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Last Chapter, Iruka-sensei faced a big problem about choosing the Juliet for their school play. It ended with Iruka announcing in front of the student population:

"I'm very pleased to find out that there are a lot of people interested to become the Juliet for this years fund-raising play, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Uzumaki Naruto will be playing Romeo, and the one playing Juliet will be…"

Romeo and Six Juliets

First Chapter

"Hyuuga Hinata."

After saying that name, it felt as though all the weights on Iruka's shoulders disappeared. Finally, he was able to announce the name. Finally, finally, finally—

Or not, seeing that Uchiha Sasuke's standing rigidly, black eyes looking lethally cold, glaring daggers at him. Iruka silently wondered (while sweating profusely from Sasuke's unspoken warning) if he had made the wrong decision.

A sound of a body hitting the row of metal lockers resonated on the empty corridor. The hallway lights are dimmed, giving the scenario a more mysterious aura.

Sabaku Gaara growled, the sound reminding the other person of an annoyed, wild animal. Those emerald-green eyes glittered under the dull lights. Any other time, Hyuuga Neji would say that Gaara's eyes are beautiful to look at—but not now.

"Put me down, Gaara," The longhaired male said evenly, not sounding affected by the hand wrapped snugly around his throat, choking him slowly with each tightening of fingers. Gaara's eyes are gazing up at him, malicious anger swimming inside the green orbs.

"You're trying to make me jealous, huh?" The question sounded sinister. Gaara pushed Neji more insistently on the lockers. Neji could feel the locks jamming painfully against his clothed back, but his facial expression was schooled into a calm façade.

"No," Neji gasped out, hands hanging limply on his sides, trying hard to smirk at the redhead.

"I happen to like Naruto better than you," Gaara said in a slightly-raspy voice, though Neji is unsure if Gaara is bluffing or not.

"…I like Naruto, as well." Neji replied, pale-colored eyes missing the way Gaara's shocked expression melted in and out his façade.

Without another word, Gaara left Hyuuga Neji. The taller male's hands smoothed down his uniform and hair, one thought ringing inside his mind.

I guess he really is jealous.

It's purely coincidental.

Seeing Hyuuga Hinata alone here is purely coincidental—he didn't stalk her down, of course.

He ignored the white-eyed girl, like he always does to people that he doesn't think worthy of his glance, as he passed by the deserted corridor.

His shoulder bag was slung on his right shoulder, his right hand holding a stack of papers near his chest. He congratulated himself for successfully ignoring Hinata—and therefore, not killing her on the spot, when a shy, timid voice resounded along the vacated hallway.

He stopped walking, though he didn't turn around.

"Sasuke-san-n," The meek girl addressed him with the lingering traces of forced bravery, "…please don't be mad at me." Hinata requested in a small voice.

Sasuke's answer is a derisive snort.

The sharp footsteps continued, until they faded away completely.

"I wonder what you would do," A casually-spoken statement floated from behind him, while he pressed down the urge to grit his teeth loudly. He stilled his walking, but like he did with the Hyuuga-girl ten minutes ago, he didn't face the speaker.

Without turning around, he could tell from the lighthearted tone that it's none other than Mizuhara Sai, one of his classmates this year. Deep into the back of his mind, he wondered whether he should be mad at the school as well, for thinking up of this stupid presentation play.

"I highly doubt you'd just allow Hinata-san to take her place as Juliet…" Sai commented briefly, eyes boring into the ends of Sasuke's spiky hair. The younger Uchiha didn't say anything; he didn't move the slightest bit from his position, a couple of steps away from the main exit to this building.

Sensing that Sasuke isn't willing to talk to him right now, Sai cheerfully said goodbye, before saying in an offhanded manner, "I look forward to whatever your actions would be."

The chuckle that followed Sasuke out the building didn't sound lighthearted at all.

"It's a bad idea, Iruka-sensei," A lazy voice drawled, surprising the young man working overtime. Iruka's shocked expression is comical, eliciting a light chuckle from the older man who leaned against the opened doorway.

"Ka-Kakashi-sensei," The brown-haired man said with a mock-stern smile, "Don't scare me like that!" He scolded the Algebra teacher, but it's not like the silver-haired man is listening to him.

"Hmm, seriously though… you shouldn't have chosen Hinata-chan," Kakashi commented, simply ignoring Iruka's scolding about not sneaking like a giant cat and scaring the wits out of him.

"…Why?" Iruka-sensei looked absolutely cute, being confused and innocent like that. He really has been focusing too much on teaching his students—he didn't have time to notice the "dynamics" of the things happening. Unlike Kakashi, who adored getting the juicy details on the teenage dramas floating around at school.

"…Because she'll just… get hurt," Kakashi mentioned cryptically, before disappearing as soon as he came, leaving an even-more confused Iruka behind.

The phone rang steadily, loudly, interrupting Kiba's and Shikamaru's and Chouji's quips about him being with Hinata on a kissing scene onstage. He bounced away from his worn-out sofa, thankful for the interruption from the teasing from his friends. He was starting to think otherwise about his agreement for a sleepover party…

"Hello? Uzumaki Naruto, speaking." He cheerfully greeted, aware of the silence that descended upon the entirety of his small apartment. After all, this has to be the first time somebody called Naruto (aside from the three of them, of course).

"…This is Sasuke." The other line said, causing Naruto to nearly drop the phone. True, they have known each other for quiet a long time already, but it never occurred to the blond that Sasuke had his phone number. It was always the other way around—he's the one who calls Sasuke, even for just prank calls.

"Oh," He felt like hitting himself hard for such a vague response. "Hi, Sasuke," He chirped, sounding like a lovesick girl eager to talk to her crush.

"…I… Sleep well," The other line muttered in an embarrassed tone. If he wasn't aware that Sasuke's voice sounded like this, he would have accused the caller already of being a fake. After all, Uchiha-perfect-Sasuke didn't just go around calling his rivals and bickering-mate just to say sleep well!

"…Uhh, you too," He found himself returning the odd sentiment, ultra-aware that his friends' eyebrows are raised way past their hairlines, slyly glancing at the blush adorning his scarred cheeks. For some weird reason, he always found himself getting flustered around this certain Uchiha. And for another weird reason, he couldn't seem to gather his irritation and his annoyed voice to cover up for his awkwardness.

"I, good night, Naruto." The line hung up, but Naruto still clutched the phone next to his ear, a bright, satisfied grin splitting his face. Shikamaru walked up to him slowly, patting his arm questioningly.

"He called me by my name!" He excitedly said, placing the phone haphazardly back on its cradle, giving Shikamaru a vigorous, uncalled-for noogie.

"Ch, I didn't know that you like Sasuke-san," Chouji remarked in-between his bites of the pizza they ordered, causing Naruto to squawk indignantly.

"Why would I like the bastard!" He asked hotly, blushing slightly again when he received dubious looks in return.

"He's just an arrogant, conceited, pompous—jerk!" Naruto exclaimed, jabbing at the air for emphasis.

The smile didn't leave his eyes for a long time.

Sasuke leaned against the wall heavily, mind berating himself for such stupid lines spoken to a certain blond. He couldn't believe he allowed himself to sound so foolish—though he could count on the fact that Naruto wouldn't remember tomorrow. The blond has always been like that…

"Finished with your call?" His older brother asked nonchalantly, surprising Sasuke by his sudden presence. The younger one didn't dwell too much on it; with a detesting glare, he marched away from the phone, head held proudly high, probably on his way to the study to do his homework.

The crimson-eyed young man only stared at his brother's walking figure.

You've got it bad, little brother.

To Be Continued

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