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Ours to protect and ours love

Part 1

Sasuke's P.O.V.

I was finally back in Konoha village. I looked around. It was not much that had been changed over the years I had been absent. I had left the village in order to revenge my family, to kill the only family member left alive – my older brother. It had been ten years since I had left the village.

And then the bastard just killed himself. Two years of searching and when I found him – he killed himself. Talk about anti-climax. I was so angry that I could have exploded right there and then, but instead I just did as the ANBU did. I cut off his head and destroyed the body. Later on I destroyed the head as well. Nobody would get the secrets of the Sharingan out of my brother.

After that I just drifted around. Now all I had to do was restore my clan, the Uchiha-clan, but that didn't appeal to me. That meant have a wife and bring forth babies. After the thing with my brother I just couldn't go through with it. To go back was not an option for me, or so I thought at the time. And yet, here I stood at the gates that led to Konoha, looking over my childhood's home grounds. I was not all that keen on seeing the blonde dobe, Naruto, nor that pink-headed girl, Sakura that always used a high pitch voice to call my name. So first I had to seek out a place to crash and then somewhere to eat.

The clerk looked at me under thick grey bangs, but said nothing as I checked in to the hotel. Hopefully he wouldn't say anything, but with my luck… Who cares anyway? I placed my bags in the room I've rented and headed out to find a place where I could eat. I found a place that had not been here ten years ago, it was a new place. It looked nice and there were few people there. Perfect for me. I walked inside and found a table close to the window. A waitress came up and gave me a menu. I ordered the first thing I saw and she smiled at me before disappearing. I sat there, just watching out the window, until the food came in. I ate it and enjoyed it. I took my time and when I left I sent my compliments to the chef. The waitress smiled and said she would give the chef his regards.

The evening was warm and I found myself walking through the streets. Never once I saw someone that I knew. Perhaps I did meet someone that I knew before, but they could have change in appearance so that I no longer recognized them. Although I got a few curious looks, not one came up and asked me if I was who I was. My steps took my a bit outside the village and I ended up on my old training ground. My lips twitched in something that could be described as a smile. I looked around and found a small bench underneath a tree. I sat down and closed my eyes. No matter how much I tried to deny it… it felt good to be home again.

Gaara's P.O.V.

Over and over again I came back here. I was not sure why I repeatedly came back to Konoha Village. It was like my soul was looking for something here. Have you heard anything so stupid before? A monster like me having a soul? But there was something here that made me come back time and time again. Although Shukaku was gone, extracted from my body by the Akatsuki, I still scared people half to death with just my appearance. Everybody but one.

Maybe it was her that kept me coming back to a place where everybody feared me? I still remembered the night I saw her the first time I came back to Konoha. I had wanted to visit Naruto, and again thank him for saving me. When I saw her she was standing in the middle of the forest; the moon was shining through the thick leaf-roof. First I thought she was a ghost. I stayed hidden in a tree and looked at her. She was familiar. She had short midnight black hair, her eyes was pearly white. A member of the Hyuuga house, that much I knew by looking at those eyes, but I wasn't sure to who she was.

Then she did something that confused me, she began punching a tree. Silently attacking the tree with her fists. No sound came from her. The smell of blood teased my senses and I licked my lips. I might have been rid of the demon but I still could feel a pull of my old blood thirst. And her blood smelled intoxicating, teasing my senses until I was ready to jump down and take care of her wounds myself… by licking them.

I watched her until she practically made me shit my pants. With one last stroke against the poor tree she screamed and then she fell down on her knees. The blood scent was mixed with the scent of tears now and that made me decide to interfere. I jumped down from my tree and walked over to her. It was something so sad about her that I felt something move inside me. So sad, and so… empty. She flinched when I touched her, but then she relaxed, looking at me with those large white eyes and I for a moment thought that she could see right into my soul.

"Let me help you with that." I said and pointed towards her scraped up hands.

She stared at me with wide eyes; the tears had stopped falling for a moment. I reached into my little bag and found some bandages. I looked around and saw a small pond not far from where we sat. I helped her get up on her feet and guided her to the water's edge. She still gazed at me, as if she thought I was a ghost or something. I cleaned her wounds and put on the bandages.

"You better change that once you get home." I said and rose to my feet. I looked into her white eyes and felt lost in them. I knew I should remember who she was, but before I got a chance to ask her name, she was gone in second. The only thing left was a pillar of smoke.

