Summary: A romance story of Syaoran and Sakura. Syaoran, Kurogane and Meilin traveled to a magic kingdom that was isolated from outer world. There, they met the princess, Sakura, accidentally. The princess secretly sunk in despair and loneliness, allowing only her best friend, and her last 'family', Tomoyo to accompany her. What will become of their meeting? What happened to her families? Will Syaoran able to heal her heart?

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Chapter 1 (Revised) : Prelusion


"Wake up..."

"Wake up, Prince Syaoran!!!"

...Hmm? Who is it in such a blind morning...? Syaoran thought.

"C'mon! The sun has already risen!"

He felt his body was being shaken.

"Really?! I'm sorry, I'm overslept..." His voice was sluggish even in his own ear.

Syaoran turned around and got up, his eyes still refused to open.

"It's okay. You fought well yesterday, didn't you? But you must remember today we have another task to do."

His bedside was weighed down by something. Syaoran opened his eyes and saw a cheerful girl with a wide smile. She wore a red suit that fit her curve.

"Haven't I told you thousand of times not to call me Prince outside the empire? Just Syaoran is ok, Meilin…"

Meilin smiled. "Ok Syaoran. Sorry, unconsciously, it has already become a habit, hehe…" She scratched her head. "C'mon! It's already the time." She stood up.

"You may go down first. Where's Kurogane-san?"

"Dunno. Maybe at some corners at this village." She shrugged her shoulder ignorantly. She slipped behind the door.

A few minutes later, Syaoran walked out from his room and met Kurogane and Meilin at the bar below. The inn where they had passed the night has a small bar. At night it would be very lively but in this early morning, only the servants were visible to clean up whatever mess the guests had left last night. Kurogane and Meilin sat at the round table near the window. They had started to dig into their breakfast, not waiting for him. He took a seat. Syaoran wore a brown shirt with a baggy trouser.

"I heard that if we walk further east from here, there is a forest. There were many people who had passed there never return. Even the body didn't remain. They say the forest was cursed." Kurogane said after gulping his piece of bread. He wore a black suit.

"Kurogane-san, you made the food tasted terrible. Can we not talk about this kind of thing in the morning?" Meilin frowned.

"Cih, that's why I do not like to bring woman. Too troublesome." Kurogane replied, still eating without any disturbance.

"Hey, as long as I can remember, I had never pulled you down! Even when we fought the beast yesterday, I killed two of them!" Meilin's emotion meter started to rise. Her soup spoon held in a level with her face.

"Hey, hey… Please don't starts quarreling at this early morning." Syaoran intervened. "Fine, I understand. Kurogane-san, you want to see the forest, right? We will go there after we finish our work, but we will not enter too deep to the forest ok? Besides, the forest is near our target." Syaoran said while putting butter on his bread.

Kurogane and Meilin continued their breakfast without another quarrel. After their meal finished, they walked out of the village and headed to east. Both Kurogane and Syaoran carried swords, Meilin brought a bow. Kurogane wrapped himself with a black cloak. His sword, 'Silver Dragon' or Ginryuu, have a dragon carved at its handle. The sword alone has a transversal line embodied at the center of the sword's metal. Syaoran's sword is called 'Hien (Scarlet Flame)'. The upper part of the hilt has a fire embroidery. There is a double circle inside the flame. Red tassels are tied at the bottom part of the hilt. Meilin's bow, "Favonius", is green. At the bow center carved 2 trees. One of the trees is facing upward and the other is facing downward so the root of each tree was entangled with each other. Except the middle, the whole part of the bow was wrapped with a green fabric.

While they were walking, the view had changed from grassland into swamp.

"I wonder what the wealthiest man in the village wants from Merpati egg." Meilin said, a moment after they started searching for the nest.

"It is suspicious, indeed. He paid us very high; I don't think that it's THAT hard to get, though… In the book that I've read – and we've seen it yesterday also, Merpati is a bird that is similar with dove but different in size. They are threefold compared to human size. The egg is about 1 meter high. Merpati do not attack if they aren't threatened, but very protective to its eggs. They usually build the nest at high place. The easiest way to take the egg is to wait for one of the parents to search for food. The parents will go rampage if we take it when they are still there." Syaoran said.

"Cih, I don't care that much. Just take the egg and get the money. I'll slash everything that gets in my way!" Kurogane added.

