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La Luna
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She is Luna: it is la Luna. They share the same name and indeed the same nature, but it is because of its nature she fears it. It is cold, aloof and uncarring of the world it watches with its hateful silver gaze: it is not golden like the sun, the giver of light. The moon is silver and the sun is golden: she should be silver, she supposes, but she is bronze, like the twilight. She is caught between the sun and the moon, her lunar companion.

She wants to go to the sun, to stay with the sun forever, but she knows she cannot. The sun is too bright for her and her silver soul. It is the moon that she loves yet she fear is more than anything: the cold and uncaring moon. But she knows she is the moon; her dark side is never seen.

She loves the moon and yet she hates it, but in the end her soul is silver, not gold, and the darkness takes her over.