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The next day…

Booth was sprawled on the couch in Brennan office while she typed away on her keyboard, oblivious the stares of Angela and Hodgins. Angela sat in one of the lab chairs munching on a granola bar, her eyes trained on her friend. She swallowed a particularly large bite before asking, "You think they'll ever figure it out?" At his questionable look she added, "That they're perfect for each other, I mean."

Jack glanced at Angela before replying, "Who? Booth and Dr. Brennan?" With a nod from her he continued, "Who knows."

Both pairs of eyes watched as Booth shifted from his position, sitting up fully. Brennan must have perceived the motion out of the corner of her eye because she looked up from the computer and gave him a wry smile as he rolled his head, apparently working out a kink.

"What's Booth still doing here anyway? I thought they wrapped up their case two hours ago?" Hodgins asked.

Angela made a grab for his soda that sat on the desk, "They did. Booth's taking Bren out for lunch—celebrating for a job well done or something like that."

"What about us?" Hodgins interjected, "Technically speaking we helped too."

"Don't worry, Booth invited us too." She said dismissively, "I told him we already had lunch plans."

Hodgins looked down at the remains of his lukewarm chicken sandwich and stale chips, "Why didn't you say something BEFORE we went to the cafeteria?"

"Because," Angela continued with bits of granola in her mouth, "then they couldn't be alone. Honestly Jack, sometimes I think you forget that I've spent many hours trying to get them two to hook up."

He brushed at the crumbs, "Okay first off, that's disgusting. Secondly, us starving should not be part of your 'big plan'." He said mimicking quotations.

"Whatever." Her eyes widened and she swatted Hodgins' shoulder, "Look!" she exclaimed.

"Ow! Wha…oh." He trailed off dumbly.

Angela nearly bounced with glee at the sight of her best friend massaging the FBI agent's shoulders. Booth had his chin dipped low, with his face hidden from view, but Angela would bet there was a smile on his face. She watched as Brennan carefully kneaded his muscles, her expression unreadable.

"They do know we can see them, right?" Hodgins asked.

"Who cares," Angela leaned forward with a dreamy sigh, "Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?"

No sooner had the words left her mouth, the pair saw Brennan lean back abruptly and smack Booth not-so-lightly on the back of the head. Booth ducked, turning his head toward Brennan's with a mischievous grin.

Hodgins laughed, "Yeah, adorable."

"He just had to ruin it." She replied, savagely taking another bite of her bar.

"Don't worry," Hodgins said patting her on the shoulder, "I'm sure they'll do the horizontal mambo by the end of next month."

"What makes you say that?" she asked warily.

"I had Zach figure up the statistical probability of Booth and Dr. Brennan doing the deed."

Angela blanched, "Seriously?"

"No!" he denied, "You really think I have that much interest in them having sex?" He motioned back to the agent and anthropologist, "Just look at their body language, it doesn't take someone with three doctorates to figure that out."

Turning back to the office, Angela watched her friends. Booth was definitely invading Brennan's personal space. The two were almost toe-to-toe, no doubt arguing about something. Though she couldn't hear them, Angela didn't doubt the pointed glares and wild hand gestures.

She tilted her head with interest, "I wonder what they're arguing about."

"50 bucks says it's a gun permit." Hodgins said.

Angela raised her brow, "You gonna back that up?"

He grinned and pulled out his wallet, giving it a little shake, "I'm in if you're in."

"Alright," she said, looking back at the glass office, "50 says it about how Bren bitch-slapped their suspect this morning."

Hodgins stuck out his hand and smiled, "You're on baby."

Inside the office…

"Come on, Bones…admit it! You made the first move." Booth said with an impish smile.

"No, I distinctly remember you saying 'I could get used to this' where you implied a romantic entanglement between the two of us." Brennan said in a matter of fact tone.

Booth fought the grin that threatened his features, and shook his head, "No way, you kissed me implying a romantic entangle-whatever between us."

"I would have never kissed you had the implication not been there." She countered.

"Ha! So you're admitting that you kissed me." He pointed out.