"Don't kill if we don't have to Kurogane-san." Syaoran added darkly. "Let me remind you of the plan once again. I will become the bait. After one of them went to search for food, I will lure the other one from the nest. That is when you take the egg. Put the egg into the net that I had brought so it's easier for you to run. Meilin, you will keep watch and inform Kurogane-san if the other comes back. I'll wait at the cave that we've discovered yesterday. If the first bird managed to come back, use the item that we bought yesterday, Meilin. Though I prefer not to since the side effect is unknown…"

They quietly passed the swamp and reached the foot of a green hill. Trees and bushes were everywhere. They crouched behind the bush and wait. Both of the couple was still there. A few moments later, one of them left the nest. Syaoran's group waited a moment to make sure it had flied far enough. Syaoran crouched to further end of the bush, carefully, as quiet as the forest floor permitted him. He took a few rocks as big as his fist, climbed the highest tree, and started throwing it, aiming to the Merpati's nest. The rocks barely reached the nest but it was enough to intimidate the bird.

The bird started to squeak. It spread its wings and flew directly to Syaoran's position. He slid down hastily and started to retreat as fast as his legs allowed him toward the swamp. He picked up a few rocks on the fly and threw it towards the bird when it had flown lower to strike him. At the other place…

"Yup! It's our turn!" Meilin climbed a nearby tree that wasn't very high but enough to see the surroundings without being noticed. Kurogane dashed to the peak, then halted beside the nest, and spread the net, and lifted the egg, and carried it at his back, and tied the net tightly at his breast, and started to sprint back when he felt the presence of something behind him. Meilin shouted, "Quick! The first one is coming back!" Kurogane turned his head just in time to see a berserk bird flew with all its might towards him (Do birds also have any might? Well, just pretend that they do…). Meilin prepared her bow. She was busy dipping her arrow tip with some liquid from a small bottle.

Kurogane had already run half way trough the hill when a big shadow loomed over him. The bird was already at top of him and squeaked furiously (If it could talk, it probably was giving an ultimatum…). Meilin shoot her arrow and it scratched the bird's wing. The bird screeched loudly. The arrow didn't wound the bird deeply but it was enough for the potion to take effect. The bird started to fly in circle and seemed to lose its focus. Kurogane almost reached Meilin's position when once again he saw a huge shadow shading over him. Meilin shoot her arrow once again to prevent the bird flew closer to Kurogane but no such luck… Although the arrow stabbed its wing, the poisoned dizzy bird somehow became immune to the pain.

The bird clutched the egg at the back of Kurogane, and lifted it up (with Kurogane of course), and ascended quickly, and circled hazardously in the air. Its conscience probably still reminded it that the egg is important.

"Kurogane-san!" Meilin shouted while Kurogane struggled and thought about what he should do. He couldn't jump down because it was already too high. If he kept being grasped by this bird, only God will know what a hallucinated bird would do.

The bird kept flying unsteadily to the east and descended when near the forest. Kurogane used this chance. He drew out his Ginryuu, and cut the net connecting himself and the egg (plus the bird). He fell rapidly to the trees below.

Meilin could only saw the whole scene and froze in the place since she was too confused (and shocked, of course) to know what to do. After she had seen Kurogane fell down, she climbed down from the tree and dashed back to the cave, the rendezvous point.

Syaoran was panting heavily when he reached the cave. The cave was shallow but deep enough to hide from the bird. The bird went wild outside the cave while Syaoran took a deep breath and sat at the cave floor, leaned his back to the hard rock. Hope the others are OK... he thought.

After a few moments, the bird became tired attacking the rigid rock and decided that it was only wasting time. The bird chose to fly back to its nest. Syaoran waited a little longer to make sure that the bird didn't come back again. The sun was already high when he came out from the cave. He saw Meilin run toward him, anxious expression was attached on her face. Well… I do not see Kurogane-san

"Where is Kurogane-san, Meilin?" asked Syaoran when she had reached him.

"He's… He's… falling… to….the… forest…" answered Meilin, breathless.

"Hmm? What happened? Did the other bird come back?" His eyebrow knitted into one.

"Yes. Exactly when he already gotten the egg. The medicine work but…" Meilin summarized the situation to Syaoran.

"Ok, let's head there."


