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It's funny.

You said you'd do whatever you could to help me. You said you'd protect me.

But that's impossible.

People think I'm supposed to be so cute, so innocent. People hide things from me to keep me from knowing the truth. They want me to stay innocent for as long as possible.

But that's impossible.

People don't talk to me much if they know about my illness. They don't want to rub it in accidentally. They don't want to hurt me.

But that's impossible.

I may seem innocent and childlike, but what do you know? What does anyone know? No one, no one, has seen the real me. Only Eichi. My only love. The only person who knows my heart. The only person who made me feel like I was accepted for who I was, that it wasn't my fault for the deaths of my parents. The only person who taught me things, and smiled with me. The only person who could make me laugh and believe in happiness.

That was shattered the day he left.

You, Takuto, act like you can do the things that Eichi can do.

But that's impossible.

I'm not innocent. I'm not happy. I'm not anything that anyone thinks I am. I died right along with Eichi that day. And no one can do a thing about it.

I've seen the death of the boy I loved, and still love, and watched him and everyone else fall into the cold, cursed sea as I watched the plane crash. I dealed with being the cause of his death as well as my parents' deaths every single day. Do you know what that's like?

Then you came along.

I thought we could be friends, you, me, and Meroko. But you made things difficult. You snooped around in things you shouldn't have. You found out about Eichi. About how he was dead, and I knew it. But even before that, I hated you. You started to steal what only Eichi was allowed to cause-- my happiness. My laugh. My heart.

Do you know what it's like, looking out from a window covered with fog, and then being forced to go out in the blinding rain and wind? Do you know what it's like at all?

My heart wasn't meant to be given to you, but you stole it anyway. I was beginning to think about Eichi less. You were taking his place. I didn't like that.

You may steal my heart for a time, but you can never take away my sorrow. Love is supposed to last forever; well, sorrow can too. My heart with thorns around it can't be kept long by a living person, including Shinigami. The one that can is dead.

So no, you can't see my entire heart. Even though I wish I could have stayed friends with you and the other Shinigami...

No, Mitsuki. Don't you dare say, "I'm lonely." I'm throwing everything away, so don't you dare say...

I'm Lonely...

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