Chapter 6

Astraea leant forward on Ciardha, hoping her Aunt Minerva had finally come to her senses and was going to tell professor Dumbledore. The close call with an arranged marriage might have both made them see. Astraea thought, as she pulled herself up and galloped back off to the manor. There was a transfiguration essay sat on her desk that really needed to be done.

Albus and Minerva walked along the glass walkway to the swings. Albus couldn't help but wonder how they were suspended, he was supposed to be the greatest wizard of the age, and yet these swings on the lake bamboozled him. As they neared the swings, Albus laughed inwardly, these swings were Astraea's and yet it was hard to think of Astraea McGonagall as a twelve year old in her second year of Hogwarts. She seemed so wise for someone her age and Albus would not be surprised if she became a powerful witch to follow in her aunt's footsteps.

"Albus?" came Minerva's voice.

"Yes Minerva?" Albus replied. They were now stood in front of the swings. "Ladies first."

Minerva sat down elegantly on the first swing and Albus took the second. Albus had seen muggle children on these, swinging higher and higher with no form of propulsion other than themselves.

"Do you know how to swing Albus?" Minerva asked.

"No, care to teach me?" Albus replied, smiling.

"It would be my pleasure." Minerva said, not realising a smile was working its way to her face too.

Astraea was sat writing her transfiguration essay, but she couldn't concentrate. Her mind kept wandering to the lake, and if her aunt was going to tell him. She hoped so, her aunt deserved him, and he deserved her aunt. Astraea may be only twelve but she noticed a heck of a lot more than the adults did. Sighing Astraea looked at her homework, then placed down her quill for the night. I think a hot chocolate is in order. She thought as she left her room to find her grandmother, and see if there was any hot choc up for grabs, possibly with cookies.

"Minerva," Albus said, after what seemed an eternity. "I have something I would like to say."

"What would that be Albus?" Minerva asked.

"I'm not sure how to put this, but here goes. I love you Minerva McGonagall, and today seeing how you could have ended up someone else's made me think about how much I love you." He said in almost one breath.

Minerva was astounded; she never would have thought that Albus Dumbledore would love her back. But he did.

"I can understand if you do not love me in return, I just couldn't think of you married without knowing my feelings."

"Albus, I am not going to be married, and there is certainly no need for apologies." Minerva said, quietly.

Before Albus could answer Minerva had captured his lips in a kiss. Albus was surprised and then realised, Minerva loved him back! When they broke apart, they didn't speak they just knew, without words that they loved one another. They didn't walk back up to the manor for another, hour. And hour spent in each other's arms, or swinging high above the lake, and wanting to shout about their love from the highest point they could swing to. When they walked back up to the manor they found it silent, but they used the silence to find a room to spend the night in, and they both slept entwined in the other's arms.

Astraea was walking through the halls, when she spotted an open door. Okay so the door wasn't that open, she still had a peek through the inch wide opening. Astraea saw a sight she would later term as 'Kawai'; she saw Albus and Minerva in each other's arms. Smiling broadly to herself, Astraea shut the door, andwalked happily down the corridor. Knowing that her aunt Minerva was a happy and content as was humanly possible. That night Astraea wrote just a few words in her diary.

They told one another. I wonder when the wedding is.


A/N- I know this one is really short compared to my other ones but I wanted to cut it here. Oh and yet another random note, (I bet you lot are sick of these, aren't you? Well, I do like putting bits of other languages in my Fanfics,J). Kawai means cute in Japanese. :p

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