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------- Chapter 3 ---- Dreams ------------

"Wait a minute, that's it, no training. Sasuke and I waited all day for you to come and that's all you say" Sakura yelled.

"She's right" Sasuke added

Both looking at Kakashi with darted eyes. The silence grew as Sakura was ready to pounce on him.

"Well Naruto isn't here, and we don't have enough time to train because the test is tomorrow, so you'll have to do that on your own. I guess its good bye-" Kakashi was cut off as his attempt to leave unharmed failed.

"Tomorrow? Why didn't you tell us earlier, this is not like you Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sasuke.

"Well…" Kakashi started while scratching the back of his neck. "I forgot all about it"

'WHAT!' Sakura thought.

"Well, see you guys later and Naruto too of course." Said Kakashi as he disappeared.

'Oh, Kakashi's gone, that leaves Sasuke and me all alone together.' Sakura thought as she slowly turned her head. 'That's too bad for Ino pig-, huh-? H-he's gone!'

"Sasuke? Where'd you go?" She said looking around franticly.

Sasuke starred at her from a tree, he knew if he stayed their any longer then she would ask him out or something. Just look at the way she was looking for Sasuke.

'Clueless' Thought Sasuke as he narrowed his eyes and disappeared.

-------------- The alleys --------------

Sakura walked home all by herself. No Sasuke around, no one to walk her home, just alone.

She looked up at the grey clouds as a rain drop fell on her cheek then fell down to her shoulder. Then another fell, until the raindrops were angry and fierce. Sakura was just a pink wet dog in the street. She didn't care if she was wet. She cared less about her short pink hair getting soaked.

The reason why Sakura was in this mood was because she was in front of Dante's large mansion. She felt Dante coming down the stairs of her home with a towel. The two doors open and Dante comes walking out slowly with an umbrella.

'She dose look a little younger. Wait, she had a spark of black hair. Was she young enough to even have one black hair, no way, when I met her, she couldn't even walk well enough with a cane, now look at her. No, it must be some kind of medication she's on.' Thought Sakura.

"Sakura, what are you doing out here, your going to catch cold out here my dear." Said Dante. "Come in for some tea dear, that'll warm your up a little. Here's a towel."

Sakura blushed and replied "Oh, no, I can't do that, my home is only a few blocks away from here.

"Well, take this then, don't get any wetter than you already are, promise me as soon as you get home to take an aspirin an a hot bath so you won't get a nasty cold."

"Ok Dante, thank you."

------------ Home -------------

Sakura saw a shady figure with brown long hair under a red umbrella opening the door of her home.

Mother was home, she never was home, was there a problem at work?

She was still in her business suit so she came from work. But why home so early.

"Hi honey, hurry, come in, it's just going to rain harder." She yelled

Sakura ran for the door as Misato opened it for her.

"Why are you here so early, it's only 5 or 6pm" Sakura said wile putting her umbrella in the umbrella holder.

"Well…, you see…, I was dismissed due to a leak in my office, but Look at the bright side," she looked at Sakura who was drying her hair with the towel Dante gave her. "We get to have the rest of the day to ourselves together, mother and daughter." She finished

"Sorry, but.." Sakura started as she walked to the kitchen for a glass of water to drink down an aspirin with. "I have to train… for a test tomorrow and I have to meet up with Kakashi-sensei at 4am so I'm booked"

Misato looked down in disappointment as Sakura walked up to the bathroom. Sakura noticed that this would probably be the only time her mother would have time have fun with her. "But,… I guess we can try another day, don't be so negative about it!" She yelled from the bathroom.

She opened up the medicine cabinet and took out the aspirin and gulped it down with the water while the hot water in the tub continued to run and steam.

Sakura steeped in the piping hot water and let her skin collect the warmth around her.

She had to bath or the water would go to waist. Somehow the water always soothed her because they brought back bad memories. All she had to do was put a good ending to any bad memory then it would get her smiling, but this time, nothing good would fit at the end of any of those memories.

