Hi all fans of Diary of an Orphan.

Just a note to say I have officially started the so far unnamed sequel of Diary of an Orphan and ideas for the story are formulating in my mind as we speak. If you have any ideas for a title (at the moment I have simply called it "His Black Rose" for a saved document) do let me know as well as if there is anything you want me to write in the story. The perspective will mostly be in the first person (Jenna's narrative) like in Diary of an Orphan but will at times stick to the third person (through Harry like the books).

All I will says is that it will cover the various relationships from Diary of an Orphan, their final year at Hogwarts and their lives afterwards including jobs and families. But it won't be all smooth sailing for the new love birds Harry and Jenna, I can guarantee that. Who knows … Draco might have something to say about that. The story will be rated M as it will cover much deeper issues of adult life so be aware of that.

Otherwise, happy reading and read and review my other stories. Cheers!