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Chapter 5: And the Beat Goes On

It was not just Avaria, but all three "exchange" students now had looks of abject horror upon their faces. If at all possible, Avaria had gone paler than she had been before, Kurama's hair had faded a few shades and Yusuke's eyes should have fallen out of their sockets, as wide as they were. The Kurama look a like was going to ask the twins why they were there, seeing as they had dropped out last year but never got the chance as someone very near, dear and incredibly annoying bounded down the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables.

Of course the entire school was now watching and trying to figure out weather to laugh or simply stare in shock.

"Che…(1)"Kurama muttered before he, along with Avaria and Harry, who was unfortunate enough to be between them, were tackled straight off the bench.

"ONEESAN! NIISAN!" (2)The screech was very loud and very excited, as was the young woman who had just elicited it before she looked at the third person she'd tackled quizzically. "Yuu, dochirasama?" (2)

"Oriru!"(3) The Japanese twins yelled at her but she ignored them, still staring at Harry oddly.

"Yuu rukku famiria.(4)" The girl responsible for knocking them off the bench muttered, still staring. Her blue eyes were swirling with silvery specks as she studied him hard, ignoring Avaria, Kurama and even the strands of haphazardly tied back hair that fell into them.

The twins did not like being ignored when pinned to a cold stone floor.

"Oriru mokka!"(5) Avaria screamed, grabbing a thick navy blue lock of hair and yanking on it as hard as she could without pulling it out.

"OW!" Finally lapsing into English, the girl jumped back and off the three she'd tackled with a wince. "That hurt." She whimpered out.

Now most of the student body, and staff, were relieved to be able to understand the conversation.

"Serves you right, scaring the crap out of poor Harry here, and probably the whole school! What are you doing here Ryana!?" Avaria replied angrily, standing and knocking dust off her robes and uniform in the process.

"I…uh…missed you?" Ryana mumbled meekly, staring up at her glaring "older sister," who'd used her full name, meaning she was rather peeved at the moment. "You guys came without me."

"For good reason," mumbled Yusuke, realizing far too late that he'd brought Ryana's attention to himself as he tried unsuccessfully to avoid her flying leap of a glomp.

"We're very sorry for the commotion everyone!" Kurama addressed the student body, currently attempting to see and hear the argument brewing between Avaria, Yusuke and the really hyper new girl. "Avaria, gladly collect our sibling and meet Yusuke and I in the entranceway if you please." He gave a tense smile to Avaria before making his way down the aisle and out the door, Yusuke in tow.

"Hai nii-san!" (6)Avaria returned the tense smile before turning a glower upon Ryana. "Yomeiikubakumonai!"(6) She whispered harshly before pulling the younger girl out of the hall by her ear, eliciting many noises of discomfort along the way.

()()()()()() Up at the Staff Table as the newest arrival is being dragged out.()()()()()()

"Albus, were you aware that we were receiving yet another new student?" Minerva McGonagall queried of the headmaster, looking on with great concern and suspicion as the new set of twins dragged their friends out of the hall.

"No Minerva, I was not but she certainly was an exciting surprise." Albus replied jovially, preparing to go and have a chat with the now foursome from Japan over a nice cup of tea and some deserts.

"Excitable seems a more fitting description." Severus muttered into his water goblet, receiving a withering look from McGonagall and a chuckle from Albus before they left the table.

Albus headed towards his office, sending Minerva to go and round up the four and escort them there.

()()()()()()()With the Japanese foursome()()()()()()()

"Ria what are you doing here? You are SUPPOSED to be back in Japan with Hiei and the idiot to make sure they don't kill each other while attempting to accomplish the missions Koenma comes up with!" Avaria was both angry and annoyed and everyone knew it but she had at least calmed down enough to call the girl by her nickname.

"You can't get rid of me that easily Avi-Chan!" Ryana chided, making Avaria pinch the bridge of her nose and sigh deeply.

"Ria," Kurama interjected before a verbal battle broke out, "Does Koenma know that you are here?"

"Of course he does! I had to threat- get the information from someone didn't I?"

"Ria…" Avaria growled out in a tone of warning.

"Okay… so I threatened the info out of him," the hyper girl replied casually.

"I figured as much, I just wanted to hear you say it yourself."

"Such positive words from you Avi-Chan, really I'm flattered."

"I'm sure you are kit…"

"Hey now…"

"Ria?" It was Kurama speaking this time.

"Yeeeeeeeeeees?" The hyperactive girl queried innocently, though the horns were starting the break the halo these days.

"I'd advise you to calm down and stop bickering with your sister. We have business to discuss now."

Indeed they did, for at that moment Professor McGonagall walked through the doors of the Great Hall, her lips set into a suspiciously firm line. She stood before the trio turned foursome with a somber expression, her eyes barely betraying her confusion for a few seconds but her presence was more than enough to quiet down the group. Ria managed to give a squeak before attempting to hide behind the her taller companions, something Avaria stopped by grabbing her arm and forcing her to stand between she and Yusuke who had taken her other arm.

McGonagall made a simple gesture and the kids knew well that it meant 'follow me' and so they did.

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1: Shit…(basically)

2: BIG SISTER! BIG BROTHER! You, who are you?

3: Get off!

4: You look familiar.

5: Get off now!

6: Yes brother! (quite literally) Your days are numbered! (she means her days at Hogwarts, by the way.)

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