While this sound rang out all of the lights flickered and a small tremor appeared at the base of Jump City.


"Oh man" said the green shape shifter. He knew that he would be the one blamed for something like this. But ironically he was the one who did it.

Earlier that day Beast Boy and his best friend Cyborg had gotten all of the pink dye that they could find in all of Jump City and put it on Raven's clothes. They knew that they would pay for it sooner or later but the opportunity was just too good to pass up.


"Oh no, oh no, oh no." said Beast Boy to himself. He knew when he had gone too far and this was definitely one of those times. As Beast Boy was starting to find a good place to hide Raven had run into Cyborg.

"Uhhh, Rae you should really calm down." commented the half robot while he was cowering in fear of the sorceress.

"You were in on it, weren't you" said Raven in her extremely dangerously calm voice.

With this voice Cyborg's danger censer went off for the third time. Cyborg knew what that meant and thought that he needed to get off this planet really quick. Cyborg's detector has three levels. First, Trouble. Second, Really Big Trouble. And Third is the most dangerous, The Apocalypse is coming, run for your life.

"In on what?" said Cyborg trying to worm out of being killed.

"You know what, turning everything I own PINK!" said Raven, her voice almost reaching its most dangerous level.

"It was only your clothes." muttered Cyborg still trying to find a way out of this mess and then realizing what he had said he corrected himself by saying " I mean..."

"You are going to pay for this" said Raven, now at her almost killer voice that she knew she should not use on one of her friends.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS" yelled Raven and in a huge swirl of Raven's black aura Cyborg disappeared into a dimension that Raven found should be quite to Cyborg's liking... NOT.

"Now where is that little grass stain" said Raven under her breath.

Beast Boy had been hiding in a closet on the fourth floor of the Titan's Tower. This would be an unlikely place to hide for anyone else except Beast Boy for two reasons. One, Beast Boy had shape shifting powers and turned himself into a fly so he could fit into the closet and if Raven looked in there he would be harder to find. The second reason is that Beast Boy also has much experience living in really tight spaces filled with crud because he lives in his own.

Now if you were wondering where Cyborg was cowering in fear while Raven teleported him to another dimension was it was right outside a closet on the fourth floor of the Titan's Tower. I mean how coincidental is that?

"Come out Beast Boy or suffer even worse consequences." called out Raven like they were playing a casual game of hide-and-go-seek.

Raven knew that no one not even Beast Boy would be that stupid to come out although it is the thing that you would do at a time like that. But Raven did know what to do. With some focus and some of her power she sensed that Beast Boy was in the closet. Raven knowing that this was going to be too easy and in the back of her mind wondering what to do with him, opened the door.

Inside there was nothing except the only mop in the tower, some Windex, a rag, a bucket, and a fly. "But wait a second." thought Raven as she looked at the fly more closely. She noticed that this fly was being abnormally quite and that it was green. "Well now lets just get a fly swatter for this" said Raven. As soon as Beast Boy had understood what this meant he morphed back to a human.

"Uhhhh, Hi Raven what are you up to?" muttered Beast Boy though he knew what was coming.


"Oh come on Raven please..."


"No oh please no"


As Beast Boy and had put his hands up in defense and Raven in threat Robin and Starfire walked in (Well Starfire sort of floated in but you know what I mean).

"Um. Am I interrupting anything here?" asked Robin in a would-be-casual way although he had a good idea of what was going on from the yelling.

"No you aren't Robin but is there any reason you're here?" said Raven in an exact copy of Robin's would-be-casual voice.

"Actually there is. Raven I need you and Starfire here to do some undercover work." said Robin in a slightly more cheerful tone.

"Really, where?" asked Raven now actually curious.

"Yes Robin where?" said Beast Boy. Under his breath he said only to Robin "Please make it far away."

"Amity Park" said Robin

"Hmm." said Raven although she knew that name had rung a bell.

"You need to investigate the ghost movement there and it involves us because the movement of the ghosts is moving toward Jump City."

"YAY" said Starfire, this took everyone by surprise and Starfire looked so embarrassed that she said that she had to go pack and find her favorite Earth food, the nuts of dough.

"All right Robin" said Raven and she went to pack forgetting Beast Boy and still trying to remember why Amity Park rang a bell.

Once Raven got to her room the first thing she did was go to her clothes to pack them first.

As soon as she opened her closet and remembering that all her clothes were pink and had nothing to wear she cried out