Meilin and Syaoran crossed the swamp once again, headed east, and reached the forest edge. The sky had already become crimson. Both of them were worried but no one expressed that feeling, they only walked together in silent.

"Can you guess where did Kurogane-san fall to?"

"It should be at the center of the forest. The bird also fell down after Kurogane-san had fallen… I'm pretty sure the falling impact is visible enough. The bird shouldn't fell far from Kurogane's place…"

They started to enter the forest. They hardly can see because the sunlight scarcely reached the forest ground. Meilin and Syaoran made an X sign in few trees that they had passed before so they would know if they got lost later.

"This will get more difficult if the sun is already set. I think we can't go out from this forest until we found Kurogane-san and it is probably until tomorrow morning…" Syaoran muttered.

"But it is too dangerous if we walk blindly at night…" Meilin whispered.

"We'd better find a resting place and start collecting small branches." Syaoran decided.

Kurogane-san is strong enough to look after himself, Syaoran thought.

"Will we make a fire? Hmmm… Maybe Kurogane-san will approach us if he sees smoke." Meilin said, half talking to herself.

"Yes, I also think so. But be prepared, we may have other visitors." Syaoran warned her.

They stopped beside the small river; Meilin gathered the wood while Syaoran caught some fish to eat. Meanwhile…

Kurogane just woke up after the falling crash. He found himself in the middle of… nowhere. Well, technically he was in the middle of forest but since he didn't recognize his surrounding, he would still go with the 'nowhere'. The trees near him were wrecked. It was a mess. The Merpati bird laid not far from him and the egg… no need no mention. Fallen from that kind of height plus smashed by its own parent's body, nothing remains except the broken shell and scattered egg. (Care to imagine how much fried egg you can make from a meter-height egg?)

Damn! Now where am I? Have the sun set or not? He thought. In here seems like there is no day or night. Damn trees! Blocking my view! Kurogane cursed in his mind.

He stood up and staggered immediately. The sensation of pain came from his left thigh. He tore a little part from his cloth and used it to bandage up his wound. He decided to climb a tree even though it would worsen his wound.

This small wound won't kill me. This is the easiest way to see my location. Thinking is not really my part; I bet the kid must have thought of something.

Kurogane found a tree that was taller than others were and he climbed it. When he had reached the top, he could see it was already night. Cold breeze blew pass him, brought the scent of fresh grass and roasted fish… Wait! Did I say roasted fish??!!

Kurogane tracked the smell's source. At last he was able to see a small line of river, west of his location and there was a thin smoke emerged from somewhere near the river.

"Cih! They really know how to make things easy." Kurogane said with a smirk. It's either them or some other dangers. He reminded himself.

Syaoran and Meilin have just finished their dinner. Syaoran had decided to keep a few leftover for Kurogane, just in case if he managed to find their place. He and Meilin took turn to watch. When the stars had started to show themselves, Syaoran sensed there was something drew near to their place. Syaoran carefully woke Meilin up and gave her a sign to keep silent. They hid behind the trees, waiting for that 'something' to come out. Syaoran have his sword out from its sheath and Meilin have her arrow ready on her bow.

When that something approached from the trees' shade, Syaoran attacked it from the side. The black shadow managed to block his attack. The sound of clashing swords was heard. Meilin shoot her arrow to that black shadow but it jumped out from the trees' shade, succeeded in avoiding the arrow. Under the light of the moon, now they could see the black shadow is no other than… Kurogane himself.

"Kurogane-san!" Both Meilin and Syaoran paused in relief.

"Heh! Nice reaction." Kurogane said.

"Haha… Sorry. We do not know it is you. I still haven't managed in differentiating friend or foe aura. We have to be cautious in every situation right? That's what you've taught me." Syaoran grinned.

Kurogane just smirked. "Is there any food? I am starving!"

"Syaoran left a few grilled fish for you. He knew you must have been hungry!" Meilin answered while giving the fishes to Kurogane.

"Do you have any wound? Falling from the sky was not a fun experience wasn't it?"

"It's OK. I only got a few bruises and scratches. Oh, and this wound at my left thigh." Kurogane answered casually while his mouth busy chewing the fish.

"Meilin, give me the medicine. I will rub your wound with it and re-bandage it." Syaoran stated, and his tone showing that he wouldn't tolerate any rejection.

"We'll walk out from this forest tomorrow at the first light." Syaoran added.

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