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A slice of buttered bread, when dropped, will always land buttered-side down.

Beep, Beep, Beep….

Booth opened his eyes, looking at the clock and groaned. 7:00 am. His arm groggily swatted at the alarm clock to end its shrill tone. It had been a long night and he had not hit the sheets until well after 2:00 am. Showing up later in the day was not an option due to the closing of his latest case the night before. He still had a mountain of reports to file in order to official close it.

He dragged himself from the bed, running a hand over his face. He blink hard three times, trying to make himself more alert before grabbing a towel for the shower. Booth undressed quickly and stood under the spray. He closed his eyes letting the water fall over his body. He was enjoying the relaxing moment until the water turned an icy temperature—startling him.

"Ah, damn!" he exclaimed.

The coldness was so unexpected he jumped, almost slipping in the process. If it had not been for the towel bar he was currently gripping, he would have went down for sure. Booth fumbled with the shower knob, turning it as hot as it would allow while trying to avoid the cold water. His attempts were in vain as the water did not warm. He took a deep breath and finished his shower quickly, making a mental note to contact the landlord before he left.

"Oh, come on!" Booth yelled to the coffee maker.

The machine had made two loud gurgling noises before succumbing to an untimely end. He smacked the side, trying to revive the machine. Booth looked again, making sure everything was properly connected before giving up. He sighed, making his way over to the cabinet. He searched for a moment, finding the instant coffee he had stashed in there ages ago. It may be bitter and unpleasant, but it was better than no coffee at all.

After a quick cup, Booth made a last minute sweep of his apartment. He grabbed his badge, shoving it his suit pocket. He checked the safety before clipping his gun on his belt, and made sure he had the necessary files—still he couldn't ignore the nagging feeling he was forgetting something.

"Yeah, it was great game, Randy." Booth said laughing, "Especially after half-time. Did you see that buzzer shot by O'Neil?"

"Yeah, yeah…the Nicks will get 'em next time." Booth's colleague replied.

"Whatever you say man." Booth frowned as he pushed the 'up' button again, "What's up with the elevators? We've been here for what- 10 minutes?"

Randy paused, "We have been waitin' awhile. Maybe it's out of order."

Booth grunted, "Well there's no sign posted." He said pushing the button two more times.

"Just take the stairs, Booth."

"That's easy for you to say, Randy. You're only on the second floor. I, on the other hand, am on the seventh."

Randy laughed and patted his co-worker, "Hey, you used to be Ranger, suck it up."

"Funny." Booth shot back sarcastically.

He watched Randy disappear through the doorway marked 'Stairs'. After waiting another five minutes, and 10 punches to the 'up' button later, he scrunched his face annoyance and began his seven stair-flight journey.

By the time he reached his office it was already a few minutes after 8:30 am. He stopped by the vending machine to grab a bagel before beginning his day. Booth broke the cinnamon bagel in half, slathering it with cream cheese. Just as he was about to take a bite, Deputy Director Cullen stepped into his office.

"Good morning, Agent Booth."

Booth smiled tightly, setting the bagel down. "Good morning, sir."

"I just wanted to check your progress on the Weston case." Cullen said.

"It's just about closed, sir. I need to finish up a couple of reports and then it's official."

"Good to hear. I'll need your paperwork as soon as you're finished. I got a call this morning about a body found outside a state park in Riverdell."

Booth nodded, "Will Dr. Brennan be needed as well?"

"More than likely. The bones' been there for some time it seems. Local PD is still fighting about jurisdiction, but it looks like we'll be pulled in sooner or later."

Cullen eyed one of the bagel halves, looking at Booth pointedly, "You mind?"

Booth's brow furrowed, "No, sir." He said somewhat hesitantly.

Cullen grabbed the bagel, taking a big bite. "Mmm…shouldn't have skipped breakfast this morning." He mumbled more to himself.

"Booth, let me know when you finish and I'll update you on the new case. Better call your lady friend and let her know."

Cullen was still eating the bagel when he walked out of the office.

Booth rolled his shoulders, slightly disappointed at not having a break between cases. At least he'd get to work with Bones on this one though. His eyes traveled back to the desk, resting on the other bagel half.

Repeating his earlier actions, he loaded this one up with cream cheese as well. He lifted it to his mouth, ready to savor the cinnamony taste.

"Hey Booth!"

Surprised, his grip loosened as he jumped. The bagel fell to the floor, the cream cheese making a 'smack' sound as it hit. Booth turned his attention toward the door, annoyance clearly showing on this face.

Randy stood there with a slight smirk to his face, "Sorry, man."

Booth looked forlornly at his bagel on the floor.

"Looks like the elevators are out of service. I heard someone say they probably won't be back up 'til noon. Hope you're wearing comfortable shoes."