The Four Guardians

Chapter 1: The Broken Seal

We believe in what we fear to believeā€¦

A ring of light exploded shooting countless stars into the galaxy.

"The seal of the orb has been broken once again after 10,000 years has past," a voice of a wise old man said calmly. "This also means that the seal broke into the five crystals and have again spread to countless different worlds."

In a very dark room, there was a circular table with a symbol of a star glyph. There were four figures in black robes and their faces were not recognizable.

"Would this also mean that evil would spread throughout various worlds? If the seal of the orb is broken, that would mean that the gate of dimensions is freely opened. This would make it easier for the demons," a young man exclaimed.

"Yes that is true, but we must not panic," the old man said wisely.

"Isn't it time to call the four guardians to make a new seal?" a young woman asked.

"Yes." the old man called 4 cats that match Earth (Tabby cat), Sky (Angora cat), Sun (Abyssinian cat), and Moon (Black cat) and their symbol on their forehead. As the four cats appeared before them, the old man ordered them to search for the guardians of their respected nature.

"You know who the guardians are. You must go before these guardians are hunted by evil."

The cats bowed and disappeared within a twister.

"Master, these guardians have powers that are unknown to them unlike the ones years ago. What would happen if they are killed before..." the young woman was cut off by the elder.

"Don't worry. I'm sure the spirits will make it in time," the elder assured her.

Somewhere in the setting of darkness, the skies were covered in red like blood was flowing through a stream. The place looked like the place of hell with volcanoes and different types of demons and bones everywhere. Inside the dark castle, a dark lord smirked. He was covered in a black robe.

"I see the seal has been broken once again. This time I will kill the guardians before they find the 5 crystals to make a new one." The dark lord then ordered four of his best assassins to search for the guardians. "The sages of the dimensions had sent four of their messenger spirits to search for the guardians. Use your senses and follow them. I want the guardians dead." The four assassins disappeared.

"As soon as the guardians are killed, I will rule over all of the dimensions and chaos will spread." The dark lord gave an evil laugh.

End of chapter 1

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