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There was a young man with hair that was as brilliant as the morning sun's rays. Long, white robes were draped over his kneeling form. The baggy robe fluttered around him as the afternoon breeze wound around the area.

The young man's face wasn't sad, but it wasn't happy either. His blue eyes were fixed upon a grave in front of him. The grave had an ancient-looking cross atop it, and the cross was the insignia that was sewn on this country's warriors' sleeves.

A particularly-strong breeze whisked by, and the simple necklace that hang on the cross fluttered as well. The necklace's heavy pendant cackled against the cross, but the person who was paying respects didn't seem to mind.

The man's hair tickled his nape. He forgot to have his hair-cut a week ago, and his hair had grown so long already.

"It's time to go," A woman's voice. Her hair was also blond, and she was gazing at the young man with something like fondness and sadness mixed together.

The young man nodded.

And he stood up, leaving the grave.

The grave that belonged to Uzumaki Arashi.

A Love To Kill – Second Chapter

The Memories of Sadness

It was indeed strange, he decided, to work with someone on his missions. If he was told that he's going to work with a partner during his missions three months ago, he would have laughed at them. He frowned at the thought.

No, not exactly laugh. He doesn't laugh. He never laughed.

"Yami!" His companion shrieked, and he ducked down jerkily. A few milliseconds later, a barrage of bullets rained on the spot above him. He supposed that others would utter a word of thanks, but he was never like the other people.

Uzumaki Naruto, his companion, simply looked at him worriedly. The blond crawled beside him, as they huddled to hide against their enemies for the moment.

This was the last job for this month, according to his 'manager'. The blond was excited, because after this, he managed to make him promise to have another mini-vacation.

Uchiha Sasuke, also known as Yami, didn't want to admit that he was also looking forward to a couple of weeks without assassination projects. It's not like he needed to work, after all. His bank account already reached the three-billion-dollar mark on his last assignment, and he didn't have anyone or anything to spend the money on. Buying lavish estates would only drag attention to him, so it was a definite no-no.

Sasuke found his new companion's company not-so-annoying. Naruto whined and pouted when the Uchiha told him that, but that's because the blond didn't know that 'annoying' in Sasuke's vocabulary meant that the person needed to die.

"Did you find him?"


"Search for him!"

"There's just two of them, damn it!"

"Protect our chairman!"

Voices floated around them, and Sasuke restrained himself from cursing out loud. If the chairman escaped, his job wouldn't be done. And that meant that Orochimaru would give him an earful, his reputation would be tainted and Naruto would be really worried.

"You take care of the lackeys," The assassin hissed to his blond companion, who nodded in understanding. Sasuke sprinted away from his hiding place, taking advantage of the camouflage the shadowy corridors gave him.

Naruto watched Sasuke run away from him; he was glad that he memorized the layout of this building before they were sent out for this assignment. He'd need that knowledge if he wanted to find Sasuke afterwards.

A meeting of a group of companies' executives turned out to be a group of drug lords' meeting and discussion of their supplies' whereabouts. Sasuke's assignment was to kill the leader of the group, but Naruto learned that each of the Uchiha's assignments meant killing every person involved.

After the blond was certain that Sasuke wouldn't see him anymore, he came out of his hiding place, placing himself in clear view of his pursuers.

"Surround him!" One of the chairman's bodyguards shouted, and dozens of footsteps ran towards him. Naruto rolled his eyes. Did they think he was stupid enough to give up, just like that?

He closed his eyes and allowed his instincts to take over the killing. The sound of bullets rang throughout the corridor, as Naruto deftly fired at the lackeys surrounding him. His two hands were holding guns; he was like a machine-gun in his speed of firing.

When he was done, the hallway became deathly silent, and the blond almost sighed. It was too easy, but he didn't know why. He couldn't remember possessing the skill to do this, but then again, he couldn't remember much anyway.

Without throwing the corpses a second glance, Naruto dashed down the corridor, and looked for Sasuke.

"Take me back to my mansion!" The just-escaped chairman bellowed at the driver, trying -in vain- to calm down his pounding heartbeat. Chairman Daidouji Takeshi was flanked by his top bodyguards on his seat, and another bodyguard was located in the front seat. The leader of the drug ring was furious at his security's incompetence, but he was thankful that he managed to get out of there alive. He mentally reminded himself to take thirty more bodyguards.

Ring! Ring!

The chairman cursed below his breath, irritated at having someone call him just after he escaped. He opened his cellphone and answered the call.

"What do you need? I'm busy right now, so just call back-" He started, but he frowned as the silky voice of the caller reached him.

"What do you mean, 'why I'm still alive'? Of course I am!" The chairman snapped, though he motioned for his bodyguards to look for suspicious articles in his limousine. Daidouji himself fearfully looked for cars that were following them.

"Orochimaru! What the hell are you blabbing about?!" He questioned, anxiety gripping his voice. There was a couple more of snake-like words, before the caller hung up.

The chairman, not caring about how ridiculous he looked, climbed on his seat and searched for cars following them. His bodyguards were suspiciously silent.

Daidouji commanded again. "You maggots! I told you to search for-" There was something cool that was pressed against his nape. He gulped, and fearfully turned on his seat. His driver had his eyes closed half-way. The limo's atmosphere suddenly became very dark. The gun that his driver was holding up glimmered dully.

"...You-" Daidouji started, casting terrified looks at his bodyguards. They both have bloodstained clothes.

"Die," The driver said, and the chairman's killer opened his eyes. The last thing Daidouji saw was a pair of ruby-tainted eyes.

