One of those days

When she feels empty

When she just stares at the computer screen

And tries to make sense of the blood spatter

All across the room which was left in a state of devastation


Under her trained eye it quickly blurs into just another crime scene

Just another pattern of blood spilled senselessly

In a crime unsolved

Another life taken

And she forces herself to see a human being

A victim in need of justice


Today it's just another body


She scratches the skin on the back of her hand

Hard, painfully

To feel

Anything but indifference

What's it for ya, whatever and wherever



She sips the cold and bitter liquid

Age old coffee

To taste anything but frustration, stale air and being lost


Still the same hopeless bitterness

Still the same dark stains of blood


A hand touches her shoulder

Blue eyes smile at her from underneath blonde curls, understanding

A silent offer of comfort

And suddenly

She feels