First Night Jitters On BunnyMoon Night By FalconLobo

I don't Own Foster's or Disney World or Best Western Here's a Missing scene from My Second Fanfic One Wedding And A Blooragaurd

A Recently Married Rabbit And Redhead Spend Their First Night Together In A Motel Near The Airport Before Going On Their Honeymoon Disney World Vacation And Will Herriman Get Lucky?

Frankie and Herriman decided it would be better to stay near the airport that night at a Best Western so they could just get to their afternoon flight to Disney World quicker then if they spent the night at Foster's.

They checked into the Hotel and both were a little nervous because it was to be both their first times at going all the way. Even though Frankie was a bit nervous she was not as nervous as Herriman. Frankie packed a red sexy short nightie to make things easier for Herriman or harder.

They were In their room and Herriman was watching the news to make sure the weather would be good for tomorrow's flight. Frankie was in the bathroom changing into her secret weapon. Herriman said "Frankie it looks like good weather for tomorrow's flight so why don't we turn in now?"

Frankie came out of the bathroom and said "are you sure you want to turn in now?" Herriman turned off the TV and said "yes I think that would be best until he took notice of what she had on and went on to say uh well we don't have to turn in just yet if you have a better idea in-mind" he said with a lustful look in his eyes. Herriman removed His boxer shorts and motioned Frankie to join him on the bed.

Then Frankie said "be gentle with me but not too gentle it is my first time after all." He said it's my first time as well so let's get on with it before I explode." Frankie said "don't explode before you hit your mark or the bed might become more messy than it should be. " Then she dropped her nightie to the floor and kicked it aside and Herriman stared in awe at her unclothed form.

Because of what Frankie said and did caused the Rabbit's full Eenormous package to come out of it's own accord. Frankie was a bit surprised at the size of Herriman's Package but also intrigued, so Frankie Mounted the Rabbit and Rode him for a while.

Herriman and Frankie both moaned with pleasure, and then Herriman flipped Frankie With his legs while they were still linked so he was now on top instead of the latter.

Now that he was on top she wanted to help him hit the mark so she wrapped her arms and legs around Herriman to make it easier to hit the mark. When He did hit the mark Frankie winced a little bit in pain but told Herriman to finish what he started no matter what.

So He did finish and with both of them unleashing their essences at the same time they screamed out the others name . Then they kissed each other for a 5 minute make out session . After that they fell asleep in each other's arms for the first time as a married couple who just did the big it for the first time ever.

Little did they know that this and other nights like this would later result in a very blessed event that would change their lives forever.

This takes place inbetween One Wedding and a Blooragaurd

So it Is an Inbetweenquel a word I made up for a story that takes place within another story