I saw her again the third time I came back here. I absently noticed that it was a full moon again. But this time I did not approach her. She used the same tree to beat up. And again she ended it all with one loud, heart piercing scream. Her fists were bloody but she had medical supplies with her and she cleaned her wounds in the lake before dressing them.

It was now I remembered who she was. She was the Hyuuga-heir, the shy, stuttering young woman named Hinata. How many times had I seen her here at night and always on the full moon; beating her hands to bloody pulps?

It was many now. I wonder if she knew I was there, watching over her like a guardian angel. Gaara of the sand – a guardian angel, what a joke. But I did protect her. I had even killed three men for her to be safe. It was a night just like this, and they had been rumbling through the forest and stumbled upon my precious Hinata. Their intentions were of pure filth. Rapists. Three kunai was used and then they were gone. She never saw me, instead she ran away. Good girl. Be safe.

Gaara of the Desert – protector of the Hyuuga-heir. Hinata's guardian angel.

Sasuke heard a scream echo through the forest and he was up on his feet in 0.2 seconds flat, ready to fight for his life. But then everything became silent. No more screams. He began to silently walk towards the area the scream had come from. The moonlight showed him a small clearing with a pond. A black dressed figure was sitting at the edge of the pond with its hands in the water. But before he could get any closer he was stopped by a swishing sound, he took evasive actions and was barely missed by a kunai. He looked around but saw nothing.

"Stay away from her Uchiha." A voice came from the darkness behind Sasuke. He turned around and saw glowing aquamarine eyes.

"Gaara?" asked Sasuke and saw the figure jump down from a branch.

"Leave before I kill you." said Gaara as his fingers played with another kunai.

"And leave you to have your monstrous ways with her?"

"I will not hurt her. I have been protecting her for a very long time Uchiha." Gaara glared at Sasuke as he took a peak at the figure near the pond.

Sasuke saw the figure rise to her feet and turn around. He recognized her. She was a bit taller than the last time he saw her, ten years ago. She had filled out more too, the child-like look of innocence was gone, but he knew who she was. Hyuuga, Hinata. The shy, stuttering heir to the Hyuuga-house. She was looking right at them now, her eyes curious and confused and then she was gone in a pillar of smoke. Sasuke felt something move inside his chest. Her aura, it had been filled with sorrow and despair.

Gaara relaxed back, knowing that his precious was safe. Uchiha was not a threat to her any longer so he had no need of killing him. He put away the kunai and leaned back against a tree.

"What was she doing?" Sasuke asked.

"She comes here every night when the moon is full. Beat her hands bloody against that tree over there and then she screams. She cleans her wounds and go back home." said Gaara. "She's done it for eight years, maybe longer, I don't know."

"Eight years! And you have been watching her the whole time?" Sasuke did not believe one word of what the red headed monster said.

Gaara nodded even though he was sure that the Uchiha thought he was lying. He was amazed himself. Had it really been eight years since the first time he saw her? Time sure flies fast sometimes. 'And in all this time you have not had the guts to talk to her. You sure are one brave shinobi Gaara.' A voice in his head taunted him.

Sasuke heard Gaara snort at something and he raised a questioning eyebrow. But the sand-ninja didn't say anything. But Sasuke was at loss. Why come out here in the middle of the night, beat up a tree and then go home again? That just didn't make any sense at all. And what was up with Gaara?

"You are acting strange Gaara of the Desert. When I left Konoha you could kill anybody without blinking. What happened?" asked Sasuke.

"Why do you care?"

"Just curious. And why Hinata? Why do you protect her?"

"That's none of your business." Gaara snapped at him.

Sasuke smirked. Perhaps there were more human emotions behind the monster's façade after all? But what confused him the most was that he began to feel that it was true.

"And what about you Uchiha, why are you back? I thought you were buried six feet under by now." Gaara said as he began walking away. He heard Sasuke move to follow behind him.

"I don't know, my nose led me back here I guess." Sasuke said. "Where are you staying?"

"Do you think there is anyone in this godforsaken village that would house me?"

"So why come here? Is it only to protect her?"

"I am not sure… perhaps." Gaara then growled. This was getting to cosy for his liking. And by the looks of it, so thought Sasuke. They were getting along just like two old friends. They both snorted but continued to walk side by side.

