Ok this is it, my final idea, so read it. Ok about Sakura's mother, LIKE I KNOW HER NAME. If any of you know, please tell me. And now my last try with this first story. You will love thin one much more than the last one I deleted.

----------- Chapter 1 --------

6 years ago, my father was too much of a coward to understand what was going on. So he left us, me and my sick mother in the small hellhole of a house we lived in until I was 8 years old. Although my mother had seemed to be getting better, she still died mentaly. So I was an orphan taken in by a very nice couple who I have lived with for about 4 years now. Well I have taken them in as good parents and gotten used to calling then mom and dad.

Though my new mother still loves calling me her child and treating me like a kid, the only reason she does this is because she doesn't want Sakura to become a ninja and die on a mission. She needs not to worry because I have trained, especially for the day my father would come back. I usually hide all these things from her parents and I done it quit well.

I will never forgive him for what pain he caused me and my mother. Having to take care of her with no money, no food, no good water, and yet I tried and I made the best out of things. But if it wasn't for my father, mother would still be alive. She was so worried about him that she given up on life hung herself thinking he died.

Do I have to forgive him, NO, should I love him again, NO, that will never happen because he's a coldhearted jerk.

---- Rest in peace Mitsuka Haruno -----

Sakura's eyes opened slowly as she tried to get out of bed. It wasn't too late or any thing. She was right on time and had a lot of time to left over to go see Dante. For that one thing she has been saving for her. If she skipped breakfast she would be their just in time for tea.

Though later today she would have to face Ino all over Sasuke like a pimp and his bitch, Sakura has excepted the fact that she lost Sasuke she will never give up on him.

---------------- How Sakura met Dante ---------------

It all happened at the hospital when Sakura's mother was pronounces dead. Dante was the one who asked how she could help. "a young lady such as your self should not be crying, you should be happy, how may I help?" were the exact same words that came out of her mouth. Dante paid for the whole funeral. She is the kindest old lady you will ever meet.

------------------- Dante's crib----------------

"Wow Dante, you have a beautiful home. I love the wall paper and how the furniture matches." The home seems to have an old fashion accent to it, More boring than beautiful though.

"Thank you, have a seat Sakura, there in that glass case over there is a half stone necklace, the other half of material, I'm not sure. I want you to have it. Your chakra is different some how, I'm sure you can use it."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Sakura

"Trust me Sakura, Just use it, you'll find out how to very easily."

"Um, o.k. Donate I'll leave right now and thank you for this necklace,

--------------The Bridge--------

"Um, excuse me, have you herd of a girl named Sakura Haruno, I was told I could find her here." The mysterious man asked Naruto who was standing next to Sasuke.

"Why would you want to know that?" Smart mouthed Sasuke

"Well, she is my daughter"

"She should be here in a few" answered Ino holding on to Sasuke's arm.

A few seconds later Sakura arrived at the bridge and had an angry shock in her eyes...

------------- THAT'S IT –But I will tell what would happen next. -------

O.k. –Sakura is finally going to meet her father but is she ready.

6 long painful years without him and Sakura is ready to speak her mind.

What kind of greeting is she going to give her father? Only the next chapter will tell.