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Prologue Chapter

Decisions, Decisions

He's a patient person, by nature. His desire to impart knowledge to children (whether or not they want to learn is of no relevance) and his charm to manipulate noisy brats to obeying his orders make him a perfect candidate for being a teacher. However, this particular incident calls for something more than being a perfect teacher.

Umino Iruka, supervisor of Konoha High School's Literature Department, is having a terrible headache. He has known Uzumaki Naruto for a couple of years already, and he thinks that this is the best time for the blond to show his skills, not only as the cheerful prankster, but as an actor. That's what Iruka has been thinking when he arranged (ordered, screamed, whichever works) Naruto to be Romeo, the leading male character in the upcoming school play.

Right now though, he's not very sure about his decision. His first thought was that nobody would want to be Juliet; Naruto isn't exactly a popular person with the girls of the class. So, Iruka told the class earlier yesterday that those interested to be Juliet would pass him a paper stating her desire to be the leading actress. That way, Naruto wouldn't be hurt to see that nobody wants to act with him.

Now though…

He's presented with a huge problem, though it's… distinctly different from the one he's expecting and dreading. Oh no, this time… Iruka sighs deeply, feeling another wave of pounding on his temples.

On his table are six papers, all stating that they want to be the Juliet in the play.

The one who submitted first is Uchiha Sasuke, the prodigy and heartthrob of the school. He is on his freshman year in high school like Naruto. He's the younger of the two siblings of the famous Uchiha family. He looks rather feminine (though Sasuke would surely skin him alive if he'd say that out loud) and he is stand-offish to everybody else (which includes the teachers and upperclassmen, unfortunately). He has been classmates with Naruto since primary school, and he's constantly interacting with the blond (by interacting, Iruka means fist-fights, endless bickering and all that jazz).

The next person who submitted the paper is Sabaku Gaara, a "rebel" student from the second year. Iruka feels truly puzzled with the redhead's decision (and apparent interest) to be the Juliet for the school play. Plus, he's rumored to have been in a relationship with Hyuuga Neji, the third person who submitted the paper. Neji was the school heartthrob, until Sasuke entered the school this year.

Sai Mizuhara, Naruto's classmate this year, was the fourth person who submitted a paper (with a rather artistic drawing on the sides) saying that he wants to be Juliet. Hyuuga Hinata has been shy enough when she approached Iruka yesterday, and to be frank, the teacher is relieved to find out that there's at least one girl who wants to be Juliet. Because of the boys' apparent interest to be the leading girl, Iruka is forced to wonder if girl-roles are a trend for guys this season.

Iruka received the last of the Juliet-applications earlier this morning, and it has been the most shocking of all the applicants. Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's older brother, handed a smooth, cream-colored paper, stating his desire to be paired with Naruto in the school play. Itachi's on his final year, and Iruka knows (from his frequent talks with Naruto) that the Romeo is freaked out by the older Uchiha. It's normally normal for a sane person to find Itachi creepy; after all, Sasuke's older brother possesses chilling red eyes and an attitude more aloof than Sasuke's.

The brown-haired teacher reviewed the papers again, at an obvious loss with the decisions. He knows that being on the school play and having a main character as a role is important to the students, but he didn't think there are people who'd be so desperate to have a major role to actually apply for an opposite-gender role.

Or maybe they have another reason, Iruka thinks fleetingly, before he shakes off the thoughts away. After all, what could be that "other reason"?

He looks up at the clock perched on his desk, and waits for the hands to strike the third hour. He's going to announce the Juliet at the auditorium, where all students are going to by three o'clock for the assembly about the Konoha High School's Thirty-Ninth Foundation Day.

He cleared his throat delicately, his brown eyes gazing at the students seated in a disciplined manner (all thanks to Principal Tsunade's strong warnings at the start of the assembly) on their plastic chairs. He opened his mouth, ready to make the announcement, and his eyes catch Naruto's for a split second. His gaze moved to the row directly behind Naruto and he sees Uchiha Sasuke, glaring at him icily, as though threatening him to say a name other than his.

Iruka starts talking, his anxiousness with his decision reflected in the trembling of his fingers. However, through careful thinking and head-pounding considerations, he managed to arrive at one decision… five minutes ago. But at least, he now has the decision, and he's going to announce it to the whole student body, not allowing any more room for changes.

"I'm very pleased to find out that there are a lot of people interested to become the Juliet for this years fund-raising play, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Uzumaki Naruto will be playing Romeo, and the one playing Juliet will be…"

To Be Continued

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