Somehow they did end up at the same pub, sitting at the same table, drinking rice-wine. At first they didn't talk at all, but as the alcohol worked its magic, their tongue was soon loosened. They talked about old times, Sasuke told Gaara about what happened to his brother. Gaara ended up telling Sasuke how he got rid of his demon. Sasuke was surprised, the dobe had done it again. He had gone saving someone and ended up with another friend for life. It stung a bit, knowing that he had been best friends with Naruto and yet Sasuke went off in search of power and in that process tried to kill the blonde idiot.

"So did you ever get any power?" asked Gaara and looked into his cup.

"I went to the snake, but I didn't stay there for long. And then I met my brother and you know the rest. I've just been travelling around the countries trying to find a purpose in life," Sasuke said and humpfed. "So… do you talk to Naruto or something?"

"It happens that I seek him out every now and then. He's good I think. He was a bit pissed that I became Kazekage before he became Hokage…." Gaara smirked when he saw the goofy look on Sasuke's face. 'So the Uchiha can be surprised as well…'

"When did that happen?" asked Sasuke and gulped down the content of his cup.

"Probably not far after you've left Konoha. You know we were called in by the Godaime to help out Naruto's team to get you back at that time. But I became Kazekage not long after that incident."

"Oh… did you have to fight those creeps that was with Orochimaru then?" mumbled Sasuke and Gaara could've sworn he saw a faint blush of embarrassment on the Uchiha's cheeks.

"Yeah… but we saved the team. You know, my sister said that some of them were in critical condition. They almost died because they chased after you."

'Great, rub it in some more will ya freak!' Sasuke thought and cracked his knuckles, and thus telling the sand ninja that he wished to speak of this no more.

During the evening Gaara got his shared part of glares, but as the evening progressed into a late night, and he still hadn't killed anyone, well he was probably a good guy… for now. Later that night they groggily walked back to where Sasuke was staying. Sasuke crashed on the bed while Gaara somehow managed to find some sort of sleeping position on the couch.

The morning came with all the glory of hangovers. Sasuke sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He cursed when his head began to pound and he rose to his feet and dragged himself out to the small kitchen. He heard another groan and knew that Gaara was feeling just as bad. Sasuke filled two glasses with water and found a package of painkillers in his bag.

"Here, it will help against that head ache." said Sasuke and gave the glass and two pills to Gaara.

"This is disturbing you know." mumbled Gaara but was thankful for the gesture and took the offering from the Uchiha.

"Yeah, I know." Sasuke agreed.

They swallowed the painkillers and just sat there, glaring at each other. Now what?

Gaara was the first one to speak again. "So… want to go and have breakfast?"

"Are you asking me out on a date Gaara?" Sasuke asked with a smirk.

"Heee, you wish Uchiha. I'm hungry that's all."

"Alright then."

They each took a quick shower and then they left to find some place to eat breakfast. Or rather lunch, because the clock showed 12.30 in the afternoon. They found a small restaurant and ordered in some food.

But before they got any food a light squeal rumbled through the room, a squeal that almost shattered their glasses of orange juice. Sasuke looked up and then he hid his face behind his hands. 'Gods, tell me I'm seeing things.' he silently prayed. Their table was soon crowded by two screaming young ladies. And Sasuke wished that he could turn invisible.

"Sasuke-kun! You are back!" a pink-haired girl said.

"Sasuke-kun, where have you been? Are you alright?" a blonde girl said as she tried to come closer to Sasuke then the other girl.

Sasuke groaned, his headache just got from bad to worse. A thousand and one questions hailed over him but he knew that he couldn't brush them off, it simply would not work. It never had in the past and he seriously doubted it would work now. He swallowed his pride and told them his story. They listened with eyes wide.

"Does the Godaime know about your return, Sasuke-kun? But why are you with this monster? Does the Hokage know that he's here?" snorted Ino and looked at Gaara.

"That's none of your business. Now, will you please leave us alone so we can eat our food without having you drool all over the table?" snarled Sasuke, he couldn't help it, but he hated the way the girls were looking at Gaara. Sakura and Ino gasped and then hmpfed and walked away.

Gaara chuckled as he took a large bite out of his sandwich. Sasuke gave him a smirk and dug into his food. Once they had their coffee it was time for the next familiar face to show up. The blonde dumb was in the house.

"Oh shit, man… I thought they were kidding me… but fuck man! Naruto practically fell over the table in order to hug is former team mate. "You really are back, Sasuke. Good to see you… bastard!

"Yeah, good to see you too dobe!" this time Sasuke smiled. He was a bit surprised though, last time they saw each other he had tried to kill the blonde sunshine. But Naruto acted as if that never happened. And it felt good, he hoped that somehow, in some miraculous way, that Naruto had forgiven him.