It was raining.

The raindrops marched heavily against the ground outside, drenching the flower pots that he had for his project. The ruin of his project wasn't the reason why he was staring in horror, though.

The stench of blood was strong, too strong.

Like the lake of rainwater that covered the soil outside, the blood that once flowed through his family's veins were also painted on the expanse of their mansion's floors.

The power black-out prevented him from seeing much, but he didn't need light to tell him that there was a massacre that happened here. The blood hasn't crusted yet; it hasn't been that long since they were killed.

He was beyond horrified when he exited his bedroom; his maids' corpses were blocking the doorway. He vaguely recognized his cousin's figure, as she was dirtied with her own blood, almost beyond recognition. He almost threw up then, but he still had to find the most important people.

Something told him that he wouldn't find them alive.

Eight-year-old Uchiha Sasuke dashed down the spiral staircase, the place where he and his cousins enjoyed running about. He bravely ignored the blood that lined the stairs' railings; his young mind was set on finding his parents and his older brother.

He found his parents on the family room, his mother's book still clutched in her arms. His father had a look of surprise on his face; his mother's expression was something bordering on accusing and remorseful.

"Mother... Father..." He whispered, and he clamped his mouth shut. His voice sounded strangled. He slowly made his way towards his dead mother's lap, and he cried. His mother's lap was stained with blood.

When he lifted his face away from his beloved mother, when the police arrived, his whole face was tainted with the color of scarlet.

He stood up to ask the police about his older brother's whereabouts, mad at himself for forgetting to find Itachi. Nevertheless, he had one thing in his mind.

He's going to avenge his family's death.

"Ehh?! Why the hell should I wear girl's clothes?!" The blond whined loudly, throwing his arms around himself. Sasuke heaved a heavy sigh, sincerely wanting to punch his companion senseless. The Uchiha fixed Naruto his Death Glare Variant 312, but it didn't seem to work since the disobedient pout was still affixed to Naruto's face.

Sasuke decided that he was losing his touch; Naruto seemed to have developed immunity against his glares.

"Naruto," Sasuke started, and the blond quickly glanced at him. He supposed it was strange, because he rarely called the blond by his name. "A lot of people already recognize you," Sasuke explained, with heavy emphasis on people.

The stubborn look was still fixed on Naruto's face.

"I want to have an undisturbed vacation," Sasuke gritted out, amazed that he managed to talk that much. The look of awe told him that Naruto also found his longer-than-usual speeches surprising.

Either way, it worked to Sasuke's favor.

He managed to get Naruto into a female disguise, with the blond wearing a long, golden wig and a skirt ensemble.

Sasuke couldn't help but think that Naruto looked endearingly cuter when he wasn't wearing girl's clothes.

"It's so unlike you, you know," Kabuto offhandedly said to him as he submitted a mission report to Orochimaru's office.

Sasuke restrained himself from ripping out Kabuto's throat. If he managed to do that, he'd find himself less annoyed whenever he reported. The white-haired man had the uncanny ability to turn innocent observations into frustrating-as-hell jibes, and this time wasn't any different.

When it was obvious that Sasuke wouldn't make a comment, Kabuto plowed on, "I didn't think that you're the type to have a partner."

Naruto's face flashed inside the raven-haired's mind. Naruto's waiting for him downstairs.

Sasuke walked faster, intent on leaving the building and Orochimaru's snaky smiles and Kabuto's accusing words. After all, Sasuke already knew that he was acting strange. He didn't need others to tell him so.

Sasuke was almost at the elevator. He waited for the lift to arrive.

But Kabuto was still talking. "But I suppose being an Uchiha-"

Sasuke quickly crossed the distance between himself and Kabuto, a gun already pressed against the other's forehead. Sasuke's eyes were wide and dilated, and there was a promise of murder inside them. Kabuto's eyes were wide in surprise, and he mentally cursed himself for letting Sasuke's rage catch him.

The white-haired man remembered his master's voice saying that Sasuke always got awfully touchy -not to mention powerful- whenever his family name was mentioned.

Uchiha. The illustrious clan that suffered a tragedy, leaving only one survivor.

The elevator door opened with a loud 'DING!' and Sasuke's companion -and rumored lover, according to the secretaries' loud and outrageous gossips- came out.

"Sasuke!" The blond exclaimed, blue eyes taking in the sight of his assassin partner ready to embed a bullet on Kabuto's forehead. Kabuto was surprised that the Uchiha allowed the blond to call him so casually.

To his greater surprise, the blond also pointed a gun to his forehead.

"It seems that you also want to kill me, huh?" Kabuto asked with a touch of amusement.

The blond rolled his eyes. "No, this is because you seem to be Sasuke's enemy," Naruto clarified, the hold on his gun not wavering.

The three of them remained in that position, before Sasuke released his hold on Kabuto. Almost instantaneously, Naruto lowered his gun as well.

"Why did you come here?" Sasuke asked his companion, as though he wasn't about to kill somebody seconds ago.

The killing intent on Naruto's part vanished like a popping bubble, and Kabuto observed the duo's interaction more intently.

"...Nah, it's coz you're taking too long and I'm hungry already!" Naruto sheepishly admitted, and his statement was backed up with the loud rumbling of his stomach.

Sasuke stared at him incredulously, before smirking. "Let's go," He commanded the blond, who obliged, if only it meant getting food sooner.

Kabuto was struck by a thought, as he watched the two bicker as they made their way towards the elevator.

Maybe the rumors weren't so outrageous, after all.

To Be Continued

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