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Keeping Quiet



The pale moon was his only source of light, filtering through the loosely coated pine trees, casting eerie, but almost serene shadows across the pine and leaf strewn ground.

Small vegetation popped up at the base of the dark trunks, both of a deep bark and a shadowed nature. The tall trees sprouted between the grey, shale rock that fragmented beneath his feet. They skittered across the ground as he walked, feet quite against everything else.

He brushed branches aside as they tried to scratch at his pale, fragile skin. The pine trees itched to reach out to him, as if calling for an end to what had not yet begun. He wanted to snarl at them, burn them away with his wishes.

Pushing his way through to the last of the trees, he found himself standing but ten feet from a cliff, an amazing canyon spread out before him in darker shades of purple and grey, pronounced most by the shimmering light of the moon.

Before him, not two yards from the edge of the shale cliff sat a single upright stone, its back smoothly rounded to a half sphere, while its front had been shaved smooth. The lighter grey of the surface bore only one thing.

It was a symbol of a nature that he recognized, though not of his own knowledge. A small voice in his head, far and distant, the slight hiss of a snake added on to the end his only clue.

This was a symbol of the dead and the demonic.

It was a symbol long forgotten.

One to awaken the Messenger of the Netherworld.


On the other side of the world, in a dark bedroom filled with the loud but abrupt snores of a redheaded, freckled Weasly, Harry Potter woke with a scream as pain lanced through his scar.


End Prologue


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