"So, tell me all about it. It was kind a hard listening to Sakura and Ino talking at the same time." asked Naruto as he nodded towards one of the waitresses. She nodded back and he soon had a bowl of ramen in front of him.

Sasuke told the story all over again, although he never mentioned how he came to meet Gaara, instead he lied and said that he met him outside the pub last night and they decided to have a drink together. He had said the same thing to the girls too.

"And what have happened here while I was gone?" asked Sasuke and got himself another cup of coffee. "Have the Hyuuga-heir stopped stuttering?"

He felt a glare coming from Gaara, but he wanted to know.

"Hinata-chan? You don't know then?" Naruto said, his voice lowered.

"Know what dobe? Just came back yesterday remember?"

"She's dead. She died a couple of years ago. She had a weak heart." Naruto said as he ate the last of his ramen.

Gaara and Sasuke looked at each other. How the hell was that possible? They saw her last night and Gaara knew that she was real enough because he had touched her. And the screams, not to mention the blood marks on the tree, it was not an illusion created by a ghost. They were real. But they didn't say anything.

But as soon as Naruto excused himself, Sasuke and Gaara left the restaurant and headed back to Sasuke's room. Neither of them said a word until they were inside.

"Ok, something strange is going on." said Sasuke.

"Indeed. I should have known that was more than just sorrow. I should have tried to find out more what happened to her. But dead? That she is not. She's very much alive, trust me – that is something I know." said Gaara and slumped down on the couch.

He rubbed the kanji-mark on his forehead. Suddenly his headache was back in full force. The painkillers, the food or the coffee… it had been a lost cause. 'My precious Hinata… they say you are dead and yet you walks the earth every night at the full moon. You are alive, I know it, I can smell it. Why do they say that you are dead?' Gaara's inner voice rambled on, wanting to know more. He looked at Sasuke.

"I must know what happened to her Sasuke. She's not dead. Both you and I have seen her. But why would someone do that to her? Telling everybody that she's dead when she is not?" Gaara asked.

"If someone wants her to be dead, that must mean that there is a new heir to the Hyuuga-house. And when I left there was only one more who could be heir, and that was Hinata's younger sister Hanabi." said Sasuke with a frown. "But I agree with you Gaara… why say she's dead when she's not? That doesn't make sense at all. She would still be a threat to the new heir if she was really alive. And if that is the case… she could be in danger now."

Well that did it for Gaara. His eyes glowed with a fierce blue-green colour. He would protect Hinata at any costs. She was his god dammit! A blush covered his face once he realized that he had said that out loud and Sasuke looked at him and then he smiled.

"Don't you worry Gaara, we both will protect her. The things I remember about her are that she was a shy and very gentle girl. I don't think she have changed much since she obviously accepts the fact that she is officially dead." said Sasuke.

"Why would you help me protect her?" asked Gaara suspiciously, his aqua green eyes glimmering with doubts.

"Because…. Because…. I don't know Gaara. Perhaps I can see that she means a lot to you and she does not deserve a destiny like this." said Sasuke and sighed as he pulled his fingers through his black hair. "Nobody deserves a destiny like that…"

"What is her power? She has gotten to you too, hasn't she? She's a witch, she doesn't even have to say anything, she just appears in the night and then you are caught. She's a spellbinding creature." said Gaara once he realized that his new friend had begun to fall for the ghostly apparition that was Hinata.

"What! Hell no… I have no need for her." shouted Sasuke, but the blush was telling enough.

"You need a woman if you want to restore that clan of yours. And Hinata… I believe she would be the perfect mother to your children. Our children perhaps?" Gaara whispered out the last three words.

Sasuke gaped. Had Gaara really suggested that they would share Hinata?

"She would be well protected with us Sasuke, think about it. We could take her away from here and make sure that she is safe. You could have your clan restored and I… I would be with those who do not fear me." Gaara continued. He looked into Sasuke's eyes. Black onyx met blue aquamarine. "What do you say Sasuke?"

Sasuke swallowed hard before answering. "Well, I will help you get her out from where ever she might be stuck. And then we'll see what happens… ok?"

"Alright, come on. Let's find out what happened to our precious pearl."

'Our precious pearl… I like the sound of that.' thought Sasuke and smiled inwardly. He had to admit to himself that the thought of sharing Hinata with Gaara was not so bad after all.


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