Today was a bit different though so she should have been thinking differently.

---------------- Training ---------

I-I'm wiped, I can't clime another tree, and if that's the case, then I won't be able to practice her new bloodline trait.

Ok then, lets try to go to bed then and see what I can do on this test.

(I'm so sorry but I can't tell you guys anything about this trait until later I the story)

---------- Home --------- Dream --------

'Oh Sakura, you just don't seem to stop killing?'

'Killing? What are you talking about, I'm not killing, and I'm asleep.'

'Yes, yes you are, just look at the bodies, all the bodies, the blood, the dead people are crying because of you, their souls are being abused!'

'Why are you saying this to me, g-get out of my head!'

'Every time you fall asleep, I'll be there to help you.'

'Help me?'

'Yes, help you, help you kill and collect lives'


'No, I won't go, keep killing, I'll be controlling your body, I tell your body what to do so shut up you child! Look at what we did, all of dead children, its beautiful right?'

'NO, its not, I-it's just wrong, please stop this (Sob) leave me alone, just stop this mess.'

'You say leave me alone to everyone huh, your real father and now me? Your father must be very disappointed in you knowing that you're the coward and not him, running away from your problems. Leave me alone!'

'Stop it! Don't change the subject, Stop killing those people.'

'I'm not just killing those people, I'm killing you as well, think about it'

(Yeah I'm thinking of a good setting witch means think of Sakura in a black dark glowing space in her mind sitting on the ground in a night gown.

------------------ Morning ----------- 3:10am----------

Sakura woke up with the most unholy sight to man. The black tattoo like ring around her neck glowed then disappeared. Her bed was covered in blood; there was even a puddle under her feet.

She tried to hold in a scream because that would wake up her parents. There was a peace of skin on her forehead that slid down to her nose and fell in the pool of blood below her. She couldn't breathe because that would set off a scream.

She was trembling uncontrollably and her hand was sore from holding a kunai knife.

They were red and bleeding just like the rest of bare red flesh on her arms from her attacks and people trying to fight back.

All she could do was let the tears fall down her red bloody cheeks.

"H-how could I let this happen." Sakura whispered as she sat herself up. The guilt would build up until one day she just wouldn't care any more and willingly give herself to that one voice that would keep popping in her head.

She hesitated to breathe as her vision grew dimmer. Her eyes were in shock, her mind wouldn't let go of that one dream.

One dream led into another as Sakura finally opened her eyes, no blood no nothing, just sweat. No puddles of blood, just her imagination and no bloody hands, just red bruised hands caused by holding a hunting knife.

Was last night real? Sakura's hands did feel like it. Her body was also a little num as if she was doing it all night. She was doing all night but why was there no blood.

It must have been just a dream then.

3:45- if she ran she would have enough time to get there right on the mark. By now Sakura was only 1-3 of the way and it was 3:55am.

'What really happened last night, was Dante really the one who controlled me, yet I don't feel the pain of all the broses on my hands, and that smell of fucken blood won't leave my body! Dante was so kind to me yesterday and she even let me have her umbrella, but I don't know what to think now, I just want to get this damn test over with so I can go to Dante's place and see what she has to say about it all.'

Then she started to cry, softly but enough to make the tear that was swollen in her eye fall to down her cheek. Pain was just like the day she saw her mother hung from the ceiling by a rope. All Sakura would pay attention to was the puddle of blood below her with a trail coming from her mouth.

----------------------- Dante's place -----------------------

I fell the youth coming back to me, the precious youth; the pink haired idiot thinks I would actually befriend a child. How ridiculous, I am now a new age; this new age is to be called my 10th rebirth of 46 years.

I no longer require a cane nor have as much grey hair, with all the chakra Shinji Haruno with soon lend to me once I see him, I'll feel like I made Sakura run through another city with all the chakra he has. Then again all members remaining from the Haruno clan does.

--------- End Chapter ---------

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