"I never denied it, I simply stated that you made the first 'move'," she quoted, "by expressing your interest in me."

His retort was cut short when he sensed something. Booth's eyes darted to the side as he felt someone's gaze on him, "Don't look, but we're being watched."

Brennan drew her brow together in confusion and turned her head to the left.

"Bones! I told you not to look." Angela and Hodgins quickly scrambled to look busy and not like they were spying on the pair.

Turning her attention away from her co-workers and back to Booth she shrugged, "What? You said we were being watched, obviously I'm going to look."

Brennan rolled her eyes at his exasperated sigh, "Okay next time I won't look."

"Oh, I'll believe that when I see it." He shot back sarcastically.

"I thought we were going to lunch?" Brennan said deflecting the argument before it spiraled out of control.

"Huh? Oh, yeah I guess we should get going. I've got to see Cullen later this afternoon..."

Brennan nodded, ignoring him as he trailed off, mumbling something about elevators. She grabbed her jacket from the coat rack, not arguing when Booth helped her slip it on. Before she could take a step he leaned in a whispered, "Hey, how about skipping lunch?"

She shivered involuntarily, pleased with his sudden change of mind and nodded before following him out the door. She watched as Angela and Hodgins stared at her and Booth exiting the office. Angela and Hodgins shared and look and hurried up to her and Booth.

"Hey, sweetie." Angela smiled, "Not to be nosey or anything…but it looked sort of heated in there?"

"I'm sorry?" Brennan asked, not knowing where she was going. She looked to Booth for help, but he only shrugged.

Hodgins pushed past Angela, "What Angela is oh-so-subtlety getting at is—looks like you two were having a small disagreement."

"Oh." Brennan stated. Not exactly sure what to say, "Yeah, just a minor disagreement."

Booth nodded, "Just a minor…thing." He said showing a tiny space between his thumb and index finger.

"Uh huh," Angela nodded sympathetically, "Anything we," she motioned at herself and Hodgins, "can help you with?"

"Naaah, I think we got it all cleared up Angela, but thanks." Booth said trying to pull Brennan away from the pair, "Come on, Bones."

Hodgins sprinted in front of them, "Are you sure? I mean, we are here to help." He laughed nervously.

Brennan shook her head, delighted with the feeling of warmth when Booth tightened his grip on her arm. She almost gave him a pointed look when she noticed his expression. He gently bit his bottom lip and motioned with his eyes.

"It's nothing, just uh," Brennan struggled, "about wanting a gun."

Angela's face fell while Hodgins beamed, "Really?" he drew out.

Booth nodded quickly, "Yep. Gun, permit, denied…same old story. Okay, Bones say bye-bye to the squints."

Brennan threw them an apologetic smile as she and Booth all but ran out of the lab, leaving a bewildered Angela. "What's up with them?" she wondered aload.

Hodgins turned toward her, "Uh, uh, changing the subject isn't going to work. Hand it over, baby." He said with a smile.

She slumped, resisting the urge to stomp her foot to the ground, "Jack, you're like a bizillionaire, do you seriously need my 50 dollars?"

"Hey a bet's a bet." He offered.

"Fine." She handed over a crisp bill, jumping slightly when his hand covered hers.

"Or…you could keep your money and just go out to dinner with me?'

Angela smiled slowly, entertaining the idea, "Really?"

"Sure, why not?" he added nonchalantly.

Thinking it over she shrugged herself, "Why not." As she tucked the 50 back into her pocket.

He was just about to ask her where she would like to go, when something caught his eye. "Dude, what in the hell happened to you?"

Angela turned and struggled not to laugh at the site of Zach—covered in muddy water all along the front of his clothes.

"A car splashed me as I was waiting to cross the street." He said with no emotion.

"Okay, but what happened to your…" Hodgins said pointing to a rather large tear in the knee of his jeans.

"I'd rather not talk about that," Zach said cutting him off, "Let's just say that I'm having a bad day and leave it at that."

The End

Poor Zach...that damn Murphy just wouldn't go away! Hope you enjoyed reading!!