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Bluebells and Roses
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Luna wanted to make Ginny a chain of bluebells and weave them into her friend's firy mane of hair. She did not want to make a chain of daisies – that was done to often – and Luna preferred bluebells anyway. She supposed it was because she was most like the bluebells; she was a Ravenclaw after all.

Luna wished that Ginny would give her roses – yes, roses were Ginny's flower, she had decided. Ginny was red, just like the roses, although Ginny's shade of red was far more beautiful than that of a rose. At least that's what Luna thought. She did not want Ginny to give her a boquet of roses – that was too cliched – but nor did she want her to make her a chain of roses; the thorns of a rose would only hurt her.

In the end Luna gave Ginny the chain of bluebells. She never asked for the roses in return; it would have hurt her friend too much.