completely separate issues, she said it, even spoke with confidence but she hadn't made a move toward the stairs or the door.

Boyd, unwilling to let her go that easily stormed up to her statue still form, shoved both his hands against the stark white wall behind her and leaned in close. While close enough to touch her he didn't move forward that last inch, not a single part of his body was in contact with hers.

"You are evil. Just because you refuse to accept it doesn't mean it's not true. Look at everything you've done in the short time you've been here." He whispered intimately.

"What are you talking about Boyd, I haven't done anything." Her denial was holding strong-for now. She could feel her wall of protection cracking in his presence.

"You're lying to yourself and you're lying to me. Not sure which one I hate more. Even if you take out of the equation bewitching Jesse, getting Amber to act on her attraction to Ben, and manipulating the Kramer's into letting you stay with them, because all those you didn't control consciously. So we'll let those slide. But what happened here tonight, you willingly and knowingly brought out everyone's anger, fears, jealousies, and insecurities. That is all on your head."

"Lies all of it. I'm not denying that there's a dark part in me, but I can fight it. I've been fighting it. If you hadn't…"

"If I hadn't what? Come here?" He leaned in, his breath hot on her cheek. "Awoke your desires, your drive, your power?" Gently he touched her cheek with his barely grazing the top of her silky skin. "Sent you those graphic images of us entwined with each other? Am I getting warm?"

"Of course not." She spoke softly while rubbing Boyd's cheek with her own. That scent, fire and musk, she buried her face into his neck inhaling the smell that was all Lucas Boyd.

"Hmm, I think you're lying." He caressed. One hand left the wall and tunneled into her blond locks. They were getting far too out of control, even that small amount of touching tested his restraint and he wasn't one who held back often.

Christina lifted her hand and gently touched his cheek with her finger, leaving a hot fiery trail in its wake. Boyd couldn't take her barely there caress, he grabbed her hand and shoved it back against the wall. He stepped that last inch closer and every part of their bodies were touching only separated by their clothes.

"Lucas..." She breathed out. "Make them leave." Ever so slowly she lifted her leg, trailing it up his till she reached his tense thigh and wrapped the tanned appendage around him.

Boyd dropped the hand that encircled her wrist and clasped onto her leg behind her knee. "You—" he inches his hand further up her leg till he touched the hem of her summer dress, "beautiful temptress."

"Make them leave." She whispered again.

Frustrated Lucas pushed his body away from hers. "Not yet." He rested his head against the cool wall on the opposite of her. "As much as I want you right now there are—there are plans dammit."

"Whose plan? Screw the plan right now Lucas." Christina ambled up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist teasing him by playing with his covered abdominal muscles. "Why can't we continue the plan later and just—" she nuzzled her nose against his back left shoulder, "—just be with each other."

Down in the dining room the occupants nervously stare at the direction Boyd and Christina disappeared too. So far Sarah had kept Logan from tearing after Boyd and Meg had barely managed to keep Ben occupied.

While they all had different reasons for being in the Boyd home that night they all unknowingly agreed on one thing. No one wanted to stay in that house.

Without warning the house began to shake. The chandelier above their heads tinkled and shook. Windows seemed to be breathing, one minute they contracted, the next expanded. "Mom?" Paula inched closer to her mother, although why she expected comfort from her she'd never know.

"What in Heaven's name." Sarah exhaled.

Lucas tightened, he fought against the desire to turn around, lift Christina into his arms and carry her to the bedroom. The guests downstairs be damned. Even though that was all he wanted to do he kept hearing a voice in his head shouting at him that he needed to continue with messing with the towns mind…more specifically the group of people in his dining room.

Instead he grasped her hand in his intertwining their fingers. "Soon, I promise." He breathed out heavily. "But now we need to have some fun with the ones downstairs. That needs to be first. He wants it that way."

Angry and frustrated she pouted. "You sure Daddy's not just saying that because he doesn't want you to be with me yet?" She could see his control was slipping, a little more prodding and he would have swept her away to the bedroom.

Lucas turned and faced her. "Soon." With more restraint than he thought he had he headed back to the dining room.

Unable to do anything else Christina fell in step behind him. When they entered the room they saw Jesse holding Paula, Amber was shooting her gaze left and right, Meg, Ben, and Judy holding hands, Sarah praying, and Logan had a hand on his hip, where if he were in uniform his gun would be.

"Problem?" Boyd searched the room.

"Didn't you feel that? It shook the house and the windows looked like they were going to explode." Logan stared straight at Lucas.

"Yes Christina and I felt it, a few nick-knack's fell down but nothing major. Must have been earthquake." He shrugged his shoulders.

Logan scoffed. "We don't get earthquakes here."

"Well apparently you do." Christina argued.

Sitting back down Lucas sighed. "Who wants dessert?" Lucas smirked.